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Chapter 13 - Dignitaries

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Chapter 13 - Dignitaries

Chapter 13 - Dignitaries
About 7-9 PM in the night, the Autumn Leaf Manor had ended the exhibition. At this moment, any ordinary man was no longer allowed to enter because the auction was about to begin. Those who either did not have the invitation or whose wealth did not reach a certain criteria were not allowed to enter...
Although the Antiquity Town's residents could not enter the Autumn Leaf Manor again, some of them still choose to wait outside. However, they, on their own accord, stood on either side of road; they did not dare to stand in the middle and block the road. They wanted to know who will be able to own the Seven Color Snake King's corpse as soon as possible. After all, in the Antiquity Town, this could be regarded as a big event!
The Autumn Leaf Manor's doors were still open, but the guests entering at the moment were completely different from the one visiting in the afternoon. A bunch of VIPs who were dressed in luxurious clothes continued to walk into the Autumn Leaf Manor along with their subordinates. They all had certain status among the public, and most importantly, they had no shortage of money. Only they had the ability to encroach on the Seven Colored Snake King.
"Check it out, that's the Cleansing Song Trading Guild's President. Although the Cleansing Song Trading Guild is not as big as three major trading guilds, there is not much difference. That is one big magnate. It seems the Cleansing Song Trading Guild is very interested in this auction!"
"Even the Moonlight Trading Guild's President, Great Sea Restaurant's owner, and Snow Flower Trading Guild's President are also here. The Captain of Antiquity Town's guards is also here, all dignitaries are coming one by one!"
"My god! It's the Cloud's Feather Guild's President Yang Yu. The Cloud's Feather Guild is one of three major trading guilds of the Antiquity Town. These trading guilds have so much money that you can't even imagine, not to mention that Yang Yu is also a very powerful martial artist. Who knew that he will also come for the Seven Colored Snake King."
Everyone looked at a young man who wore a white long gown and had an extraordinary bearing as he stepped into the Autumn Leaf Manor's door. Two entourage also followed behind the white robed man. This white robed man was none other than the Cloud's Feather Guild's President — Yang Yu!
"It's not just Cloud's Feather Guild, I heard that the other two major trading guilds, the Thousand Sun Guild and Qingmo Guild, have also received the invitation; they should be coming soon to participate in this banquet!" Some of the people, who watched Yang Yu enter the Autumn Leaf Manor, said after pondering a bit.
This auction had already gained the attraction of countless people. Everyone in the Antiquity Town could not refuse such temptation, and now the initiative turned into the hands of Autumn Leaf Caravan!
There was a constant pandemonium among the bunch of folks standing outside the Autumn Leaf Manor. The VIPs who usually didn't make a public appearance were now entering the seemingly plain and bland Autumn Leaf Manor one by one; so everyone was completely shocked!
Suddenly, only for a moment, the entire pandemonium strangely quieted down. Everyone's gaze turned towards a nearby road, moreover, everyone had a slight look of panic on their face as if they had seen something very terrible!
Not so far away, a bunch of people were walking over. The number of people in this group was approximately ten. Furthermore, after taking a careful look, the entire group consisted of females who looked stunning. Although they could not be regarded as exceedingly beautiful which could lead to the downfall of nations, they were as beautiful as a flower.
What's more was that every female in this beautiful group carried a longsword in their hand. Although the sword was inside the scabbard, everyone had not the slightest doubt that they could take it out it an instant and would cut anyone who dared to intrude upon them.
However, amidst these group of females was a young girl who wore a royal long dress. This young girl's appearance was not much different than the beautiful females beside her, but, "her skin was as soft as cream, it was completely white and delicate, her breath smelled like an orchid", this sentence could perfectly describe that she was like a seductress who could beguile any man's soul.
"Femme fatale, this seductress would one day ruin some nation!" Such kind of thoughts unconsciously appeared in everyone's heart when they looked at the seductive girl. But they didn't dare to have any thoughts for her. She was the President of one of the three major trading guilds, the Qingmo Guild. In the Antiquity Town, she was known as Demoness Qingmo!
The demoness' looks were deceptive, she was not as weak as her appearance showed. She was rather outstanding who had turned an obscure Qingmo Guild into one of the three major trading guilds in the Antiquity Town. Her seductive appearance was very deceptive, everyone who had underestimated her and tried to hit on her had fallen beneath her foot. God knows how many men's corpses who thought of hitting on her were fed to dogs!
The Qingmo Guild had a team of guards that was completely comprised of females, who went by the name of Demon Guards. And the beautiful females beside Demoness Qingmo not only looked beautiful, they were the elite of the elite of the Demon Guards.
Everyone of them possessed an extraordinary strength; not one of them was any weaker than Yang Hu. Moreover, these Demon Guards had experienced bloodshed, who knows how many enemies of Qingmo Guild had fallen to hell under their swords!
The Demon Guards surrounding Demoness Qingmo walked towards the Autumn Leaf Manor's gates. Although, it was only some ten individuals, when they were walking on the road, everyone unconsciously retreated two steps , more importantly, they did not dare to even glance towards Demoness Qingmo's direction. After Demoness Qingmo's figure disappeared inside the Autumn Leaf Manor, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.
Who knew how much blood had been shed for Demoness Qingmo to get such notoriety. They didn't have the guts to infuriate this Demoness Qingmo, who despite her seductive appearance, had a bloody heart.
Everyone had not yet woken from their stupor before a silhouette from far away arrived at a quick speed. His was extremely fast to the point that in just few breaths, this silhouette who was a few hundred meters away had appeared at the entrance of Autumn Leaf Manor. It was a middle-aged man of approximately forty years of age. The man had an black ancient longsword on his back, and a sharp aura was gushing out from his entire body. Under his aura, everyone shuddered; they did not dare to make any sound!
The middle-aged man did not seem to care about the behavior of these people. With a flash, his figure once again disappeared as he went straight inside the Autumn Leaf Manor!
"Who is this expert? Why is it that I was unable to move just from his aura?!" A weak man said with a look a fear. Just a moment ago he felt as if his life was not his own!
"He is the Antiquity Town's strongest expert, Tyrant Sword Xiao Feng!" A man beside him said. His tone, too, had a trace of fear in it. His strength was not too bad, but facing the strongest expert, he was no different than an ant!
"Xiao Feng? If I remember it correctly, isn't the President of Thousand Sun Guild also called Xiao Feng, is it him?" The previous man skeptically asked!
"Right... The Thousand Sun Guild's President, Xiao Feng is also the Antiquity Town's strongest expert!"
"Hiss..." Everyone who did not know about him sucked a cold lump of air. The Thousand Sun Guild's President was already a top level VIP in the Antiquity Town, not to mention, this President was the strongest expert of the Antiquity Town. Who else could provoke Thousand Sun Guild!
Whatever was happening outside, it did not affect the proceedings of the Autumn Leaf Manor. A large hall inside the Autumn Leaf Manor which had gone through some simple modifications was completely filled with guests already. Whereas, at the front of the hall, a makeshift auctioning platform had been constructed.
Several glass boxes that were covered in red cloth were placed upon the stage; inside was the Seven Colored Snake King that was going to be auctioned tonight. However, it had been dissected by the Autumn Leaf Caravan. After all, almost no one was capable enough to pay for the entire Seven Colored Snake King. Even if the three major trading guilds could pay its price, their respective trading guilds would lose a substantial sum of money which even they could not be able to bear. This loss of money would substantially affect the normal operation of their respective trading guild!
Under the stage, the presidents of all three major trading guilds, the Thousand Sun Guild, Qingmo Guild, and Cloud’s Feather Guild, sat right at the front, followed by the representatives of various trading guilds. Everyone was clearly aware of their own status, they were all clear where they should sit and where they shouldn't!
Yang Yu lightly waved a white paper fan while seated. He was extremely refined as if he was a good young master in a chaotic world. However, everyone did not dare to look down upon him. Although he had only inherited the Cloud's Feather Guild's President's position, he was the best among a dozen or so successors who had finally inherited the president's position. This itself clearly speak of his abilities, moreover, since he inherited the Cloud's Feather Guild, the profits of Cloud's Feather Guild grew every year. This person could not be underestimated!
As for the Demoness Qingmo, she lazily sat on her seat. She was unimaginably charming, but thinking about the bloody road she had paved, they had no choice but to withdraw their gazes. Even Yang Yu did not dare to directly glance at Demoness Qingmo!
However, Xiao Feng was unlike everyone else. When he sat on his seat, he directly closed his pair of eyes, as if everything around him had nothing to do with him!
As for the guests sitting in the back, they were all discussing in a hushed tone. After all, they were weak. Just by relying on their own wealth, they simply could not compare with the three major trading guilds. If they did not cooperate together or draw some people in, perhaps they could only watch the show!
Soon, after all the seats in the large hall were completely full, the auction started right away…
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