Novel Name : Chronicles Of Gu Hai

Chapter 09 - Xiantian Beheads the Snake King

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Chapter 09 - Xiantian Beheads the Snake King

Chapter 9 - Xiantian Beheads the Snake King
"Humph, evil beast, you dare hurt others!"
From far away, a cold voice floated over as a white silhouette approached at an astonishing speed. This silhouette's speed was already beyond the limits of mankind. A second ago, it was hundreds of meters away, but in the next, the white silhouette was already in front of everyone.
It was an about thirty years old or so middle-aged man. With a long straight saber hanging on his back, he steadily stood there like a mountain. The Seven-Colored Snake King, on the contrary, appeared to be dreading this middle-aged man very much, it dared not continue to attack others as though he had to confront the middle-aged man with his life.
Everyone realized that the middle-aged man was one fearsome expert for sure. At the very least, he had no fear in facing the Seven-Colored Snake King. A strong sense of gratitude for the middle-aged man blossomed in everyone's heart.
"Many thanks for the senior's rescue. May I ask if Senior needs our help?" A middle-aged Captain among them loudly asked.
"I'm Clear River Sect's Outer Disciple — Li Qing. Although this snake is already not an ordinary wild beast, for me it is just a domestic animal, that's all. You just need to watch from the sideline." The middle-aged man calmly replied, his tone was full of confidence. How could these mortals know that he was a Xiantian cultivator, and even though this snake had a trace of intelligence, it was still just an Houtian Stage beast? How could they even know that the difference between Houtian and Xiantian stage was like heaven and the earth?
"An expert from the Immortal Sect, we have been rescued!"
"Right, rumor has it that in order to become an Immortal Sect's disciple, you at the very least need to be a Xiantian Stage expert, wouldn't killing this snake, for a Xiantian expert, be a piece of cake?"
"Many thanks to the Clear River Sect's Immortal coming to our rescue. After returning, I'm definitely going to worship Immortal's gilded statue for day and night to show my gratitude for Immortal's life-saving grace."
"Ha ha, everyone, you don't need to do this, look how I cut this Seven-Colored Snake King!" Li Qing loudly laughed and said. His purpose for this trip had already been achieved. The sect strived for cultivation by gathering a lot of merits and virtues. Whereas this merits and virtues were precisely the purest thoughts of gratitudes from these ordinary people. The sect would send him to cut devil and demon creatures just for these merits and virtues.
His voice had not even faded away before the Seven-Colored Snake King lashed its tail at Li Qing standing at its front. Li Qing quickly took a leap, dodging the tail's lash and landing behind the Snake King. Li Qing directly fired a punch at the Seven-Colored Snake King's body before the huge Seven-Colored Snake King flew away a couple of meters from the impact.
However, the Seven-Colored Snake King's scales cushioned most of the damage from the punch Apparently, the punch didn't bring much of a damage to the Snake King. The Snake King immediately steadied itself, raised the upper half of its body, opened its mouth and directly charged towards Li Qing; it wanted to bite Li Qing.
Li Qing also dared not let the Seven-Colored Snake King bite him. Although this snake had still not entered the Xiantian Stage, it was just a step away. Its poison happened to be extremely lethal, even if Li Qing was in the Xiantian Stage, he might not resist its poison.
Li Qing immediately sidestepped and dodged the Seven-Colored Snake King's mouth. The Seven-Colored Snake King, after missing Li Qing, once again turned its head towards Li Qing. And as it lunged, it also lashed its tail at Li Qing incessantly. Li Qing too dodged each and every attack continuously.
However, Li Qing once made a mistake and had his chest whipped directly by the Seven-Colored Snake King's tail before being swept away by dozens of meters.
"Filthy swine, you're annoying me!" Li Qing stood up, wiped the blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth and then immediately took out the long straight saber off his back. Suddenly, upon the saber appeared a layer of red aura. Li Qing, without any delay, brandished the saber which quickly cleaved upon the Seven-Colored Snake King's body.
As the red blade aura landed upon the Seven-Colored Snake King's body, it immediately broke its scale, bright red blood slowly flowed out from the wound.
"Hiss hiss..." The resulting excruciating pain made the Seven-Colored Snake King furious. The Snake King opened its giant mouth and spat a mass of poisonous mist which gradually spread all around.
Li Qing was shocked, he immediately retreated back. He was afraid of getting infected by the poisonous mist.
The Seven-Colored Snake King was gradually enveloped by the slowly spreading poisonous mist. Its snake eyes were completely red, it incessantly flicked its forked tongue.
Li Qing had suppressed the Seven-Colored Snake King, but everyone did not have the time to be happy. Those receded seven-colored snake group around them, as if they had received some kind of order, attacked the caravan.
Everyone took out their weapons and attacked those seven-colored snakes, while at the same time taking some precautions against the venom spat out by these seven-colored snakes.
Watching the Seven-Colored Snake King gradually covered by the poisonous mist, Li Qing frowned. He didn't dare to take the risk, after all, he was here to just gather merits and virtues. If for this he lost his dear life, it was not worth it. However, he also didn't leave, he started killing the surrounding seven-colored snakes.
At this time, Gu Hai, looking at the scene in his front, was as if he was deep in his thought. Suddenly, he loudly shouted, "Use the wind, the wind can blow the poisonous mist away."
Upon hearing this, an intelligent gleam flashed past Li Qing's eyes. Till now he was a bit confused, he unexpectedly forgot such a simple thing — the poisonous mist could be blown by the wind.
As Li Qing mobilized his True Qi and waved his sleeve, a fierce gale appeared out of thin air, blowing away the poisonous mist towards the both sides of the forest. When the trees came in the contact with the poisonous mist, they actually withered away in the blink of an eye. The toxicity of the poisonous mist was quite strong.
The poisonous mist dispersed and the Seven-Colored Snake King's figure was gradually revealed. The Snake King looked at Li Qing. Now, without the protection of the poisonous mist, it started to dread him. It immediately turned around and surprisingly tried to flee.
How could Li Qing let the Snake King go? Tightly clenching the saber in his hand, in a flash, his body disappeared and reappeared behind the Seven-Colored Snake King. The long saber shining in red aura struck right at the seven-inch point of the Seven-Colored Snake King. The seven-inch point referred to the vital part of a snake, obviously, it was not located at seven inch below its head, the point could be anywhere, its position varied from snake to snake, it mainly referred to its heart's location.
However, the Snake King's body was far tougher than Li Qing had imagined. The straight saber could only pierce about halfway into its body. The Seven-Colored Snake King slithered in agony, it constantly made a hissing noise and spewed poisonous mist continuously.
"Cut for me!" Li Qing furiously roared as he infused all his True Qi into the saber.
"Hisss...!" The Seven-Colored Snake King was cut into two. It stopped spewing the poisonous mist, however, Li Qing quickly backed away into the rear. Besides the poisonous mist, he had to be wary of the Seven-Colored Snake King's final counterattack.
However, the Seven-Colored Snake King's life force wasn't strong as he had imagined. Its two half struggled for a few times before they stopped moving. Apparently, it was dead.
Li Qing blew away the little poisonous mist left at its jaw. Having confirmed that the Seven-Colored Snake King was truly dead, Li Qing walked up to the snake's body and, using a knife, split open the snake. Afterward, he reached out to take the snake's gall and its poison sac. Only these two things held any value for him. Li Qing took out a special bag into which he placed the snake's gall and poison sac, and then carefully tied it up on his waist.
Once the Seven-Colored Snake King was dead, the den of snakes was left with no leader, thus, the rest of the snakes immediately scattered away. The caravan was immediately relieved of its crisis. Because only a short time has passed since the siege and dispersal of the snake, the caravan didn't appear to have any casualties.
"Many thanks for the immortal to coming to our rescue!" After getting a new lease of life, everyone respectfully gave their thanks to Li Qing.
Li Qing didn't care much about everyone's salute. He went straight to calm and composed Gu Hai and slightly smiled, "Thank you, little brother, for reminding me. If not, it might not have been possible for me to kill this swine."
"Little brother?" Gu Hai looked at middle-aged Li Qing and slightly frowned.
"Ha ha!" Li Qing seemed to have understood Gu Hai's thought. He laughed and said, "I'll turn hundred this year already. so I'm not calling you a little brother in vain!"
"Ah!" Gu Hai was truly taken by surprised. Although he already understood that this world's cultivators had mystical abilities, the possibility of having regained his youth was truly inconceivable for him!
"What!" Li Qing suddenly frowned, he doubtfully said, "Your natural endowment is extremely strange. For the first time, I've encountered someone with such poor natural endowment. It is innately impossible for you to cultivate internal strength!"
The possibility of being unable to cultivate internal strength due to his poor natural endowment had shocked Gu Hai. He believed Li Qing would not intentionally deceive him because he simply didn't have any reason to do so.
"However, at your age, it is too late to start cultivating. Even if you could cultivate internal strength, it would be impossible for you to be successful." Li Qing restored his calm. A stranger who couldn't cultivate had little effect on him. He only spoke a few extra words because he was a little curious for Gu Hai's natural endowment.
"Alright, my work is done here, I'll take my leave first."
Li Qing didn't wait for Gu Hai to speak, he turned into a blur before his figure disappeared.
"Ha ha, this time we made it big. We will make a fortune by selling this Seven-Colored Snake King's body." Some people after noticing Li Qing had left yet the Seven-Colored Snake King's body remained, they were naturally excited.
The Seven-Colored Snake King was a beast who had achieved spirituality, its entire body was worth a lot. Just because it didn't hold a value in Li Qing's eyes, it didn't mean its worth has decreased, for them it was one big pile of fortune. So everyone ran towards the snake body and prepared to dissect it.
Gu Hai suddenly looked at the sky, he secretly made a resolve in his mind, "Nothing I can do about it, I, Gu Hai, will still become a cultivator!" Then Gu Hai returned to the carriage, his heart had already turned as calm as water.
Soon, the Seven-Colored Snake King's body had been loaded in the carriage before the caravan continued its journey.
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