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Chapter 67 Sleep Together

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"Oh, Erwin you woke up?"
The first sight I saw after waking up is Ilya-nee who is reading a book near the bed, I feel like it's so quiet around here, I look at the window and see the moon is shining up in the sky as if it's trying to stare at me and call for me to fly up in the sky to grab it.
I touch my head to check if the headache already is gone or it's still there, I poke hard on my head where I feel the pain come before and it feels like there was no pain left or anything, my head isn't all fuzzy or anything, I think it's safe to say that I'm completely fine now.
"Ilya-nee, what time is it?"
"Hm? ah, around 10 maybe? everyone was already asleep now"
"Then why Ilya-nee still here and not going to sleep?"
"Is it wrong for a big sister to worried about her little brother?"
Ah, that's right, why am I asking something stupid like that? I should be happy that Ilya-nee is here for me, but I can't let Ilya-nee for staying up late like this.
"Ah, as I thought you will get hungry after all those sleep"
"I'm sorry Ilya-nee, I will try to sleep again, Ilya-nee can sleep too now"
"Don't be stupid, you can't sleep with an empty stomach, let's go to the dining room, I will cook you something to eat"
"All right..."
I decided to just follow Ilya-nee from behind, right after we leave the room, I faced a big hallway, I look around and it looks so quiet, I can even hear my footsteps echoing on the wall, are all nobles houses are like this? Even the end of the hall looks so far for me, I kind of feel bad for nobles now, they have to walk around in the big house like this every day, their day must be very tiring.
"Oh, Ilya-sama and Erwin-sama, may I know why both of you walking around the house at this late?"
Suddenly a woman wearing a black dress with a white apron appears when we're about to go downstairs, she looks so mature and elegant, her white hair is wavy and looks so wonderful, I feel like I've met her before somewhere.
"Marina-san, I'm sorry, but, can I use the kitchen? I want to cook something for Erwin since he was just woken up and have eaten nothing"
"Oh, Erwin-sama, is your condition better now?"
The maid notices me and walks closer to me, I remember now, she's Marina-san, she's the one who saved me back then when I got into trouble fighting a magical beast wolf type, if I remember correctly, she was the one who healed my wounds didn't she?
"Erwin, Marina-san is the one who healed your wounds on your head, you need to thank her properly,"
"Thank you for your help Marina-san, you saved me twice, I can't thank you enough"
"I'm just doing my job, Elis-sama asked me to do that, I think you must thank Elis-sama instead"
With still lowering my head, I began to think, I saw fire magic before when I was fighting the magical beast, that fire magic saves me from the wolf that pounced at me, then, if Marina-san's magic is a healing type, then Elis-nee was the one who has the fire magic.
"Wait, what are you talking about Erwin?"
Ilya-nee looks confused, I'm not aware at first, but it just slipped out my tongue, I shouldn't be saying that or else Ilya-nee might get mad at me for that one time, a cold sweats began to fall from my forehead, I try to look away to avoid this topic if possible and I don't want to make Ilya-nee suspicious about it.
"Erwin-sama was lost back then in the forest and Elis-sama found him just standing and looking around in confusion, that's why Erwin-sama brought us home with him before, we accompany him to get home safely,"
Eh? what? that's not how it was, right? I turn my face and look at Marina-san, she looks so calm while telling that story to Ilya-nee, is she planning to convince Ilya-nee with that story?
"Ah... I see, so that's why Erwin brought home Elis-san and Marina-san with him before"
Eh? Ilya-nee believes that? I turn my eyes and look at Marina-san once again, she still remains calm, but, when she notices that I keep staring at her, she gives me a wink, she was still able to maintain her calmness, what an act she's putting on right now, but, I think I need to thank her later for helping me to get out from this situation.
"Well then, Marina-san, can we use the kitchen?"
"Ilya-sama, you can freely use it, but, can I also help you? I'm still worried about Erwin-sama, I'm the one who heals his injury, I need to make sure he's all fine now"
"But, will it bother you? Marina-san also need to sleep since it's already late"
"Don't worry about me Ilya-sama, I just need to properly nurse my patient"
"But still, Marina-san is such a reliable person"
"Thank you for your esteem Ilya-sama, I'm so honored, then let me show us the way"
"Thank you Marina-san"
"It's nothing special Ilya-sama, it's also my pleasure to be able to nurse Erwin-sama"
Ilya-nee is holding my hand tightly, I walk down the stairs slowly, Ilya-nee seems to keep her pace the same with me and not to just drag me along with her.
"May I know what to cook, Ilya-sama?"
"Let's see, Erwin is already hungry, maybe something simple and not taking much time to get prepared?"
"We can make a sunny side up if Ilya-sama is willing something that can be prepared fast, we still have some rice left from the dinner, I'm sorry for that one"
"Ah Marisa-san, you don't need to lower your head like that, Erwin, you don't mind about it, right?"
"Eh? ah yeah, it's fine, right? food is still food"
I just sit and watch them from my seat, I've decided to just eat in the kitchen since there is a pretty big table here, and I can eat the food right after it comes off the pan, nothing is more pleasurable than eating warm food right after it cooked.
"Then, let me prepare a dessert for Erwin-sama"
Marina-san bows her head before she leaves the kitchen and went off somewhere, she said she will prepare the dessert, but honestly, I don't really mind even there are no desserts, it's fine to just eat the main dish as long as it can fill my stomach.
"Then, wait a minute Erwin, it won't take long, okay?"
I just nod to Ilya-nee, for me to be able to taste Ilya-nee's cooking again already makes me happy, I don't mind how long will it take for the food to be prepared, I will just sit and look around the room from my seat, this kitchen looks big, I think it's bigger than our store, it looks awesome to see a kitchen as big as this.
"Here, sorry for the wait"
Ilya-nee doesn't need to take more than 5 minutes just to prepare the food she serves in front of me right now, the sunny side up tempts me to quickly eat it and gulp it down my belly.
I eat the food with a big smile on my face, it's not like the food taste really good or anything, it just because I'm finally able to taste Ilya-nee's cooking again and eat it together with her, although, it's only me who eat the food right now, I'm still happy.
"I'm sorry for the wait, I made this, can you please try it, Elis-sama, Erwin-sama?"
"Eh, is this for the dessert?"
"Yes, I tried to make it after Ilya-sama teach me, the reason why I haven't sleep is that because I wanted to try and make it before I sleep"
What I see in front of me is a round-shaped hard cookie Ilya-nee and I usually sell at the store, so Ilya-nee taught Marina-san of how to make it huh, well, I ate some this afternoon, it's fine to eat it as a late-night snack, isn't it?
"Then, Ilya-sama, Erwin-sama, I shall leave now, I need to do something tomorrow morning"
"Ah, we're sorry to bother you Marina-san"
"It's fine, I'm glad the cookies I made were into your liking, then, Goodnight"
"Goodnight Marina-san"
I look at Marina-san turning her back to us and left, she looks so mature and so reliable, I wonder if all maid were like that.
"Then, Erwin, want to sleep with big sis tonight?"
"Eh, I want it, I want it, let's sleep together"
It's been a while since the last time I sleep together with Ilya-nee, of course, I'd gladly take her offer to sleep together, I can stay at her side longer now.
"Then, let's get back once we finish it"
I nodded excitedly with my mouth still full of cookies I chewed, I want to quickly eat and finish the cookies and went back to sleep with Ilya-nee.
"Ah, eat it carefully, duh"
Ilya-nee is looking at me with a smile on her face, she looks calm but I feel like she's being happy inside her.
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