Novel Name : My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

Chapter 661 Surrounded by a Single Person

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Chapter 661 Surrounded by a Single Person

661 Surrounded by a Single Person
The three kings eyed Qin Huai's composed demeanor, suppressing chuckles. Logic suggested that Qin Huai might have lost his mind.
The notion that Qingzhou, viewed as barren lands, could produce numerous geniuses over centuries was laughable. Historically, they hadn't given much importance to Qingzhou. It was only when they searched for the Qingzhou Alliance that they were caught off guard, realizing they had underestimated the place.
Yet, the serene expression on Qin Huai's face made them question, "Could he possibly possess a third domain?"
As blood seeped from the clan leader, he pondered the significance of a king domain. Domains were near-magical powers that defied the comprehension of regular warriors. They were the epitome of the extraordinary, with abilities that appeared godlike to mortals.
The three kings probed their surroundings, only to find a vast expanse of desolation. Within miles, only Qin Huai stood.
"It's a ruse! Kill him quickly!" one of them shouted. Yet the following instant, the world transformed. Barren lands gave way to rising mountains, rivers flowed, and birds sang.
"Is this an illusion?" they speculated.
Yet soon, they were overcome by dread. The clan leader, fueled by fury and alarm, threw a desperate punch, only to be overwhelmed by an enormous shadow.
As dust settled, the clan leader was left gasping in a pool of his own blood, gazing in disbelief at a towering giant that eclipsed the sky. This colossal being, teeming with flora and fauna, seemed the very essence of the earth's spirit, radiating an ancient, potent aura.
"What the hell is that?" the clan leader whispered.
The purple flame king and blood sea king were equally besieged. A blood-formed humanoid beast locked in combat with the blood sea king, every strike packing a force surpassing that of regular king realm entities. This entity, pure combat instinct incarnate, notably diminished his spirit power.
As for the purple flame king, even before he could act, a serpent shadow coiled around him. Intense dragon breath scorched him, igniting his purple flames into an even fiercer blaze, as if confronting a formidable foe.
"Another king... Where is he getting such reinforcements?" the three kings voiced their shock.
Elders from the six royal clans looked on, flabbergasted. They backed away repeatedly, their once imposing formation seeming fragile. Approaching the center meant certain death.
The situation had shifted dramatically. What started as a siege now resembled a clash of titans. The elders felt sidelined, their participation now mostly symbolic. And the elites who had followed these elders? Their sole concern became survival.
Previously, thousands had surrounded a single man, Qin Huai. Now, the tables had turned, with three kings pitted against four king realm experts. The dominant position the six royal clans once boasted vanished instantly. Furthermore, an already strained clan leader, having sealed two domains consecutively, faced mounting pressure.
Even as the two kings battled monstrous foes, the clan leader felt the weight of his position. All he could do was witness the previously 'sealed' king corpse rejuvenate, its once-dimmed vitality roaring back. The surrounding blood sea re-emerged, with the king bone shining brightly once again.
To his dismay, Qin Huai now stood unchallenged. This lone man seemed to have the upper hand against the combined forces of three kings. If word of this got out, it would sound absurd. Yet, this unbelievable scenario unfolded right before their eyes, a constant threat to their existence.
Suddenly, the clan leader felt a gusting wind. A fist, powered by a surging energy, headed straight for him. Instinctively, he raised his hand to deflect the blow.
The impact was immediate: blood sprayed as chunks of his flesh tore away.
The king corpse, bizarrely, now had four arms. It wielded them frenetically, its movements betraying a frantic desperation.
"Quite impressive. Among the six royal clans, I've never seen a physique like yours," Qin Huai remarked coldly.
Though the clan leader's domain power enhanced his physical body, making it abnormally resilient and making the seal more formidable, he felt no pride. In front of Qin Huai, he realized that his physical prowess provided no edge.
Empowered by the dragon bones, Qin Huai's strikes matched the might of ancient beasts.
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