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Chapter 795 - 795 The Final Chapter

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Chapter 795 - 795 The Final Chapter

795 The Final Chapter
With the help of the Deduction of Genesis, Lin Qiye became a Celestial. The speed at which he grew stronger had increased by leaps and bounds, and he returned with a full load every time he simulated.
Right in front of Lin Qiye was Heavenly Court Island. ...
After many trips, the divine kingdom led by Country Xia condensed into a formidable existence comparable to the main world.
Lin Qiye was born in the God Creator clan on Heavenly Court Island. To create a Creator, they took away Lin Qiye’s innate divine spark.
The scientist who took away Lin Qiye’s innate divine spark felt that taking was the way to create. Therefore, he had high hopes for Lin Qiye. He took Lin Qiye’s innate divine spark and used the world’s origin energy he had stored to nourish Lin Qiye’s wounds.
To the mad scientist’s surprise, Lin Qiye had absorbed the origin of more than 30 Origin God Realm and squeezed the mad scientist dry. He had even gotten the mad scientist to kill a few elders to extract more.
When the infant Lin Qiye finally stopped devouring, the mad scientist felt he had created the ultimate work of his life.
This was because he realized Lin Qiye could purify the black mist.
The mad scientist was ecstatic.
After that, he secretly sent Lin Qiye into the black mist, controlling a demon to protect the baby Lin Qiye.
And now, the mad scientist was ecstatic when he saw Lin Qiye return to Heavenly Court Island.
He knew he had unintentionally triggered a miracle.
Lin Qiye was that miracle.
However, the crazy scientist’s family was on the opposing side of Lin Qiye.
Lin Qiye had killed a so-called ‘Creator’ created by an ancient family, shaking Heavenly Court Island.
Lin Qiye had completely offended that ancient family.
However, Lin Qiye was not afraid.
He killed the ancient families until their blood flowed like a river. He would block the entrance and kill them.
The ancient families sought help from other forces.
The Masters of the eight ancient families had joined forces with the demons to force Lin Qiye to retreat.
However, this battle allowed Lin Qiye to come into contact with a certain law.
Lin Qiye saw the Fuxi in the river of the world and lit up a lamp.
The light from the lamp illuminated the simulations of the later generations.
Lin Qiye and Fuxi conversed.
In the river of time, ten thousand years passed instantly.
He had seen the changes of hundreds of millions of worlds.
In the end, Lin Qiye’s body turned into a myriad of things before returning to one body. When he woke up, time had only passed for a moment.
Lin Qiye held a lamp in his hand.
As the flame burned, Lin Qiye broke through to the Sage Realm, above the Celestial Realm.
At this moment, Lin Qiye swept through everything and restored order. Heavenly Court Island, which had worked with the demons, was destroyed.
However, the main world had already been eroded by demons, and everything had been polluted by demonic energy. If it was not resolved, the world would collapse in a hundred years.
Lin Qiye looked at the end of the river of time, searching for a solution.
He passed through the end and saw a Chaos Demon God.
So it was the demon god that had injected its demonic energy into the world in an attempt to devour the world’s nutrients and make itself stronger.
Lin Qiye wanted to kill it.
Thus, he fought with it.
The entire universe, and Lin Qiye’s Origin God Realm, offered their faith under Lin Qiye’s call. Their boundless faith allowed Lin Qiye to condense a Dao Body.
The Chaos Demon God was shocked. He subconsciously wanted to escape.
However, Lin Qiye held him back.
The Chaos Demon God could only fight with his life on the line, but Lin Qiye still managed to wear away his divine spark and died.
Lin Qiye had used his blood, flesh, and bones to wash away the evil mist in the universe, clearing the world.
However, within the primordial chaos, there were still demon gods coveting it.
Lin Qiye had created a whole new universe and raised its light high.
The bright light illuminated the river of time.
“Go on your way. The new era has come. Your goal is to kill the Chaos Demon God!
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