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Chapter 11 - Gu Hai's Plan

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Chapter 11 - Gu Hai's Plan

Chapter 11 - Gu Hai’s Plan
“Black-hearted devils, they are all a bunch of black-hearted devils. Do they want to take so much money to their afterlife, eh?”
“Exactly, these big trading guilds are too inhumane. They only know how to bully insignificant caravans like us. Each and everyone is bidding lower and lower. Did they all discuss with each other?”
“Humph, they have power and money. Naturally, they wouldn’t place us in their eyes. If they want to slaughter us, do we have any other way out!”
Not sure when but during all the unceasing clamoring in the manor had woken up Gu Hai. When Gu Hai opened his door, he discovered that it was already night-time, and it was time for dinner!
In the manner, tens of tables had been placing, and all these tables were filled with all kinds of dishes. Each table had several people sitting together. Everyone was eating and drinking, and at the same time venting the grievances in their hearts. It was quite obvious that today’s actions didn’t go smoothly…..
There was a slightly small wooden table in front of all the tables. However, this wooden table was finer than the other tables. On this table, there were five people sitting. These five people were the five captains of Autumn Leaf Caravan.
The five sat quietly at the table. Even though the table in front of them was full of delicacies, none of the five had any intention of moving their chopsticks. Moreover, the brows of these five people were slightly wrinkled. It seemed that they were distressed about some issue!
Amongst the five, an old person, upon noticing Gu Hai’s arrival, stood up hastily and said: “Mister Gu got up at last. Earlier, we saw that Mister Gu was asleep and we feared disturbing Mister Gu’s rest, therefore, we didn’t awaken Mister Gu and had dinner ourselves. We ask Mister Gu to do forgive us!”
“Elder Tang is too polite. It is this Gu who should be sorry for disturbing everybody. It should be this Gu who should be apologizing!” Gu Hai said with a smile.
After spending several days together, Gu Hai already knew the names of these five captains, the two elderlies were surnamed Tang, and surnamed Song. Gu Hai had just now been addressing these Tang and Song as Elders!
Besides Elder Tang, the other four, upon noticing the arrival of Gu Hai, also stood up one after another.
“Mister Gu, how can you say this. Mister has done us such a great favor. How can you be disturbing anyone?” The elder surnamed Song said, “Mister Gu, please take a seat, we still haven’t started the dinner. Do not worry Mister Gu, if Mister Gu is not satisfied with the food, we will immediately ask the kitchen to make it all afresh!”
“If all of you are still going to be so formal, this Gu shall leave at once!” Gu Hai said with a smile as he cracked a joke.
“He he, it seems we have made full of ourselves in front of Mister Gu.” The five people all laughed out loud, “Mister Gu, please take a seat!”
Gu Hai calmly went towards the vacant seat and sat. After seeing Gu Hai sit down, the five also sat down one by one.
Gu Hai, after sitting down, did not move his chopsticks immediately, rather he looked at the five, and asked: “I see that everyone’s complexion isn’t looking too good. I believe that everyone is troubled by something!”
“That’s very true!” Gu Hai had barely finished speaking, when a middle-aged strong man from amongst them spoke in a loud voice. He was Autumn Leaf Town’s Chief Hunter, Yang Hu. His cultivation was also extraordinary, but his temperament was somewhat irritable, “These damned trading guilds. They are looking down on us who have come from small places and are quoting lower than low prices!”
Gu Hai’s face revealed a trace of understanding. The Autumn Leaf Caravan didn’t have means to dispose of the corpse of Seven-Colored Snake King. Naturally, these big trading guilds didn’t have to worry about the Autumn Leaf Caravan not selling. The initiative was in their hands, if the Autumn Leaf Caravan wanted to sell at a high price, they would not be willing. Not to mention the fact that the price of this snake corpse was very high. Although they were big trading guilds, money in circulation with them didn’t allow them to pay a high price!
“Ai! Nothing can be done about this issue. There are only three trading guilds in Antiquity Town who are known to be able to buy up this lot of stuff. As for the other trading guilds, the gap is too wide!” Elderly Tang said with a helpless look. If it were not for these three trading guilds wanting to cheat them very thoroughly, they would have sold it all by now. However, they also needed to justify themselves to the people in the caravan, it would be impossible for them to sell it all so cheaply!
“Who are they fooling? Who doesn’t know that the existence of Seven-Colored Snake King is a beast that is close to Spirit Beast? How could it possibly be cheap? Even if it's lacking some of the most important parts, it could very well be sold for 12,000 gold. But those devils are only quoting 2,000-3,000 gold, what the hell are they thinking?” Yang Hu said indignantly. Even though they have obtained the corpse of the Seven-Colored Snake King easily, but that didn’t mean that it was cheap. It was only so in the eyes of those powerful cultivators from the Clear River Sect, as far as mortals were concerned, it couldn’t be considered as some bargain-priced goods!
Even though the Autumn Leaf Caravan’s profit this time only amounted to a few dozen gold approximately, in contrast, a few thousand gold was definitely not a small number, but they could get even more profit so why should they give up? If they were able to get 12,000 gold, then after it was divided according to their shares, they would not need to worry about anything for the rest of their lives!
Therefore, regardless of whether it was for the people of Autumn Leaf Caravan, or for themselves, they could naturally not throw away so much profit and sell it off for such a cheap price!
“It seems like you all don’t have any good method to deal with this problem.” Gu Hai said indifferently. Just now he struck upon some idea in his heart, he just wanted to see if these people of Autumn Leaf Caravan would cooperate?
“Ai! We are all just country people, hunting and gathering herbs are all we are good at. It is really hard for us to do any business, and if not for Elder Tang and Song, we would probably have been sold by those people!” Yang Hu said helplessly. Autumn Leaf Town was really too remote, where would they have the opportunity to go understand how to do business!
However, the eyes of both Elder Tang and Song shone simultaneously. The other three people didn’t understand, but these two heard the hidden implication in Gu Hai’s words. Even though they didn’t fully understand Gu Hai’s capabilities, however, from the two days spent together, and also the sudden emergence of the game of dice in Autumn Leaf Town, which the two were well aware of how immensely profitable that game of dice was, even though the others weren’t aware of, it was quite evident that Gu Hai was absolutely not run-of-the-mill person!
At that moment, Elder Tang said: “Dare I ask if Mister Gu has any good means to solve this problem of ours? We would certainly be very much grateful!” These words were spoken with complete sincerity!
“Right Right Right, Mister Gu Hai is quite capable and solving this problem would be as easy as pie for Mister Gu.” Elder Song said repeatedly.
Gu Hai, after hearing this, said indifferently: “Does everyone trust this one completely? Gu Hai is only an ordinary man, but can also play chess a bit. Everyone should not praise this Gu too highly!”
“How so? Even though I cannot see through Brother Gu’s ability, but I know that Brother Gu is far from an average person. Brother Gu’s bearing is not something that an average person can possess. Moreover, the bearing of the chairman of those three trading guilds also doesn’t compare to Brother Gu!” Yang Hu said loudly. He had already discovered that each and every, action and words of Gu Hai indicated that he had a noble family background.
“Please Mister Gu, if you have some way, please do something about it. Autumn Leaf Caravan will repeatedly thank you later for solving this issue!” Elder surnamed Tang said solemnly.
“Good, deference is no substitute for obedience, this Gu agrees!” Gu Hai revealed a faint smile. Now everything was within his grasp. He also had his plan which was not so simple as to being limited to only helping Autumn Leaf Caravan.
The five people, upon hearing these words, revealed excited smiles, and immediately Elder Tang spoke: “I don’t know if Mister Gu will disclose the means to solving this issue. We all will also assist Mister Gu!”
“Auction!” Gu Hai spoke just a single word. What possible method could be there to earn more profit other than an auction? An Auction suited Autumn Leaf Caravan’s present situation!
“Auction? What is that?” The five people were somewhat puzzled. They hadn’t heard of this word and naturally didn’t understand the meaning it represented, “We request Mister Gu to please explain!”
“There’s no need for you all to thoroughly understand the meaning of auction. You all only need to send out written invitations tomorrow to let everyone know that we have in our hands the corpse of a Seven-Colored Snake King…..later all the trading guilds in Antiquity Town will convene in one place. Finally, we will let them compete with one another, and the price will rise higher… this, we should be able to profit nicely!” Gu Hai narrated his plan in detail to the five people.
“Mister Gu is really a person of high skill. With these plans, there is definitely no need to worry about the Seven-Colored Snake King being sold at a lower price!” The more the five people listened, the more excited they became. Those who could become captains of Autumn Leaf Caravan were all naturally intelligent people. After hearing the plan, they immediately understood that this was absolutely a perfect plan. Making all the trading guilds of Antiquity town compete would make it naturally impossible for the selling price to remain low!
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