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Chapter 274 Entering Lunarim Kingdom

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Chapter 274 Entering Lunarim Kingdom

A piercing cry of agony echoed through the Kolaver Forest, joining the chorus of previous cries that marked lives being extinguished.
Amidst the dense foliage, a desolate clearing emerged, created by the clash of two opposing factions of Rankers. Eren and Sofiya comprised one group, while the other consisted of the demonic rankers hailing from the city of Shadow's Edge.
The aftermath of their violent confrontation was strewn with the lifeless bodies of the fallen demonic rankers, a macabre tableau of severed organs, and spilled entrails. The pungent stench of blood saturated the air.
The cacophony of helpless cries abruptly ceased when Eren's Tachi claimed the head of the final demonic ranker, a man named Faim. Faim, a former member of the Stardust Guild, had relentlessly pursued Eren with a vengeance in his heart. Confident in his progress as a demonic ranker, Faim believed he had surpassed Eren. He had honed his mastery of demonic magic to a remarkable degree.
However, his pride was misplaced, for Eren dispatched the demonic rankers who followed him as effortlessly as plucking candy from a child. This was due to a far more sinister force lurking within Eren's soul.
In a critical moment, Eren willingly relinquished control of his body to Aleph. Aleph, without directly harming any demonic ranker, emanated a presence that compelled the demons within them to sever their Faustian Contracts and retreat voluntarily. The demons within the demonic rankers were willing to pay any price and endure any consequences to escape the presence known as Aleph. Abandoned by the very demonic powers they had embraced, the demonic rankers were left powerless.
With a snap of Aleph's fingers, the residual demonic energies within the rankers turned against them, inflicting internal torment upon their bodies and souls. Helpless and at the mercy of their own forsaken powers, most of the demonic rankers became mere pawns awaiting the fatal blows from Eren and Sofiya. A few tried to struggle, but it was all in vain.
The shocking efficiency with which Aleph's presence dispelled the demons left Sofiya astounded. Having grown accustomed to fighting tooth and nail in Gilaahan, she had mentally prepared herself for a grueling battle against the horde of demonic rankers. Little did she expect that the fight would end almost as soon as it began.
She watched in awe as Eren, under Aleph's influence, methodically decapitated the demonic rankers who had set their sights on him. One by one, their heads rolled while they lay defenseless on the ground, crippled by the repercussions of their demonic abandonment. Their screams filled the air, but Eren remained resolute.
Eren knew these demonic rankers had approached him with malicious intent, likely seeking to know more about Adelman's Ring. Had Eren not possessed the power to resist and overpower them, they would have attempted to extract every morsel of information from him before disposing of both him and Sofiya.
In particular, Sofiya would have suffered a fate far worse, given the way the demonic rankers leered at her with ill intentions before the battle.
At this point, Eren had already slain Latovin and retrieved Adelman's Ring from him by prying open his I-Rune Storage forcefully. Faim, in his dying moments, attempted to negotiate with Eren, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead, Eren dispatched his old nemesis without uttering a single word, dismissing Faim's tragic tale with indifference.
Lunariam Kingdom.
In the vast world of Gilaahan, which hosted fantastical lands and mystical wonders, lay the resplendent Lunarim Kingdom. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes and enchanted forests, this fabled kingdom captivated the hearts and imaginations of all who ventured within its borders.
Geographically, Lunarim Kingdom boasted a captivating variety of terrain. From rolling hills blanketed in vibrant wildflowers to towering mountains piercing the sky, each region told a unique tale. Majestic rivers snaked through the lands, nourishing the fertile plains that yielded bountiful harvests.
The kingdom's dense forests, shrouded in an ethereal aura, teemed with rare ranking resources and powerful mana beasts, their secrets beckoning daring explorers to unravel their mysteries. Amidst these ancient woods, one could stumble upon remnants of enigmatic ruins, remnants of a forgotten era waiting to be discovered.
Among the many cherished cities within Lunarim Kingdom, several stood out for their distinctive charm and vibrant activities. In the heart of the kingdom lay the bustling capital city, Solariel, a grand metropolis that served as the epitome of beauty and grandeur.
Its magnificent architecture, adorned with intricate carvings and gleaming towers, stood as a testament to the kingdom's rich history and cultural heritage. Solariel was a melting pot of races and cultures where humans, elves, Dokkaebis, ogres, orcs, and half-bloods coexisted harmoniously, their shared diversity creating a tapestry of vibrant life.
Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, Lunarim Kingdom had garnered fame as a hub for weaponsmiths and artisans. Dedicated cities such as Forgeholm and Ironhaven were bustling hubs where the finest weapons and transcendent-grade artifacts were crafted, bought, and sold.
These cities were home to various prestigious weaponsmithy organizations, each offering a unique blend of creativity, skill, and mastery. Warriors from far and wide flocked to these cities to acquire powerful weapons and legendary defensive armor, their eyes dazzled by the stellar quality and awe-inspiring designs.
The Lunarim kingdom was governed by beast folk royalty. This proud nation, predominantly inhabited by beastkin, boasted a unique blend of ancient traditions and untamed natural beauty.
Although less technologically advanced than its neighboring Shaikai Kingdom, the inhabitants of Lunarim Kingdom possessed a deep connection to the mystical arts, incorporating magic into their daily lives. Various adventurer guilds, led by prominent half-blood clans, dotted the landscape, providing opportunities for daring souls seeking fame and fortune.
In Lunarim Kingdom, House Fenris, a wolf-type half-blood clan, held the esteemed position of the royal clan. Generation after generation, these noble warriors had produced formidable Rankers who harnessed shapeshifting powers to overwhelm their adversaries.
However, the kingdom was not without its challenges. Within the half-blood clans, power struggles ensued as they vied for dominance and influence, causing internal conflicts and external tensions. Each region within the kingdom was governed by the respective half-blood clans, shaping the unique dynamics and cultural nuances of their territories.
Amidst the glory and prosperity, Lunarim Kingdom harbored hidden dangers. Festering in the shadows, demonic rankers lurked, posing a constant threat to the kingdom's peace and security. These nefarious entities, driven by dark ambitions, sought to exploit the kingdom's resources and sow chaos within its borders.
The demonic rankers' presence, however, did not deter the courageous souls who saw Lunarim Kingdom as a land of boundless opportunities, a realm where people from all walks of life could embark on thrilling quests and forge their destinies.
Thus, the Lunarim Kingdom stood tall and proud, a beacon of hope and endless possibilities. Its storied history, rich culture, and untamed wilderness created an alluring tapestry that awaited the arrival of adventurers, heroes, and seekers of greatness.
Within its borders, the kingdom's dense forests whispered secrets, ancient ruins, and Hexers' Grounds beckoned with untold treasures, and the call of destiny resonated in every corner. This kingdom offered a multitude of opportunities for those with the will and strength to claim their rightful place in its vibrant tapestry of life.
After successfully getting rid of the demonic rankers, Eren and Sofiya finally set foot within the fabled Lunarim Kingdom.
Thanks to Aleph's extraordinary demonic abilities, Eren had consumed the memories of both Latovin and Faim, unearthing a startling revelation about Adelman's Ring. Contrary to popular belief, this mysterious artifact existed in multiple copies, each possessed by formidable mana-harnessing beings scattered across the world of Gilaahan. This was the reason why many demonic rankers knew about it.
The demonic rankers, too, were aware that the rings circulating in Gilaahan were mere decoys designed to lead their owners toward the true Adelman's Ring.
Through Latovin's memories, Eren delved into the past, discovering the formidable Adelman, an Elemental Master who had reached unprecedented power nearly eight centuries ago. To select a worthy successor for his potent ring before his eventual death, Adelman had crafted numerous replicas, distributing them far and wide throughout the world of Gilaahan.
Only those capable of deciphering the concealed clues within these copies could hope to unveil the genuine Adelman's Ring—an ancient Elder Seed Artifact, as Aleph had revealed.
Utilizing Aleph's assistance, Eren also managed to capture the dormant demon residing within Faim. Unlike other demon souls that Aleph dispersed into the demonic plane, this particular entity held a hidden potential recognized by Aleph, leading to its preservation.
Empowered by the spoils obtained from the defeated demonic rankers, Eren experienced a significant improvement in his financial situation. Though burdened by a lingering debt, the newfound wealth provided temporary respite, allowing him to sustain himself and settle his obligations for the time being.
With half of the acquired fortune, Eren made a calculated decision to legally gain entry into Lunarim Kingdom. Realizing that the Shaikai Kingdom alone could not support his ambitious plans and future aspirations, he sought this kingdom, teeming with both peril and opportunity, a land where he could make substantial strides toward his towering ambitions.
Lunarim Kingdom, with its enticing blend of danger and promise, proved to be the perfect stage for Eren to carve his path toward greatness.
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