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Chapter 14 - Auction

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Chapter 14 - Auction

Chapter 14 - Auction
Gu Hai slowly walked onto the auction platform. After all, as far as the Autumn Leaf Caravan was concerned, they were completely unfamiliar with auctioning. A qualified auctioneer couldn’t be raised in a single day. So, Gu Hai could only take it up on himself.
Dressed in white colored robe, a pair of white gloves on his hand, and his long hair casually thrown behind his back, Gu Hai peacefully stood on the stage, which also gave him some bearing of a scholar.
However, the very moment Gu Hai went up the auction platform, Demoness Qingmo, who had her eyes closed all along as she sat below the platform, suddenly looked at Gu Hai. The others too in the same manner looked at Gu Hai and noticed that he was just an ordinary person who didn’t have any cultivation whatsoever, yet all three of them could feel an air of superiority surrounding Gu Hai. Being able to maintain a noble temperament in all circumstances meant that he was just the same as those three. All three simultaneously engraved this impression in their hearts that this person was not so simple!
Gu Hai stood atop the platform with an air of calmness. Waving the small hammer in his hand as he gently struck it on the table, the hall immediately quieted down. Everyone knew that the auction had already started. This was a grand feast. They had to invest their entirety into it. Perhaps most people were only here to watch the drama, but even doing so required them to maintain silence!
“Welcome everyone, I’m gratified by your presence in this humble Autumn Leaf Manor. This Gu won’t bore you with any more courtesies. I’ll directly start the auction!” Gu Hai directly lifted up the red cloth from a somewhat small glass box. Inside it were four sharp snake fangs. The fangs even had a green lustre which seemed to be coming from the netherworld itself, sending shivers down the spine of anyone looking.
“I believe that this doesn’t need my introduction. Four fangs of the Seven Colored Snake King. If forged into a weapon by a Forging Grandmaster, I believe that they would certainly become four best quality weapons. These kind of weapons could be considered as Divine Artifacts in the Chen Kingdom.” Gu Hai paused for a bit before continuing, “Starting bid price is 1000 Gold, the increase each time cannot be less than 10 Gold…..”
“Qingmo Guild bids 3000 Gold.” Gu Hai’s voice hadn’t even faded away when Demoness Qingmo casually extended her snow-white hands and spoke in a soft voice. Even though the tone was light, it carried an inexhaustible charm as if it had a trace of magic which was beguiling everyone in the hall!
In that moment, except for Xiao Feng who showed a severe and strict temperament from top to bottom, the other people became absent minded momentarily. Even the dull as water Yang Yu couldn’t help but stare foolishly at the extraordinarily beautiful lady by his side.
However, the moment Gu Hai became absent-minded, the black Weiqi piece in his mind sent out a dull and serene light directly rousing Gu Hai and causing him to sober up immediately.
Gu Hai was afraid of looking at Demoness Qingmo below the platform. He became somewhat apprehensive all of a sudden. Not only did this woman have a charm that could cause fall of countries and bring calamity to its people, her intelligence was also beyond the ordinary. Now it seemed like she even possessed the ability of bewitchment. It seems that for her to single-handedly develop Qingmo Guild to this level was definitely not so simple as it appeared on the surface!
As for Xiao Feng, he only glanced at the snake fangs on the platform earlier and then closed his eyes. As far as he was concerned, there was only the sword behind his back. His heart would not be affected by these external objects and would definitely not be influenced in the slightest by Demoness Qingmo’s voice!
“Qingmo Guild has bid 3,000 Gold, is there anyone who wants to bid here?” Gu Hai said looking at the dull faces of everyone. This time’s auction was precisely to seek wealth, it would naturally not allow these snake fangs to be auctioned so easily even though the price that the Demoness Qingmo had offered was already quite high!
Gu Hai’s voice was very gentle, but upon hearing this voice, everyone was awakened as if they were roused from a dream. As they looked once more towards Demoness Qingmo, a cold sweat ran down their backs. This woman was really too formidable.
However, Yang Yu actually looked deeply at Demoness Qingmo and took a deep breath before saying: “I really didn’t expect that President Qingmo’s Sound Charm Technique is so fierce. Even this Yang fell into it.”
“Chairman Yang jests. This little girl just put out a bid, How can there be any Sound Charm Technique?” Demoness Qingmo let out a faint smile. Although she replied to Yang Yu’s question, her attention was focused entirely on the platform. Xiao Feng’s strength was extremely abnormal and there was nothing out of the ordinary for him to resist her Sound Charm Technique, but the one on the platform who didn’t even have the slightest bit of cultivation was able to instantaneously awaken from her bewitchment. This person was definitely not simple!
Yang Yu looked around towards the attendees and the Demoness Qingmo. After pondering for a moment, he didn’t raise his own right hand and eventually discarded the thought of raising the price. It was not worth it to incur the hostility of this woman for these snake teeth, let alone the fact that this price of 3,000 Gold couldn’t be considered to be low.
Since even Yang Yu didn’t make any bid, it was impossible for the Presidents of other trading guilds to bid. Gu Hai also didn’t dawdle, and directly sealed the deal at the price of 3,000 Gold.
“Up next in the auction is the Seven Colored Snake King’s snake skin. I believe that you all can see for yourselves that the Xiantian Powerhouse had directly cut this Seven Coloured Snake King into two halves. Therefore, this snake skin is also divided into two for auctioning separately. I believe everyone has also seen the snake scales atop the snake skin. We had to use an extremely special method to peel off this snake skin. If it were used to make Soft Armour then aside from a Xiantian Powerhouse, I believe there won’t be any person capable of cutting it open!” Gu Hai narrated slowly while simultaneously pulling off the red cloth from atop a box revealing the Seven Colored Snake King’s snake skin inside. The snake scales were glittering with the shine of seven colours and looked particularly dazzling.
“The starting price is 800 Gold, and the increase each time cannot be less than 10 Gold!”
For a long time after Gu Hai spoke, there wasn’t anyone bidding to raise the price. Rather they were looking at Demoness Qingmo sitting on her chair. However, beyond all their expectations, Demoness Qingmo remained reclining down on the chair without any intent of raising any bid!
“Moonlight Trading Guild bids 850 Gold.” Finally there was someone who couldn’t resist making a bid. There was almost no one that could withstand the temptation of a soft armor that could resist the attacks from most of the experts in Chen Empire.
“900 Gold, Snowy Peak Trading Guild bids for 900 Gold!”
“920 Gold.”
“I bid for 1,330 Gold…”
The biddings did not show any signs of halting. All the trading guild presidents were bidding like madmen.
“2,000 Gold!” At last Yang Yu made his bid raising the auction price to 2,000 gold.
The presidents of other trading guilds quieted down instantly, “It’s not that they couldn’t bid beyond 2,000 gold, but in doing so their business would end being paralyzed.” Almost all of the trading guilds stopped bidding!
“Cleansing Song Trading Guild bids for 2,100 Gold!” The middle-aged Cleansing Song Trading Guild president said. Cleansing Song Trading Guild was also a big trading guild in Antiquity Town and putting out 2,100 gold wouldn’t strain them very much.
“2,500 Gold Taels.” Yang Yu contemptuously looked at Cleansing Song president. There were only three big trading guilds in Antiquity Town and other trading guilds couldn’t even dream of matching their capabilities!
One must know that these three big trading guilds weren’t limited to just this Antiquity Town. Even in the Royal City, these three would be considered as major trading guilds!
Cleansing Song Trading Guild president looked on helplessly at Yang Yu. Even though he was capable of bidding even higher, Yang Yu was equally capable of doing the same. When it came to financial capability, even several Cleansing Song Trading Guilds would not be able to match up to Cloud’s Feather Guild. Moreover, they couldn’t go on increasing the bid. If they were to offend Cloud’s Feather Guild, then Cleansing Song Trading Guild’s days in Antiquity Town wouldn’t pass by so easily!
Xiao Feng, still as before, maintaining his composure, kept his eyes closed. Clearly this seven coloured snake skin was nothing in his eyes. Even Demoness Qingmo was still insolently leaning on her chair, seemingly not paying any heed to this seven coloured snake skin at all!
Gu Hai swept his vision across everyone’s expressions. He knew that there won’t be anyone raising any more bids, so he naturally struck his little hammer down three times indicating that this deal had been closed.
“Now we are auctioning the second portion of the snake skin. The starting price is 800 Gold, and the increase each time can’t be less than…..”
“2,500 Gold!” Demoness Qingmo once again interrupted Gu Hai mid-speech. However this time, even though her voice carried an intent of attraction, it didn’t have the same bewitchment as before. Clearly, this time Demoness Qingmo didn’t unleash her Sound Charm Technique, but after she had finished speaking Demoness Qingmo provocatively looked at Gu Hai!
Gu Hai looked at Demoness Qingmo and couldn’t help but praise inwardly for her strategic retreat only to advance later. And now, there was no one who could compete with her for the Seven Colored Snake Skin. Even Yang Yu also wouldn’t be able to make matching bids again. This should probably be some rule that became established through common agreement amongst themselves.
“Congratulations to President Qingmo for being successful in bidding for this piece of Seven Colored Snake Skin.” Gu Hai spoke softly.
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