Novel Name : The Protagonist Only Thinks About Falling In Love

Chapter 22 - "Gift."

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Chapter 22 - "Gift."

We can do something… interesting.
This is the real clear and ambiguous hint.
Interesting thing, what can it be? It wasn’t difficult for Fu Yuhe to see that from the moment Shen Yi suddenly leaned up to kiss him, the momentum of this conversation had already ended with Shen Yi’s, and at this, his heartbeat was going out of control
In order to cover up his inner turmoil, he ended up at a disadvantage. He pulled the corners of his lips and asked Shen Yi: “Interesting thing? Let you sleep with me?”
Such straightforward words would often arouse the shyness of a young man at this age, but that wasn’t the case for Shen Yi. He didn’t appear shy.
“Haven’t we already slept together many times?” Shen Yi said, “Since last month…um…”
His mouth was covered by Fu Yuhe’s palm.
Fu Yuhe gritted his teeth, looking at Shen Yi’s eyes that were only clean, but also glinted with cunningness hiding away his evil intentions, like a clever little fox, he was the most deceptive.
Shen Yi’s face was pretty small, that was the conclusion Fu Yuhe reached when he covered the lower half of his face with his palm.
The warm lips under the palm of his hand were soft, and his breath was burning hot. Under the airtight encirclement of his palm, it seems to be slowly getting warmer. The skin on his smooth face was very delicate, which can be seen easily when you get close with a little stubble on his face.
He didn’t move, just let Fu Yuhe cover his mouth, his eyes were fixed, reflecting Fu Yuhe’s figure in his dark pupils.
When he came back to his senses, Fu Yuhe withdrew his hand abruptly. In order to prevent Shen Yi from saying what he shouldn’t say, he used so much force that Shen Yi’s face already had a few fingerprint marks left on his face, as if silently accusing Fu Yuhe of his atrocities. But it added a bit of vulnerable sensuality, making someone want to leave even more marks.
Shen Yi: “Brother, why are you feeling guilty?”
They did sleep, not the purely sleeping kind, but they didn’t go all the way.
Fu Yuhe didn’t look at him directly, but only looked at him from the corner of his eye, and said, “Don’t you know how to be shy at all?”
“Why do I need to be shy?” Shen Yi said, “Is it shameful to face your own desires? Brother—— what about you, do you know how to be shy? Have you ever thought about it?”
Even though Fu Yuhe didn’t want to admit it, he did think about it, and it was during the earlier phases when he had only had some vague thoughts, not anything specific.
It’s not shameful to face one’s desire, but Fu Yuhe doesn’t want to discuss this kind of private topic with Shen Yi here.
“I’m a little surprised that you have this awareness.” Fu Yuhe turned sideways and avoided the question.
At Shen Yi’s age, he should have understood what s*x was. He must be curious and tempted to try it out, but at the same time, he was also ashamed to speak about it.
For example, Fu Cheng’s reaction.
The last time he had only discovered a love letter, yet Fu Cheng blushed. But Shen Yi seems to be born ignorant of the word “shy”. On the one hand, he was surprisingly pure.
“Awareness… I had it when you kissed me.” Shen Yi said, “Although I didn’t think about doing it with you at that time, after all, there are some things that cannot be controlled by human beings, just like how you lied to go home last tim—”
Shen Yi’s mouth was covered again.
He blinked.
Lying to go back home made Fu Yuhe want to laugh, but also had a headache. If he wasn’t careful, Shen Yi could turn over old accounts and expose him with his words. He felt that talking here was too risky. He wasn’t that pure alright.
But when mentioning the beginning of this matter, Fu Yuhe’s teeth still itched, “Are you having a good time?”
Shen Yi: “Uh-huh.”
“Brother! Shen Yi! Why haven’t you come in yet?” Fu Cheng in the living room asked loudly.
“Here we come.” Fu Yuhe let go of Shen Yi, “Don’t talk nonsense in front of Fu Cheng.”
“Yes.” Shen Yi nodded obediently like a tamed Tibetan mastiff, “Don’t worry, I know what to say.”
Very well, Fu Yuhe started to worry.
“Why didn’t you come in?” Fu Cheng asked Shen Yi.
The red mark on Shen Yi’s face still hasn’t faded away, It’s light, and you can’t see what it is if you don’t focus on it, and he said: “My schoolbag suddenly unzipped and my clothes fell out, your brother helped me pick them up.”
“Oh.” Fu Cheng didn’t doubt it, “You put too many apples in your schoolbag, and those small cartons. Did you want to take them all back later?” The three people walked back and forth in the stairwell, and the one at the end It was Fu Yuhe, he listened to the chat between the two and looked at Shen Yi’s bulging schoolbag. He had noticed that the schoolbag was unusually heavy before, but he didn’t think much about it.
Shen Yi and Fu Cheng chatted and went into Fu Cheng’s room, and Fu Yuhe went to his study.
“Hey, my brother brought desserts again today.” After entering the door, Fu Cheng saw the familiar bag on the table, “What’s wrong with my brother…”
“Isn’t it good?” Shen Yi nestled skillfully on the sofa.
“Not that.” Fu Cheng smiled and said, “It’s just…it feels like it’s been a long time since I was treated like this. When I was very young…”
Fu Cheng feels that his brother has become a lot more friendly recently and often buys him delicious food, which makes him feel like he has returned back to a younger age. Before his parents passed away, although his brother was restrained, he was not as unemotional as he is now. It’s hard to figure out what he is thinking, but he will still take him to play and buy him delicious food like an ordinary brother.
He sighed a few words, Shen Yi sat on the side and listened to him seriously, with his hands resting on the desk, his chin resting on the back of his hands, “Really? But your brother also seems like someone who would do this kind of thing.”
Fu Cheng was a little surprised, “Does he? I thought you would think he was very…”
He couldn’t think of an adjective for a while, “Difficult to approach, anyway, he doesn’t look like someone who would do such things.”
Just in terms of appearance and aura, his brother could easily frighten someone and make them afraid to look directly at him. Even Fu Cheng would unconsciously feel nervous when facing him.
“Your brother…” Shen Yi paused, Fu Yuhe’s face flashed across his mind, and he thought for a while, “Anyway, he treats you very well.”
He’s very cute and looks like an angry cat who wants to get his head pet, but Fu Yuhe was a little stingy, he would definitely not let him touch it.
Shen Yi had no idea what a dangerous idea stroking a tiger’s whiskers was.
Fu Cheng nodded in agreement with Shen Yi’s words, and he took the dessert out of the bag, “Which do you want?”
Shen Yi pointed, “Mango one.”
Fu Cheng put the mango pastry in front of him.
“Has your brother ever fought before?” Shen Yi asked as he unpacked the box, Fu Yuhe’s words from Fu Cheng’s mouth felt different.
“He has.” Fu Cheng said, “I’ve seen my brother fight once…”
The beating was quite ruthless.
He almost developed a psychological shadow because of his brother. Later, in order to coax him, his brother took his school bag in one hand and held his hand in the other leading him to buy a small cake to calm him down. At that time, Fu Cheng was only eight years old. Brother was fifteen years old, and the family was still complete.
“My brother used to have a bad temper.” Fu Cheng said.
Shen Yi: “It’s not like it’s too good now.”
Fu Cheng: “You are not afraid that my brother will hear you.”
“Your house is soundproof.” Shen Yi said as if asking for praise.
Fu Cheng: “How do you know?”
Shen Yi paused, “You can tell this with just a glance.”
Fu Cheng: “…right.”
It felt weird somehow.
An hour later, Fu Cheng was completely immersed in his study at the desk. Shen Yi’s cell phone was out of battery, so he wanted to borrow a charger from him. Seeing how devoted he was, he left the room without making a sound.
He leaned against the wall outside the door to send a message.
[Shen Yi: Brother, where are you?]
[Fu Yuhe: Bedroom.]
In less than a minute, Shen Yi arrived at the door of Fu Yuhe’s bedroom, and just as he raised his hand to knock on the door, he saw the gap between the door and the door frame and pushed the door open.
Fu Yuhe was sitting on the sofa with his legs spread apart and his body leaning forward. There was a notebook on the coffee table. He was on a video call, chatting with someone about the details of his work. As soon as Shen Yi entered the door, he heard the voice of that person reporting his work.
Hearing the sound of him entering the room, Fu Yuhe took the time to glance at him, Shen Yi walked around the laptop’s camera and walked to the opposite side of the coffee table, pulled out a cushion, and sat down, holding his face in both hands and looking at Fu Yuhe with the corners of his lips raised.
Fu Yuhe: “…”
He focused his eyes on the video, but his attention was distracted by the person who was staring at him.
He focused on two things at once, and occasionally responded, ending the video call after ten minutes.
“What’s the matter?” he asked.
Shen Yi raised the phone in his hand and shook it, “Brother, do you have a charger? My phone is out of battery.”
“It’s in the drawer, get it by yourself.”
Fu Yuhe raised his chin towards the table.
Shen Yi found the charger, plugged his phone in, turned around, and asked Fu Yuhe: “Can I use your computer?”
“To do what?” Fu Yuhe asked.
Shen Yi: “Study.”
Fu Yuhe deliberately said: “The password is my birthday.”
“Oh.” Shen Yi didn’t ask him when his birthday was. He remembered it very clearly. This made Fu Yuhe feel much more comfortable.
When Shen Yi walked up to Fu Yuhe’s side, he suddenly bent down to his lips and sniffed, “Brother, you were smoking again.”
His breath spread gently across Fu Yuhe’s face, he didn’t hide away, and said with a smile: “Dog nose. ”
There was no smell of cigarettes in the room, Fu Yuhe was smoking on the balcony.
The next second, Shen Yi’s lips, which were close at hand, pressed against him. The taste of his lips was sweet, and he pried open Fu Yuhe’s teeth, teasing his wet and soft lips.
This is different from the previous kiss on the porch, it was a deep kiss. Fu Yuhe accepted this kiss with pleasure, and it became more and more intense. When Shen Yi stepped back, Fu Yuhe pressed the back of his neck and deepened the kiss, Time passed by.
Shen Yi was different from the reckless youth that received his first kiss, back then he only followed his intuition, and now he knows how to make each other feel comfortable. The teacher he ‘practiced’ with kept saying that his kissing skills were very poor.
With the warm breathing, the unbalanced heartbeat, and their air-deprived lungs, Fu Yuhe’s eyelids were half closed, his eyelashes trembling. The feeling of his body going out of control spread and he allowed himself to be eroded by that feeling and didn’t try to stop it. A low gasp echoed in the room, and it didn’t subside for a long time.
Fu Yuhe lay on the sofa, and raised his arms to cover his ruddy eyes. His lips parted slightly, and his face and earlobes were a little red, as if he had been bullied too much. He felt a little embarrassed.
Sitting by the sofa, Shen Yi threw the tissue into the trash can and hit the target perfectly.
Fu Yuhe moved his arms a little, and said in a lazy voice, “I’m going on a business trip in two days.”
“How long?” Shen Yi turned his head.
Fu Yuhe: “About half a month.”
Shen Yi: “I see.”
Fu Yuhe still hasn’t forgotten the changes in Shen Yi before and after he came back from a business trip last time. When he mentioned this, Shen Yi thought for a moment and said with a smile: “Because you don’t care about me too much. You didn’t even mention anything to me when you left. So I felt very frustrated.”
The young man’s emotions seemed to come and go quickly, and when he talked about this matter again, there was no grudge on his face. He couldn’t tell if it was disappointment or anger.
Did you give up pursuing him because of frustration? How impatient.
Impatient Shen Yi went to the bathroom to wash his hands, came back and sat in front of the sofa and turned on the computer. Fu Yuhe sat for a while, then got up and went to the bathroom.
When he came out again, he heard some strange voices, ambiguous panting mixed with groans, he paused at the door, almost thinking that Shen Yi had actually recorded him, he went behind Shen Yi and saw the computer screen. Looking at the video playing, his face changed.
“You took my computer just to watch this kind of thing?” He asked in a subtle tone.
Shen Yi tilted his head and explained: “My mobile phone is out of battery.”
Fu Yuhe’s focus was on what he was looking at, while Shen Yi’s focus was on how to look at it, and the two of them were not even on the same page.
“Wanna watch this together?” Shen Yi invited.
With a soft sound, the voices in the room disappeared, and the computer in front of Shen Yi was turned off by Fu Yuhe, he raised his head, and met Fu Yuhe’s deep eyes.
“Did you do this on purpose?”
Shen Yi: “What is on purpose?”
Fu Yuhe: “Still pretending.”
He has been hinting at him since he entered the gate.
Shen Yi’s eyes were clear: “What am I pretending for?”
“What do you think?”
“Brother, don’t play charades with me, I don’t understand.”
Fu Yuhe sat down slowly, “Just talk about it and stop pretending, what are you looking for?”
“Learning.” Shen Yi took it for granted and said.
Fu Yuhe suddenly remembered the “study” that Shen Yi said when he asked him to borrow the computer, paused, and sneered, it truly was learning.
“You love studying so much?” He said, “Then study hard, and tell me what you have learned after you finish studying.”
Shen Yi was nervous about his studies in his third year of high school, Fu Yuhe would not take the initiative to disturb him most of the time, he would just wait for him to come to him, and they would kiss more and more proficiently in either the study, bedroom or bathroom, but they still hadn’t crossed the line.
“Understood, Teacher Fu.” Shen Yi turned on the computer again and didn’t care about Fu Yuhe sitting beside him, watching an R-rated action film openly.
Shen Yi touched his pocket, there was still one last lollipop in it, strawberry flavored.
Fu Yuhe originally wanted to embarrass him, but it turned out that he was very comfortable, and even ate the lollipop. The sweet smell lingered on his nose, and he found that it was not Shen Yi who was embarrassing, but himself.
“What are you thinking?” He asked casually.
Shen Yi: “Your legs are better looking than his.”
Fu Yuhe: “…”
Shen Yi: “And your waist is also thinner than his, and there are muscles—”
“Enough.” Fu Yuhe’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he was caught by his words. This wasn’t even flirting anymore but it was pretty exciting hearing him say such lewd words in a pure tone. He got up in a hurry, “I have some things to deal with in the study, you can stay by yourself.”
Shen Yi’s face was full of eagerness: “You won’t test me?”
Fu Yuhe sneered, thinking that Shen Yi did it on purpose, and he turned around and left, and didn’t answer his question.
Shen Yi didn’t understand why, listening to the sound of the door closing, he muttered to himself, “It doesn’t matter if you take the exam in the future.”
Fu Yuhe was going on a business trip for more than half a month, and he couldn’t make it back for New Year’s Day. On the night before New Year’s Day, he called Fu Cheng, hung up without talking much, and called another little heartless bastard.
“Brother!” The heartless Shen Yi greeted excitedly, “Good evening.”
In a high-rise apartment complex in an expensive area, Shen Yi leaned on the balcony, the tip of his nose was reddish from the cold wind, and he didn’t go into the room. The light from the living room penetrated, illuminating half of his body.
He looked at the snow floating in the night sky, the corners of his lips slightly raised.
The sky was as dark as a black curtain, the street lights downstairs were off, and snowflakes fluttered in the air and fell on the ground. The ground was covered with a thin layer of snow. It started snowing one day after another a few days ago, but it wasn’t snowing heavily.
“Outside?” Fu Yuhe’s voice came from the other end, his voice was soft and casual and seemed to have a little warmth.
Shen Yi: “It’s snowing here, brother, is it snowing over there?”
Fu Yuhe opened the hotel curtains, and snowflakes started to float outside at some point, “It is.”
This made Fu Yuhe have a subtle feeling. Looking at the snow at the same time in different places, gave it a more romantic atmosphere. His heart felt touched for a second, and he really wanted to hug the person on the other end of the phone—just a simple hug.
“Is everything going well?” Shen Yi asked.
Fu Yuhe: “Yes.”
Shen Yi: “Brother, come back quickly, I haven’t seen you for too long. I miss you.”
Fu Yuhe took a deep breath and let it out slowly, he took out a cigarette and held it to his mouth, “You miss me?”
He snorted again: “Do you want to do something else with me?”
“That’s fine.” Shen Yi said, listening to the slight sound of the lighter go off, he guessed that Fu Yuhe was smoking again.
“Anything bothering you?” he asked.
Fu Yuhe didn’t speak and was silent for a moment.
It’s not exactly a troublesome thing, it’s just something that has been stuck in his heart.
This afternoon—
Fu Yuhe took Special Assistant Wang to meet with the partners. After the two parties finished talking, they separated. On the way back to the hotel, Fu Yuhe went to the watch specialty store whose watches he wore.
The store was lit with warm yellow lights. Special Assistant Wang asked him if he wanted to bring back Fu Cheng a watch. Special Assistant Wang was quite experienced in this area. In the past, when Fu Yuhe went on business trips, he would occasionally bring something back for Fu Cheng. But rarely had he come to pick something in person.
Special Assistant Wang recommended a new watch, saying: “This one is more suitable for boys of his age.”
Fu Yuhe bought it, but didn’t leave straight away. His watch needed to be replaced, and the salesman in the store recommended it to him. After looking at several watches, Fu Yuhe took a fancy to one of the low-key but exquisitely designed watches, and he ordered two.
Special Assistant Wang was a little puzzled at this time: “Two? Did Mr. Fu buy it for someone else?”
Fu Yuhe said “Yes”.
Special Assistant Wang had a girlfriend, so he quickly guessed that he bought the same watch as a gift for someone else. He told Fu Yuhe that if he bought it for his girlfriend, that watch wasn’t suitable for women. A thinner strap would look better.
Fu Yuhe glanced at him: “Do I look like someone who has a girlfriend?”
Special Assistant Wang: “…”
He fell silent immediately.
Although he has never seen Fu Yuhe being interested in any woman, his state of being recently was really a bit similar, every day he was in a good mood. It looked like something good had happened, and he often asked him to go buy some desserts to take home.
Special Assistant Wang once guessed that Fu Yuhe had a mistress in a house on the outskirts.
Different from the twists and turns of Special m Assistant Wang’s brain circuit, after Fu Yuhe got the watch, he just thought about when Shen Yi would confess his love to him, tell him that he likes him, or…maybe Shen Yi only liked the Physical part of the relationship?
After the initial love-brained honeymoon phase passed, Fu Yuhe gradually felt that something was wrong—although he was happy to maintain this relationship at the beginning, but now he didn’t want to continue like this forever.
In the hotel room, the two boxes on the coffee table were opened, and inside were two exquisite wristwatches. Fu Yuhe sat on the sofa and smoked.
“Do you like snow?” He asked Shen Yi on the other end of the phone.
Shen Yi didn’t pay much attention to his attempt at changing the subject, he replied: “It’s okay.”
He stretched out his hand, and the snowflakes melted on his fingertips, he thought, it seemed that beautiful things were mostly very short-lived.
“It’s too cold when the snow melts.” Shen Yi said.
Fu Yuhe: “Put on more clothes.”
Shen Yi waited, then said with an aggrieved tone: “Is that it? Brother, you are so stingy with tour words, you don’t care much about me.”
Fu Yuhe: “…”
As soon as he heard it, he was shocked. Knowing that Shen Yi’s hypocrisy has flared up again, he always uses such an expression and tone to deliberately tease him. At first, Fu Yuhe would be fooled, but now he won’t… But it is inevitable for him to be a little distracted as if they were in a period of passionate love.
Fu Yuhe’s life plan did not include falling in love, but now it is possible.
There was no response, and Shen Yi wasn’t depressed anymore: “Don’t catch a cold brother, I’ll warm your bed for you when you come back in a few days.”
Fu Yuhe: “…”
He leaned on the sofa, his ears felt a little hot, he chuckled softly, he softly said: “Remember what you said carefully.”
Not long after, Shen Yi hung up the phone, his fingertips felt cold, he looked at the mobile phone with the dim screen for a while, and snowflakes from the outside fell onto the screen of his mobile phone, turning into water.
He felt a little empty, and a little lonely.
Shen Yi felt that he really missed Fu Yuhe right now, but he didn’t feel this way when Fu Yuhe went on a business trip last time.
He put his mobile phone in his pocket, stretched himself, and walked lazily back to his room from the balcony. He couldn’t sleep, so he had to do something else.
The bathroom light was turned on, and the sound of dripping water came out, the warm water splashed on the tiles, and white steam slowly rose upwards, Shen Yi’s black hair was wet and brushed to the back of his head, he tilted his head, the water slid down his jawline and flowed to the ground along the lines of his tense muscles.
After a long time, he lowered his head and let out a low gasp, slowly opening his eyes, looking lightly at the red fingertips that had been soaked in warm water.
It doesn’t seem to work, it’s different from the feeling Fu Yuhe gave him.
There is only endless emptiness and dissatisfaction.
…I really want to hug him.
A few minutes later, he gave a low laugh and murmured, “I miss you so much, brother.”

On the first day of the final exam for Grade 3 students, the weather got colder and colder, and the wind blowing outside was even colder. When the bell rang marking the end of the last exam, it didn’t take long for students to come out of the campus one after another.
“Do you feel…they are following us?” Fu Cheng tugged on Shen Yi’s clothes and asked in a low voice.
Most of the leaves of the sycamore trees on the two rows of sidewalks at the school gate had fallen, and the branches were swaying in the cold wind. After school time, all the people entering and leaving the school gate are students.
Shen Yi tilted his head and glanced behind him from the corner of his eye. A few young men with dyed hair followed them at a close distance, smoking as they walked.
“They look familiar.” Shen Yi said.
Fu Cheng: “Last month, there were only a few Internet cafes, did you forget?”
Shen Yi suddenly realized, “Ah…”
Fu Cheng: “What are they following us for?” What did they want from them? These kinds of people are usually out of their circle.
“Let’s go for a ride.” Shen Yi said.
Fu Cheng: “…”
Shen Yi smiled: “Go, go to the bus station.”
There are many people there.
Shen Yi had the experience of being stalked before he moved. But their stalking skills weren’t very good, they kept peeking at him, and followed too closely. Shen Yi soon found out and threw them off.
This time… Shen Yi glanced at Fu Cheng, Fu Cheng was not physically strong enough to run fast.
Fu Cheng followed Shen Yi closely, his nervousness visible to the naked eye.
The bus arrived, they got on the bus, and those people followed. There were no seats on the bus, so Shen Yi stood near the exit door.
The scenery outside the window receded one scene at a time, and the vehicle arrived at the stop, after several stops, it finally arrived near Shen Yi’s residential area, the two got out of the bus, and Shen Yi quickened his pace as soon as he got out of the car.
When the four gangsters with dyed hair squeezed out of the bus, the two were nowhere to be seen. At that time, Shen Yi and Fu Cheng hid aside, watching them leave.
Fu Cheng had a gentle temperament and won’t cause any trouble. Shen Yi looked at their leaving backs thoughtfully, and after eliminating a few guesses in his mind, he roughly had a direction.
The next day when the exam was over, Shen Yi saw those four of them again, and the other party stared at him undisguisedly. Shen Yi knew that he had guessed it right, these four came for him. He found an excuse to send Fu Cheng away after school today. If there were no accidents, Fu Cheng would have to wait ten minutes before coming out.
Shen Yi got on the bus first, and the four followed him in.
There is a deserted basketball court near Shen Yi’s apartment complex. He had a good understanding of the surrounding terrain when he first moved in. Usually, people like to play basketball and badminton there, but fewer people go there when the weather gets cold.
Those four people followed there all the way today, and saw Shen Yi, who had avoided them yesterday, turn around, put his school bag aside, unzip his coat, and smiled brightly at them.
“Are you following me?”
“Tsk, he found out.” Among the four, the yellow-haired man said.
Shen Yi: “It’s so obvious, it’s hard to pretend not to notice it.”
These words revealed contempt for them, Cropped-head Huang looked at him unhappily: “You really deserve a beating with the way you talk.”
“Really?” Shen Yi said. Yi glanced at them, “I don’t seem to know you.”
“Shen Yi, right? Someone hired us to cause you trouble. If you obediently let us brothers beat you up, we can do this the easy way.”
“Ah…then Come on.” Shen Yi said cheerfully.
The four of them looked at each other, not knowing what trick he was playing. After a while, cropped-head Huang slapped the head of the person next to him, “What are you doing standing in a daze, come on.”

Four thin and tall youths were beaten to the ground, and they watched helplessly. The young man who looked harmless and easy-going took out a bundle of hemp rope from his backpack—
Hell, a student who doesn’t have books but a hemp rope in his backpack must be sick.
“It’s so tiring to memorize.” Shen Yi said, “I thought it was useless, but it’s a good thing…”
Inexplicably, they heard the hidden meaning of his sentence – it’s a good thing they came and didn’t disappoint him.
“Seeing how confident you are, I thought you were very good at fighting.” Shen Yi tied them together, “Do you know Xu Fanchao?”
Their breathing stagnated again, and they said: “I don’t know.”
Shen Yi nodded, expressing that he understood, he walked aside with his mobile phone, dialed Xu Fanchao’s number, and he answered it in a short while, with an annoyed tone he said, “Hello.”
“The person you are looking for is in my hands.” Shen Yi sat under the basketball frame.
Xu Fanchao: “Who? What are you doing?”
Shen Yi walked over and kicked the yellow-haired young man, “What’s your name?”
The yellow hair was cursing, and Xu Fanchao over there obviously heard the voice and was strangely silent for a few seconds.
“I don’t know anyone, don’t go around pouring dirty water on me, who knows who you’ve provoked!”
Xu Fanchao hung up the phone.
Shen Yi stood up with his backpack in his hand, and looked at the four people who were tied together, “Your employer doesn’t plan to take care of you anymore.”
He put his phone in his pocket, and suddenly turned his head to look to the right. Under a tree, there was a man standing with a school bag in his hand, looking at Shen Yi in a daze, but Shen Yi caught him straight.
Shen Yi was surprised for a moment: “Fu Cheng?”
Fu Cheng stood there for a few minutes, then walked over.
Shen Yi: “Why are you here?”
Fu Cheng: “Them, I saw you leaving the school gate, and they followed you, so I… took a taxi.”
Then he saw a different Shen Yi, compared to his usual good friend who is gentle, easy-going, and seems to have no flaws, Fu Cheng felt that he saw the bully version of Shen Yi just now.
Shen Yi: “…”
He didn’t think of an excuse for a while, the silly brother looked really serious and it wasn’t easy to lie.
The four eyes were relatively speechless.
“Let’s go back first.” Shen Yi said.
Fu Cheng: “…Oh.”
“Hey! Kid, untie it for us! F*ck, you f*cking…”
The scolding was left behind by them, and no one paid any attention to it. Fu Cheng was just still in a daze. Shen Yi wondered if he did something that was too outrageous, making him mad.
When arriving at the door of the Fu family’s villa, Shen Yi followed Fu Cheng into the door naturally and habitually, all the way to the door, Fu Cheng suddenly opened his mouth: “Shen Yi.”
“Huh?” Shen Yi regained his senses.
Fu Cheng: “You…”
Shen Yi: “Scared you?”
Fu Cheng: “Have you practiced before, just that, shoulder throw, it was so awesome!”
Shen Yi was stunned: “You have been thinking about this all this time?”
Fu Cheng scratched his head and smiled, “I’m just a little surprised.”
Fu Cheng had also fought together with Shen Yi before, but at that time Fu Cheng was completely absorbed in doing it himself and didn’t pay much attention to Shen Yi’s state during the fight. This time, as a bystander, he saw it very clearly. He had nothing to do with gentleness.
“If you want to learn, I can teach you.” Shen Yi said.
Fu Cheng hugged him to dispel the sense of distance, “We are good brothers.”
Shen Yi bowed his waist slightly, blinking: “Yes.”
“Don’t push me away next time.” Fu Cheng let go of him, and for some reason, his back suddenly felt a little chilly.
A figure stood on the balcony on the second floor, taking a sip of coffee.
As soon as the two downstairs entered the door, they saw that there was a pair of slippers missing and a pair of leather shoes on the shoe cabinet. Not long after, footsteps were heard from upstairs, and Fu Yuhe’s figure appeared at the corridor entrance.
He was wearing a loose dark T-shirt and a pair of black trousers. He was dressed casually, as luxurious and lazy as an expensive cat, and he came down the stairs slowly stepping on gray slippers.
Fu Cheng: “Brother, you are back.”
Fu Yuhe: “Yes.”
Shen Yi greeted him with a smile as usual: “Brother, good afternoon.”
Standing behind Fu Cheng, his eyes fell on Fu Yuhe unscrupulously. He even took a deep breath.
The two came in one after the other, Fu Yuhe took out a bag and handed it to Fu Cheng, saying it was a gift for him, Fu Cheng opened it, saw it was a watch, and liked it very much.
“You fought?” Fu Yuhe’s words were obviously asking Shen Yi.
“Brother, it’s not Shen Yi’s fault.” Fu Cheng still remembered that before he brought Shen Yi home, it was also during the time when Shen Yi fought, and he thought it was because of that first meeting that his brother didn’t have a good impression of Shen Yi.
Shen Yi looked down at himself: “How did you see that?”
“Your clothes are dirty.” Fu Yuhe pointed to his waist.
Shen Yi: “You have really good eyesight.”
Fu Yuhe asked them what was going on, and Fu Cheng told him about how many people followed them these two days. In order to prevent his brother from misunderstanding Shen Yi, Fu Cheng spontaneously learned to lie without changing his face, to add more details and say that Shen Yi fought with them all by himself for his sake.
Fu Yuhe remained calm, his eyes darkened, “Really?”
Fu Cheng nodded.
Fu Yuhe didn’t say anything more, “How did you do in the exam today?”
Fu Cheng: “It should be okay.”
Shen Yi: “It’s the same as usual.”
Fu Yuhe: “If you did well in the exam then we’ll go on a vacation.”
“The three of us?” Fu Cheng’s eyes lit up.
Fu Yuhe: “Yeah.”
Shen Yi asked: “What if it’s not good?”
Fu Yuhe was so busy during this time, that it was just right to take a few days of vacation, he said: “It’s a reward to take you to play after you did well in the exam. Even if you didn’t do well, it’s still comforting to go and play together.”
Shen Yi: “Okay, thank you, brother.”
Fu Cheng followed suit, “Thank you, brother.”
Tomorrow they didn’t have to go to school, so naturally there was no need to get up early. Shen Yi stayed in Fu Cheng’s room until nine o’clock in the evening, until it began to drizzle outside, and the windows were flashed with rain and covered in fog.
Shen Yi left Fu Cheng’s room, did not go back, turned around, and went to Fu Yuhe’s room without stopping.
Fu Yuhe waited for a long time, sitting domineeringly on the sofa, “Take off your clothes.”
Shen Yi paused when he bent down to put his school bag, “This isn’t good, brother.”
“Are we just going to go straight for that?” He lowered his eyes shyly.
Fu Yuhe’s tone was bad: “What’s on your mind, you think I’m fooling around? Show me your injuries.”
Shen Yi’s shyness disappeared, and he sighed regretfully.
Fu Yuhe heard it: “…”
It seemed that he had led Shen Yi astray.
Shen Yi took off his clothes one by one, and there was a bruise on his waist, which was caused by bumping into the basketball frame during the fight. On the outside, Shen Yi looked like a sports-oriented boy, and in fact, he was.
His figure wasn’t bad, the muscles on his body were tight and beautiful, with smooth and clear lines, and the mermaid line spread all the way to the hem of his trousers, tempting people to continue looking down.
“Brother.” Shen Yi turned sideways, but he couldn’t avoid Fu Yuhe’s gaze, “Don’t look at me like that, I will be shy.” Fu Yuhe was silent, he suspected that Shen Yi didn’t understand what being shy exactly was, “Go and take a bath, I’ll get some medicine.”
“Oh.” Shen Yi picked up his clothes.
Fu Yuhe got up and found a set of clean clothes and threw them to Shen Yi: “Throw the clothes in the dirty clothes basket, wear this instead.”
After Shen Yi came out of the shower, Fu Yuhe had already put the medicine on the table, and Shen Yi consciously walked over and sat down, letting Fu Yuhe rub the medicine on him
His palms were warm, and there was no lack of force. Shen Yi’s waist bruises were a little painful at first when he rubbed them, but then he groaned with comfort.
Fu Yuhe rubbed slowly, “Don’t make strange sounds.”
Shen Yi: “Oh.”
Then he continued to hum.
Fu Yuhe stopped.
“Brother?” Shen Yi turned his head sideways.
Fu Yuhe: “Okay, I’m going to wash my hands.”
He got up and packed up the medicine, and went to the bathroom for about ten minutes before coming out, Shen Yi was lying on the sofa playing a game on his mobile phone.
The sound effects of the game echoed in the room.
Fu Yuhe stood beside him and dried his hands with a paper towel.
“It’s for you.”
A small box was handed to Shen Yi, Shen Yi moved the phone away, sat up and took it, opened it, and saw it was a wrist watch, he took it out and put it on his wrist to try it out, “It fits well, thank you, Brother.”
Of course, it was suitable, Fu Yuhe probably measured the size of Shen Yi’s wrist, “Do you like it?”
“I like it, I also prepared a gift for you.” Shen Yi suddenly remembered and got up from the sofa.
Fu Yuhe watched him pick up his backpack, dig around, take out a small flat box with the palm of his hand, and put it on the table with excitement.
Fu Yuhe: “…”
Then, another item was taken out from Shen Yi’s backpack, and the words on it were written in English. Fu Yuhe recognized the keyword – lubrication.
Fu Yuhe: “…”
Why were these things in his school bag?
He didn’t know how many surprises he had.
What an…unexpected gift.
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