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Chapter 04 - Bandits Withdrew

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Chapter 04 - Bandits Withdrew

Chapter 4 - Bandits Withdrew
"Uncle Gu, the Black Wing Camp are famous bandits closest to the Black Fiend Mountain Range. They rob someone every day and have killed and burnt a fair share of homes." Tang Chu said while trembling in fear. Regret and fear could clearly be sensed in his voice. "The Feral Wolf Squad is even fiercer. They would kill without batting an eye, for them, it's no different from eating. They don't need any reason to kill, this time I've even implicated Uncle Gu!"
"Silly boy, this is just a small matter. Just stay behind me and don't speak anything. Look how Uncle Gu deals with them." Gu Hai confidently said. Naturally, he would not place these cold-blooded murderers in his eyes.
Gu Hai calmly went down the tree, walking straight towards the five members of the Feral Wolf Squad. Gu Hai’s gait was very calm. He was looking straight, as if he couldn't see the giant blades in the hands of five fellows.
Tang Chu similarly went down and closely followed Gu Hai. However, in contrast, Tang Chu lowered his head and kept his mouth shut. His legs were also slightly trembling.
Watching Gu Hai who was walking straight towards them calmly, the five members of the Feral Wolf Squad became completely vigilant. At the same, their captain loudly shouted at Gu Hai, "Brother, can I ask who you are? Why did you hide in the dark?!" As for Tang Chu behind Gu Hai, he was completely ignored by them. How can a teenager pose a threat to them?
Gu Hai, while calmly walking on the mountain road, said in a loud and clear voice, "Five heroes are truly brave and peerless. You’ve so easily beheaded that ferocious tiger. You have saved me from grave danger, after I go back, this King must thank everybody!"
After hearing this remark, all five of them were simultaneously astonished. It’s as if this unknown person in front of them has an extraordinary identity. Once again noticing Gu Hai's bearing, they found that he had an imposing manner slightly resembling that of a noble, which unexpectedly gave them a light sense of oppression. However, they didn't sense any trace of cultivation from him.
Noticing the surprised yet vigilant look on their face, he could not help but chuckle and said, "Five heroes you don't have to be so vigilant. Gu is just a mortal, I don't have any cultivation. I don't pose any threat to everybody."
The Feral Wolf Squad's five members gazed at each other. They realized they had been too vigilant. How could a man with no cultivation and a child pose a threat to them? However, they just slightly lowered down the blades in their hands, they didn't sheath their blades.
As Gu Hai looked at the ever-ready posture of the five, an intelligent gleam flashed past his eyes. He realized that those five still hadn’t put down their guards, he could not help but intently take a glance at the five.
Still, it was their captain who stood out. He meaningfully said, "Where is the brother from? How can brother with no cultivation come to the Black Fiend Mountain Range alone? Isn't it dangerous? After all, the Black Fiend Mountain Range has many wild animals!"
"Ha ha, I don't know if everybody have heard of the Great Chen Empire's Palace?" Gu Hai didn't answer their question, but instead asked them about the Chen Palace!
After hearing this, all five of them were flabbergasted. One of them half doubtfully asked, "Isn't King Chen seriously ill? Is it somehow related to you? Are you King Chen's people?"
"Haha, brother is half right. Everybody should know of the Crown Prince, Chen Taiji!" Gu Hai laughed and said.
"Even if you are the Crown Prince's people, how is it related to you coming to the Black Fiend Mountain Range?" They asked still somewhat surprised.
Tang Chu was secretly shocked. Although he still didn't understand, he had realized everything was in Gu Hai's control. Gu Hai was already leading these five by the nose. At least for now, these five weren’t going to rob or kill the two of them!
Gu Hai smiled and said, "King Chen is seriously ill. The Crown Prince, for filial piety, moved heaven and earth and after painstakingly going through thousands of hardships, he finally found a cure for King Chen. But, there are a few ingredients that even the Imperial Family didn't have. The Crown Prince asked me to seek these herbs! Rumour has it, there are many herbs growing in the Black Fiend Mountain Range, thereupon the Crown Prince ordered me to lead some imperial guards to find herbs here!"
"The Imperial guards!" The five men were stunned, they suspiciously looked at Gu Hai. They didn't believe that there were Imperial Guards here, however, they carefully looked around; yet they didn't find any traces of anyone here!
"Right! The Imperial Guards, but along the way we encountered a pack of wolves, and in a panic we were separated." Gu Hai randomly came up with something. "However, along the way I have left some signs, hoping they would find the marks and come here. They are all very brave, they will be happy to meet brave heroes like you!"
From this revelation, the Feral Wolf Squad's members panicked. They were after all bandits, they naturally would be afraid of the soldiers. Even more so from the Imperial Guards. After all, the Imperial Guards were all elite soldiers. Each of them possessed extraordinary strength, moreover, there were only five of them. If it was true, then they might have to fight with the Imperial Guards, and for sure, they would lose, even if they were just against five Imperial Guards.
However, these five were obviously not fools. Just because someone was saying something, they would not come to believe easily. Thus, in their gaze there was a trace of suspicion, obviously, they didn't completely believe Gu Hai.
"Brother, you're favoured by the Crown Prince! Unexpectedly, the Crown Prince had sent the Imperial Guards to protect you!" The Captain's eyes continuously glittered. He intentionally inquired Gu Hai!
"Ha ha, I'm very grateful the Crown Prince hadn't abandoned me, he had even given me such a heavy responsibility!" Gu Hai laughed, before suddenly speaking in a low voice, "Unfortunately, I still have not completed the Crown Prince's task. If the Crown Prince doesn't see the herbs, this Gu is going to be in big trouble!"
While talking, Gu Hai intentionally raised his right hand, as if he inadvertently exposed the ring on his right index finger.
This ring was a jade ring which Gu Hai had bought in the past. Its whole body was made up of high-grade Hetian Jade. It was quite expensive, but for Gu Hai, it was naturally nothing!
The fourth brother among the five members of the Feral Wolf Squad was the fencer for the Black Wind Camp. He had a knack for understanding rare treasures, with one glance he noticed that Gu Hai's ring was worth a lot; it was certainly extraordinary, something that some ordinary people could not possess.
The fourth brother whispered to the other four, his words clearly indicating that the ring was worth a lot!
The Feral Wolf Squad's five members once again glanced at the still calm Gu Hai. Suddenly, they believed at least eighty percent of Gu Hai's words. Even though, because of the value of the ring, they still held a hint of greed, but once they thought of the Imperial Guards coming straight towards them, they immediately suppressed their greed. After all, life was more important than wealth!
"Mister Gu, do you have any plans? If in a short while you're unable to join others, it might be better to go and sit in our place. We will definitely serve mister well!" The Feral Wolf Squad's Captain said. He wanted to invite Gu Hai to the Black Wind Camp. After all, this was not the Black Wind Camp's site. If they arrived at the Black Wind Camp, whether it was the enemy or friends, they would have to follow their wishes.
"Thank you for your kindness. However, this Gu is duty bound to remain here. If I can’t find those herbs, this Gu won’t be able to explain himself to the Crown Prince." Gu Hai respectfully declined the invitation, "To tell you the truth, King Chen will probably not last long. If Gu is unable to find those herbs early, then the Crown Prince will have to ascend to the throne!"
"That! Then I and the others say goodbye in advance." The five members of the Feral Wolf Squad took a glance at each other before deciding not to provoke someone who was probably one of the Crown Prince's retinue. So they prepared to leave!
Gu Hai cupped his hands and said, "Gentlemen, goodbye! If opportunity precedes in the future, you can look for me in the Royal Capital."
"Good, if there is an opportunity, we will definitely go. However, Mister, if by chance you have some time, please come to the Black Wind Camp. And please keep this token. With the help of this, mister can freely enter the Black Wind Camp!" The Feral Wolf Squad's Captain handed a bronze token to Gu Hai. On one side of the bronze token, 'Black Wind' was engraved. This was the proof of the Black Wind Camp!
"I could ask for nothing more!" Gu Hai accepted the token.
"Then we will take our leave!" The five people simultaneously cupped their hands, turned around and left. One of them picked up the already dead tiger on his shoulder, and the five of them rushed down the mountain!
Watching the five leave, Gu Hai turned around and looked at the dumbfounded Tang Chu. He smiled and said, "Let's go, the problem is already resolved!"
Finally, Tang Chu woke up from his shock. He asked in surprise, "Uncle Gu, are you truly the Crown Prince's retinue? Did you really came to find herbs for the Crown Prince?"
"Ha ha, don't you know, I have never even heard of the Chen Empire's Crown Prince's name before today, how can I find herbs for him!" Gu Hai laughed and said.
"So, how does Uncle Gu know so much? Even Crown Prince is searching herbs for the King Chen?" Tang Chu was still suspicious!
"That's what the five men told me! I never said anything." Gu Hai said.
"Ah! Now I understand. Uncle Gu you bluffed them. And they foolishly acted in sync with Uncle Gu unknowingly!" Tang Chu seemed to understand.
"Ha ha, truly so." Gu Hai laughed and said, "However, we should also leave now. Let's talk about it after we've descended down the mountain!"
So the two people then walked towards the foot of the mountain...
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