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Chapter 425 - Additional Novel Five Parenting

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Chapter 425: Additional Novel Five Parenting

( I )
Cousin Tai ‘an is a hard nut, also known as sleepwalking worm. When you talk to him, he always responds slowly. It’s always the case that when Xia Tianci has changed several topics, his thinking still stays on the first question, and then he suddenly inserts an irrelevant word, which makes Xia Tianci, who is extremely active in thinking, very depressed and doesn’t like to play with Tai ‘an.But there are no other boys in the house except Tai ‘an. The two brothers in Helian family are good to get along with, but they can’t play together every day. Xia Tianci felt lonely and miserable in his childhood.
Since three brothers—Taiyang Taishan Tailin came back, this situation has changed.
Recently Xia Tianci had found new fun.
One day, after dinner, Xia Tianci began to cry … Itching, Itching!
Ye Jiayao dragged him over: ” what is itching?Did you not take a bath yesterday?”
Xia Tianci wriggled: “yes, I’m calling Taiyang(the same sound as itching in Chinese.”
Ye Jiayao gnashed his teeth and got a little angry: ” Can you just pronounce it clearly?”
Taiyang’s classmate came up here happily: ” second brother, Did you call me?”
Xia Tianci’s big eyes blinked and stared at his mother: ” Mom, Can I play checkers with Taiyang?”
Ye Jiayao waved impatiently.
One day, after dinner, Xia Tianci began to cry again … itching itching!
Taiyang immediately ran over: ” Second brother, do you want to play checkers?”
Xia Tianci wriggled: ” I asked my mother to scratch me.”
Taiyang were disappointed making his flat mouths.
Ye Jiayao glared at him angrily.Youshi said in a hurry, ” Poppet, come here, I will scratch you.”
After such a few times, Ye Jiayao was beyond endurance and complained to Xia Chunyu: ” Your son is too bad. It’s obvious that he is meant to tease others!”
Xia Chunyu didn’t think so: ” Like a mother, like a son. If you want to solve the problem, you must start from the source.”
Ye Jiayao said angrily, ” What is like a mother, like a son?What is wrong with me?When did I do bad things like this?”
He said slowly: ” In the beginning, who spoke with his tongue rolled up and called me wrongly as a stupid ass?”
Er … Ye Jiayao was speechless, there seemed to be such a thing!
( ii )
In ancient times, a woman with no talent was virtuous, so it was enough for women to recognize a few words, like a girl in her sister-in-law’s home, who started to learn about needlework when she was young, but Ye Jiayao believed that women still need to be well-educated and steeped in propriety, just as a saying goes wisdom in hold, elegance in mold.Therefore, Ye Jiayao also attaches great importance to the enlightenment of her two baby daughters.Therefore, I teach my two daughters to read the three-character sutra every night before going to bed.
“This means that when Kong Rong was four years old, he knows the manners of modesty. He gave the big pear to his brother to eat, everyone should know this kind of respect and love for his brother…”
Ye Jiayao softly explained the implication to her daughter.
Words hadn’t come to the end, Tingting flatted her mouth, suddenly began to cry.
Ye Jiayao asked, ” Why did you cry so suddenly?”
The little girl snapped her tears and sobbed, ” I am the youngest in the family, and then I can only eat the smallest.”
Ye Jiayao just wanted to explain to her daughter that it is not always the case that the little should give the pear to the big, the truth is the humble between brothers and sisters.
But some people standing by said, ” Tylin is younger than you, or let your mother bear a younger brother or sister, so you are not the smallest.”
The little girl thought for a while, stopped crying, and seriously said to her mother, ” Mom, give birth to more younger brothers and sisters, Tingting wants to be the elder sister, I wants to eat big pears.”
Wanwan said, ” I am the elder sister. you can only be the second sister, and the big pear will be given to me, you know?”
” Hum, Kong Rong is not a good man, I hate him …” Tingting said angrily.
Ye Jiayao looked up to sky speechlessly.She really wanted to find a piece of tofu and hit her head. That guy was already laughing covering his stomach. Ye Jiayao grabbed a pillow and threw it to him.
( iii )
One day, when the sun was fine, Xia Chunyu and his wife took their two daughters to play in the garden. There were butterflies flying in the garden. Wanwan and Tingting watched them, felt like them and cried out to catch butterflies.
His precious babies have such demands. Is there any reason not to satisfy them?Immediately, Xia Chunyu told people to take the net pocket, and without much effort, he caught two butterflies, one baby.
Wanwan said she wanted to take a bottle to put the butterfly into it and bring it back to play.
Ye Jiayao felt that it would be bad if the butterfly had powder on it. Moreover, the butterfly would soon die if it was packed in a bottle, so she thought of taking this opportunity to educate children to protect animals and love them.
” Wanwan, I have to tell you, let’s play here for a while and let the butterfly go later. Otherwise, mother butterfly will be very sad if she can’t find her baby.”
Wanwan was reluctant and loved the butterfly in her hand.
” Must we let them go?Can’t I just play them one night?”
Ye Jiayao said gently, ” If anyone hides you two for a night, Mother will get crazy, and so will Mother Butterfly.”
” Mom, how about letting father catch Mama Butterfly, Mama Butterfly will accompany you and Baby Butterfly will accompany us,” said Tingting.”
Xia Chunyu cooperated with Ye Jiayao one in a thousand and softly said, ” If you catch the mother butterfly, the father butterfly will be sad again, and the relatives of the butterfly will be sad.”
Tingting’s little fist shook: ” Dad, then you can catch the whole butterfly family, even their friends, and let them visit our house.”
Wanwan felt that what her sister said was very reasonable and urged, ” dad, go find them and catch them all.”.”
The couple both looked at each other. They all had headaches. How can this be taught?
( iv )
Butterfly was still caught back. Of course, Butterfly’s mother and father survived. As expected, Butterfly died the next day. The two sisters found that Butterfly was dead and cried sadly.
Xia Chunyu was so distressed, and took his daughter to the garden, dug a pit near the flowers and buried the butterflies. He comforted her by saying, ” Baby butterflies are just asleep. Let’s bury them here. Next spring, the butterflies will wake up and become more beautiful.”
The two babies still whimpered together. Sadly, the butterfly will not wake up until next year.It will take so long.
” Is it because the butterfly is small that it will not wake up until it has slept for a long time?” Asked Tingting sobbed.
Xia Chunyu didn’t think deeply, just hummed.
In the evening, Xiao Ji’s newly born grandsons, Hua Hua, disappeared.
We can’t find it anywhere.
“So strange, Hua Hua is still so small, it can’t run away.” Ye Jiayao wondered.
” Mom, don’t look for it. Hua Hua is sleeping. When it wakes up, it will become more beautiful.” Tingting said childishly.
” Well, mom, let’s not make so much noise.” Wanwan plausibly reminded.
Ye Jiayao was confused about what she heard, and Xia Chunyu next to her gushed out a mouthful of tea.
Waited for a while asked, ” Where did Hua Hua sleep?”
Tingting said proudly, ” Baby Butterfly is too lonely to sleep alone. I let Hua Hua accompany it.”
Xia Chunyu put down his tea lamp and ran out. Ye Jiayao was puzzled. What did she mean by its sleeping? Isn’t the butterfly dead?
After a while, Xia Chunyu brought back a dog covered in mud and said with a mournful face, ” Fortunately, the two gangs did not dig deep, otherwise the flowers would really not wake up.”
After knowing the reason, Ye Jiayao scolded Xia Chunyu for cheating kids.You’d better bury Hua Hua. Otherwise, the two kids will bury themselves one day for being more beautiful.
( v )
One day, Xia Tianci came to his grandfather’s place indigently after school.
” Grandfather, someone wants to hit me.”
The old man glared at him: ” who dares to bully my lovely grandchild? tell me dear, I will taught him lessons for you.”
Xia Tianci frowned and said, ” Grandpa, I’m afraid you can’t beat him.”
The old duke suddenly straightened his waist, rolled up his sleeves, bent his arms, and showed his grandson the muscles on his arms. he said with great vigour, ” can’t I beat them?Look, What is this?Muscles, do you know when I was young, I use a silver gun in the battlefield, killing enemies. There is no one in the world that grandfather could not beat.”
Xia Tianci poked his index finger on a muscle that was no longer very hard and said, ” But they are princes.”
The old duke’s neck was blocked: ” What’s the big deal with the princes? Your grandfather and I are still the duke. You are the grandson of the duke. I can’t forgive him for fear of what he might do for him dares to bully my grandson.”
” Xia Tianci, where are you?Get out of there.” Just then, there was a loud thunder outside.
He hid behind his grandfather in the summer and said timidly, ” Grandpa, here comes the bully. Do as you like please. If you can’t beat him, don’t fight with him.”
The old duke stared and could not say a word.
Xia Chunyu saw the Tianci hiding behind the old man as soon as he entered the room, and he was about to come forward to catch him and scolded: ” Oh, boy, now you should have learned to fight. If you want to fight, then do it well, but why did you drag the pants of Ge Da’s grandson, and paint turtles and play hooligans on their dicks. If I doesn’t teach you a lesson today, what if you drag others’ pants tomorrow?”
The old duke quickly stopped: ” what makes you so fierce and evil.Don’t scare my grandson.”
Xia Chunyu said, ” Father, you can’t stop me any longer. If this boy doesn’t have a lesson, he will learn something bad.”
The old duke said, ” What to educate?.”When you were a child, you were worse than Tianci. Didn’t you do anything about slapping people’s trousers?You’ve done more wicked things than this. I didn’t hit you at that time, did you also learn to get bad?”
Xia Chunyu’s face turned black, father, how can you expose my past before my son? How can I teach children now?
” That guy deserves it.” Xia Chunyu bulging.
Xia Tianci heard that dad also did it, and immediately got the confidence.
” Ge Xiaopang also deserves a spanking. He called Taiyang a little puss – head. Reasonably I will draw him a turtle. Dad, you didn’t witness that my turtle is very real.”
The old duke walked over and said, ” Our dear Tianci has a gift for painting!”
Looking at two of them, one praising, the other one being drown in the praise, the child could no longer be educated.
That night, Xia Chunyu and Ye Jiayao had a long conversation and seriously and profoundly discussed the parenting sutra, vowing to find an effective parenting method of educating kids according to their aptitude. After a long discussion, they decided to give birth to another one, they are sure that they will be able to possess a clever and obedient child if they do so.
So the discussion ended and they began to “sow seeds” diligently.
The author’s words: This is the end of the story, but the vexed and happy life still to be continued.
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