Novel Name : Infinite Divine Gears in the City

Chapter 1346 - 1346 Afterword _1

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Chapter 1346 - 1346 Afterword _1

1346 Afterword _1
Translator: 549690339
On the boundless grassland, a towering giant tree stood in the center. Its huge branches and leaves covered the sky and the sun, casting a vast and mottled shade.
“Star … No, I keep forgetting. I have to call you Li Rui now.”
Under the shade of a tree, two figures were snuggling together, lying lazily on the grass, looking at a group of friends and family playing like mortals in the distance.
Li Rui looked down at the big watery eyes in his arms and shook his head with a smile.
“You can call me anything you want.”
“Hehe, you mutt.”
“Emmmm.. Let’s just forget about this.”
“Then Do you remember when we first met in this universe, what was your name?”
“Little Huang said his name is Xu Xian, and you said your name is Li Xiaoyao. You scoundrel!”
“I’m not. I didn’t. You’re mistaken.”
“Liar, you clearly …啊啊啊~~~”
He held Zhao youxuan in his arms and tickled her, making her shiver in his arms and giggle.
“You’re wrong.”
“No…啊啊.. I remembered it wrong! I remembered it wrong!”
Seeing that she had admitted defeat, Li Rui was satisfied and let go of her chubby body.
At this moment, a fair and tender little loli plunged her head into the middle of the two people. She stuck out her little butt and tried to squeeze in.
“Dad, mom, cover me.”
“Xiao Guai, what are you doing now?”
He pulled the cute little loli out and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
uncle Huang is competing with me. I can’t be caught by him. Daddy, quickly hide me!
Her two short legs flapped in the air, and the little loli whined and whined. Suddenly, she thought of something and her eyes lit up.
by the way, dad, I want the door. I want to hide inside the door.
“No, you little rascal, you always want to use the [door key] to play pranks. If I give it to you, wouldn’t it be like throwing a meat bun at a dog?”
The little loli, who was being held in the air, rolled her eyes. Suddenly, two snow-white dog ears popped out from the top of her head and trembled adorably.
“Woof woof ~”
The puppy dog’s cute voice almost melted Zhao youxuan’s heart. She grabbed Li Rui’s arm and shook it hard.
“Give it to her, give it all to her!”
“You’re cheating …”
Li Rui gently stroked the dog’s head and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He took out a crystal clear ice Sapphire.
[ core of the rules-speed of travel ]
“I can’t give you the [ door key ], but if you take it, Goldie won’t be able to catch you.”
The beautiful gem instantly captured the little loli. She hugged Li Rui’s neck and took two bites. Two small bat wings popped out from her back, and she disappeared into the sky with the gem.
“Thank you, dad.”
Almost at the moment she left, a yellow lightning suddenly condensed into a human figure next to Li Rui. He took out a cigarette that he had never smoked and had a sneer on his face.
“I’ll let you run four light years first!”
With that, Huang juncai slowly straightened his arm, and countless fine science-fiction parts turned from illusionary to real, forming a strange cannon several meters long.
The happy and gentle expression slowly disappeared. Li Rui and Zhao youxuan looked at each other, and their eyes gradually became sharp.
What do you want to do?
However, before they could react, a ray of materialized divine light flashed from the cannon.
In the distant horizon, a small black dot swayed as it fell to the ground. It dragged out a faint black smoke as it screamed in pain.
you’ll be defeated if you hesitate, and you’ll be given nothing if you’re decisive. My stupid niece, the adult world is so cruel. I hope you can learn your lesson …
Huang juncai skillfully took out the cigarette from his mouth and raised the corner of his mouth in disdain. He did not notice that a terrifying figure behind him was slowly pulling out a brutal and sharp sword.
A powerful blow hit the middle of Huang juncai’s skull and almost cut his head directly into his chest.
“In the past, when you couldn’t outrun me, you would hit my tire. Now, when you can’t outrun my daughter, you’re going to shoot her down from the sky? Can you be a human?”
Hey, hey, Luo Li, be gentle. My head is going to be chopped off by you!
“You’re still laughing when your daughter was beaten?”
Luo Li stared at him with a terrifying death stare. Li Rui stopped smiling and touched his nose.
wait, Bab is running again. The battle isn’t over yet!
Huang juncai screamed and fled from Luo Li’s knife, fleeing into the distance.
However, the sharp [ rabies ] still followed behind him and slashed at him relentlessly, leaving a trail of sparks and lightning in its wake.
“Love … Luo Li has been so irritable recently, did Xiao Guai cause trouble again?”
no, I bought a few sets of threes and fives for the children. Luo Li is in charge of teaching them to do their homework during this time, so … You know what I mean.”
Without tutoring, the mother would be kind to the son, but once they did their homework, the “happiness” would double!
Li Rui shrugged his shoulders helplessly, which made Zhao youxuan glare at him.
In the past, she and Xiao Wei had been tortured by Li Rui’s money!
“Wuwuwu … Xuanxuan’s mother … Daddy … Wuwuwu …”
Not far away, a cute little loli ran over crying, her cat ears drooped over her head, and she hugged Zhao youxuan pitifully.
“What’s wrong with a little kitty?”
“Sister scolded me ~”
“What did she scold you for?”
she called me a short-legged cat, a traveler, and said that I would never grow tall again … Wuwuwu …”
don’t be afraid. I’ll teach you how to scold her back. In the future, you can call her a pig worm …
Zhao youxuan picked up her daughter and walked not far away, where a half-human, half-snake loli was wriggling around a beautiful figure who was playing the piano, like a fluttering Caterpillar.
Not far away from them, Ling xiyi was reading a novel with great interest. A cold and arrogant smile hung on the corners of her mouth.
Miss Hannah was playing games with the two little girls. She felt Li Rui’s gaze and gently waved to him.
A faint warmth lingered in his heart. Li Rui’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up slightly as he slowly walked towards them.
I will always protect this happiness, until the end of eternity …
Behind him, the breeze blew the leaves, making a rustling sound, as if it was giving him a blessing …
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