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Chapter 15 - Xiao Feng's Favor

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Chapter 15 - Xiao Feng's Favor

Chapter 15 - Xiao Feng’s Favor
“Before we go into the next auction, I have a thing to announce to everyone!” Gu Hai raised his hand motioning everyone to quiet down, “The Autumn Leaf Trading Guild has decided that each and every Trading Guild’s President here would receive a jin of Seven Colored King Snake’s meat for free!”
Just as Gu Hai’s voice faded, the minor trading guilds' presidents sitting at the back of the hall became somewhat excited. They originally believed that they could only play the role of spectators to this show, so receiving a jin of Seven Colored Snake King’s meat was completely beyond their imagination. Even though it was not much, but it was still rare and precious. They couldn’t even dream of this kind of thing earlier..
However, regarding the presidents of those big trading guilds, especially the three major trading guilds, their faces didn’t change in the slightest. After all, they were well experienced and knowledgeable. The Seven Colored Snake King’s meat was merely something used by Houtian Realm Cultivators to boost their cultivation. Even though it was rare, there were many objects that could act as substitute for it.
“Up next, the Autumn Leaf Trading Guild will be auctioning 10 portions of Seven Coloured Snake King’s meat. Each portion weighs two jin. Now the auction of the first portion will begin. Each portion will have a starting price of 200 gold!” Gu Hai struck the little hammer in his hand onto the table immediately stopping the discussions amongst the people, indicating that a new round of auction had already begin!
“Snowy Beauty Trading Guild bids 210 Gold!”
“Don’t even think of getting that Seven Coloured Snake King’s meat for just 210 Gold, don’t you dare. I bid 230 Gold.”
As far as those small guilds were concerned, the Seven Coloured Snake King’s meat was a treasure. Moreover, the price was also within their acceptable range. Naturally, they would bid like crazy!
“Good, this final portion of Seven Coloured Snake King’s meat has been successfully bid by Cleansing Song’s President for 430 Gold. Congratulations, Cleansing Song’s President!” Gu Hai struck down the auction hammer in his hand.
Out of these ten portions of Seven Coloured Snake Meat, six portions had been successfully bid by these small trading guilds. The remaining four were equally divided between Cloud’s Feather Guild and Qingmo Guild. Naturally, this was also due to Yang Yu and Demoness Qingmo feeling it beneath them to fight these small trading guilds thereby leading them to deliberately give up. Otherwise these trading guilds would definitely not have been able to successfully bid for even a single portion. As for Xiao Feng, he kept his eyes closed, not paying any attention to their struggles!
Even though none of these ten portions of Seven Colored Snake King’s meat was sold for the same price, they all ended up approximately around 400 Gold, adding all up to around 4,000 Gold, and adding further the previous sales, the figure had already reached 10,000 Gold. The Autumn Leaf Trading Guild’s objective had already been fulfilled!
However, this auction was not yet over!
Gu Hai took out a fist-sized brocade box from his bosom and slowly placed it on the table in front of everyone!
“Now is the time for auctioning this auction’s final article which is absolutely deserving of being called a treasure!” Gu hai deliberately lowered his voice to spread a kind of mysterious atmosphere across the hall.
Everyone’s attention was focused on this small box. Since it was capable of being used as a finale item, naturally, it wouldn’t be anything ordinary. Moreover, it should at least be greater in value compared to the snake fangs and snakeskin auctioned earlier. However, the majority of the people had expressions of astonishment on their faces. They hadn’t been informed earlier that a mysterious article would be auctioned.
However, Yang Yu and Demoness Qingmo were still maintaining an indifferent look on their faces. They had long known that there would be a mysterious auction, but even they didn’t know what article was there in that box in the end!
However, there was one exception from the norm. The one who had all along been keeping his eyes closed, Xiao Feng, suddenly opened his eyes and stared at this brocade box as if the item contained within was of utmost attraction to him. It was quite evident that he knew what treasure was contained within the brocade box.
Gu Hai slowly opened the brocade box revealing a pigeon-egg sized oval shaped bead within. The oval bead was glowing in seven colors. As the moonlight fell onto the oval bead, it immediately let out a dazzling seven colored light. Seeing this seven colored bead, everyone had an impulse to fall into depravity.
“Bang!” The chair that Xiao Feng seated on suddenly disintegrated, even his body was emitting a fierce aura. Xiao Feng stood up, he did not care for the fear within the other people’s eyes, his eyes were completely transfixed at the seven colored bead in the box!
Yang Yu and Demoness Qingmo were afraid to look at Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng was the most powerful man in Antiquity Town and this was not a joke. Moreover, only they knew that Xiao Feng’s cultivation ranked at the apex of the Chen Kingdom. Within the Chen Kingdom, the people who were stronger than him could be counted on one’s fingers.
Gu Hai’s face remained unchanged and he remained unmoved by the actions of Xiao Feng. It was impossible for a person like Xiao Feng to set aside his pride as a warrior and take the object forcefully. Therefore, there was no need to be anxious of Xiao Feng attacking.
“This seven colored bead is the Seven Coloured Snake King’s Inner Core. Although only spirit beasts are able to form their inner cores, since this Seven Coloured Snake King was a variant species, it was able to form this incomplete inner core. I don’t need to speak much about its value, now…….” Gu Hai said softly.
“100,000 Gold!” Xiao Feng who had been silent till now suddenly spoke out an astonishing number. This was the first time he had opened his mouth. His voice carried a feeling of ‘showing off one’s ability’.
“100,000 Gold!” Everyone’s faces including Yang Yu and Demoness Qingmo exposed an expression of astonishment. Let alone the talk of these small-time trading guilds, even if their trading guilds were sold it would still remain far from this huge number. Contrary to what one might think, Yang Yu and Demoness Qingmo could think of upping this price further, but Cloud’s Feather Guild and Qingmo Guild would also suffer a major blow. This was something that they couldn’t bear!
However, giving up in this manner was also something that Yang Yu and Qingmo were unwilling to do, but what other means did they have? They could only stare at the upright standing Xiao Feng. Quite clearly Xiao Feng had decided to obtain this Snake Core. Only if they were prepared to put their everything on the line could they stand a chance, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to compete at all!
However, what Xiao Feng and they seeked was completely different. He pursued the path of a cultivator, thinking of becoming a Xiantian Powerhouse. The Thousand Suns Guild couldn’t really be considered as something important to him. Let alone talk of 100,000 Gold, as far as he was concerned, even if he had to exchange his Thousand Suns Guild for the Seven Colored Snake Core, he would consider it to be worth it. After all, this Seven Colored Snake Core would bring him even closer to the Xiantian Stage.
“100,000 Gold!” The people of the Autumn Leaf Trading Guild sitting behind the platform became excited upon hearing this number. This much wealth was simply inconceivable for them.
One must know that this was only accidental profit. After all, even the Xiantian Powerhouse had not detected the Seven Colored Snake Core within the body of the Seven Colored Snake King. Only when Autumn Leaf Trading Guild’s members were dissecting the Seven Colored Snake King’s body was the Seven Colored Snake Core discovered. They decided to auction it on the spot. After all they had no use for this kind of treasure. It would be most appropriate to sell it for a good price. Although they knew that this was a treasure, the Autumn Leaf Trading Guild had never thought that it would be able to fetch such a huge amount. It was something that exceeded their imagination.
Gu Hai was also looking at Xiao Feng in astonishment. Even though he knew that Xiao Feng was determined to win this Seven Colored Snake Bead, this kind of determination was beyond his expectation.
Gu Hai looked at everyone below the platform and said softly: “President Xiao Feng is truly generous, but if President Xiao Feng desires this Snake Core then there is absolutely no need for you to pay a sum of 100,000 Gold, what Autumn Leaf Trading Guild requires from President Xiao Feng is—a favour!”
The entire hall quieted down, obviously nobody could understand this request of Gu Hai. Only Demoness Qingmo glanced at Gu Hai with profound intent.
“Oh? Is my favor worth 100,000 Gold?” Xiao Feng questioned.
“Having too much gold can also burn one’s hands, Autumn Leaf Trading Guild is incapable of holding it. Not to mention, just a trivial sum of 100,000 Gold , in exchange for President Xiao Feng’s favor, it is well worth it!” Gu Hai said quietly. A very long time ago Gu Hai had understood that if a person kept riches that were beyond his capability to safeguard, then it was bound to be pried into by others!
“Ha ha, Good. What this Xiao has despised the most in his entire life was owing someone a personal favor. However this time, what would be the harm in owing this favor?” Xiao Feng let out a hearty laugh facing skywards before his figure turned into a blur. In the blink of an eye, the brocade box within Gu Hai’s hand had disappeared, “Remember, this Xiao owes you a favor……”
Gu Hai let out a faint smile. As far as he was concerned, this transaction was absolutely worth it.
“Good, this auction hereby comes to an end. Thank you everyone for supporting. Now all Presidents may please take their one jin of Seven Colored Snake King Meat from the backside of the manor!”
The crowd in the hall began to disperse slowly. Everyone turned to walk towards the backside of the manor, however, before leaving, everyone, without any exception would look at Gu Hai standing on the platform before engraving his image into their minds. Gu Hai didn’t express even the least bit of greediness over 100,000 Gold, it was quite evident that he by no means was any run-of-the-mill person. They certainly needed to pay attention to him!
Demoness Qingmo looked at Gu Hai and then spoke softly, “Mister Gu is truly extraordinary. Qingmo Guild looks forward to further cooperation with Mister.” After having finished, Demoness Qingmo didn’t wait for Gu Hai to answer, leaving behind her enchanting rear figure!
Gu Hai, looking at Demoness Qingmo’s disappearing figure, sank into a silence!
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