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Chapter 777 Someone Can Solve It

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Chapter 777 Someone Can Solve It

Someone Can Solve It
Back in the Eight Treasures Pavilion headquarters, Eldest Senior Brother Gui Tuo was famous for his unique talent in alchemy. Whether it was pill refinement or alchemy theory, he was the best in his batch. He was many times stronger than him!
The expressions of Yao Qiankun and the other three changed drastically.
A Pill Master that made his father feel inferior meant his father would definitely lose this inspection!
Not only did Yao Wenhao lose his position as the Eight Treasures Pavilion's branch Head, but he was also recalled back to the headquarters for punishment.
The Yao clan was bound to lose their leader, and a few of them would lose their support.
If the new Pavilion Master took the opportunity to suppress them, the Yao family would be finished!
"May I know how the competition will be conducted?" Yao Qiankun asked.
"It's still a competition of pill techniques and theory." Yao Wenhao explained.
With regards to alchemy attainments, both sides would choose the pills they were best at and refine them.
Whoever refined the medicinal pill with the better effect would win!
The theory was a test.
The two sides asked each other questions, and two out of three rounds were won.
"Whoever got the most correct answers would win!"
"But whether it was alchemy or theory, Yao Wenhao was absolutely no match for Eldest Senior Brother!"
This matter has been in the bag.
"Father, I wonder if this inspection can let someone take the exam on your behalf?" Yao Qiankun asked hurriedly as a figure suddenly flashed across his mind.
"In the past years, the inspectors did not prohibit people from taking the test on their behalf. However…"
His father had already lost his aura, so there was no point in competing. In this case, replacing his father to deal with the inspection competition was better.
"I know someone. As long as he is willing to help, defeating Gui Tuo won't be difficult!" Yao Qiankun said confidently.
"Is what you said true? Could he be a Treasure Pill Master?" When he heard these words, Yao Wenhao looked at Yao Qiankun with a face full of surprise and excitement.
"I don't know." Yao Qiankun really did not know what level He Chuan's alchemy attainments were at.
However, he was certain that it was definitely above the level of a top-notch Spirit Pill Master!
"However, I can guarantee that as long as he is willing to help, Father will definitely win this time!" Yao Qiankun had an inexplicable trust and affirmation in He Chuan.
"Gui Tuo should be here tomorrow. If I'm not mistaken, the competition will start in the afternoon!" Yao Wenhao was a little doubtful, but he still answered subconsciously.
Yao Qiankun was a little confused. Time was running out!
"Time is tight. I need to beg Big Brother!" Yao Qiankun turned around and rushed out of the Eight Treasures Pavilion, heading straight for the Tianjing Pavilion.
Beg Big Brother?
Yao Wenhao and his son were instantly stunned, their faces filled with confusion.
Tianjing Pavilion, Heaven-tier room.
He Chuan stood with his hands behind his back and stared ahead with a solemn expression.
In front of him, Ren Xiaomeng, sitting cross-legged on the bed, had her eyes closed and face flushed.
Bean-sized beads of sweat flowed from her forehead, slid down her cheeks, and dripped down.
Time passed slowly.
When the moon was in the middle of the night, a faint purple light suddenly appeared around Ren Xiaomeng's body. It moved with her breath as if it had a spirit.
Immediately after, the surrounding spiritual energy seemed to have been suddenly drawn and swept toward Ren Xiaomeng, rushing into her body frantically.
Three bright spots of light suddenly appeared between Ren Xiaomeng's eyebrows, the back of her head, and her chest, lighting up the originally dark room as bright as day!
Three Live Gatess at the same time!
Seeing this scene, He Chuan, who was paying close attention to the situation, was secretly speechless and slightly surprised.
As expected of Zi Luan Immortal Body, it was indeed abnormal!
With the help of its natal Divine technique, the Purple Spirit Lightning Attracting Technique, it only took her two hours to absorb enough spiritual energy to support the initial stage of Life Cultivation Realm. This was something that many people could not achieve even after accumulating their spiritual energy for several years.
Even He Chuan had to spend several days and consume countless pills to achieve this.
But Ren Xiaomeng had done it easily in such a short time.
Comparing oneself with other people was really infuriating!
At this moment, Ren Xiaomeng suddenly let out a shrill cry of pain.
Her body, which was sitting cross-legged, started to shake violently.
Her small face was ferocious as if she was enduring immense pain. Her facial features began to distort gradually.
A scorching heat wave spread out from her body!
The heat wave instantly swept through the entire room.
"Not good!" He Chuan's right middle finger and index finger turned into a sword finger, and as fast as lightning, he pointed at Ren Xiaomeng's nine vital points.
An even hotter wave of air spread out from Ren Xiaomeng's body, wreaking havoc in all directions.
The temperature in the entire room immediately rose by several degrees.
As the airwave spread out, the crazy spiritual energy lingered around Ren Xiaomeng, but it no longer entered her body.
Ren Xiaomeng's small and delicate face also relaxed, and the redness faded, returning to normal.
He Chuan heaved a sigh of relief.
"I'm sorry, I seem to have done something wrong." Ren Xiaomeng opened her eyes and looked at the nervous He Chuan, feeling wronged.
"It's just that you bite off more than you can chew. There's no need to blame yourself." He Chuan rubbed Ren Xiaomeng's head.
"However, you could not advance so rashly in the future. Fortunately, I was here this time to help destroy the excess spiritual energy in your body. Otherwise, your small body would definitely explode."
The shocking change just now was entirely due to Ren Xiaomeng's greed.
She had absorbed a huge amount of spiritual energy in two hours, causing her three lives to open at the same time. Her body, which was cultivating for the first time, had reached saturation.
She should have stopped absorbing spiritual energy to consolidate his cultivation and allow her body to integrate and adapt to the power of spiritual energy.
In the end, this little girl was so greedy that she became addicted to absorbing spiritual energy and almost exploded, causing a disaster!
Although the divine beast bloodline in her body had been activated, her body was still weak and had never come into contact with spiritual energy before.
"Inhaling too much spiritual energy was harmful."
"Therefore, in the future, you had to know how to cultivate step by step and when to stop!"
"Brother He Chuan, I'm hungry!" Ren Xiaomeng nodded obediently and stuck out her tongue at He Chuan.
He Chuan was speechless. She had just finished eating and was hungry again.
How could there be food in the middle of the night?
"Big Brother, are you asleep?" An unusually cautious voice suddenly came from outside the door.
What was Yao Qiankun doing here in the middle of the night?
"I see that the lights in the room are still on. I think Big Brother hasn't rested yet? Please forgive me for disturbing you so late at night." Before He Chuan could answer, he heard Yao Qiankun's cautious voice coming from outside the door.
"Speak directly!" He Chuan said speechlessly.
"That's why I specially asked the kitchen of Lingyun Pavilion to prepare supper for Big Brother."
Sitting on the bed, Ren Xiaomeng's eyes lit up, and she opened the door.
"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and bring in the supper!" Yao Qiankun immediately instructed.
More than ten people rushed into the room with delicious food and respectfully placed them on the dining table.
Looking at the variety of delicacies, Ren Xiaomeng was so happy she couldn't close her mouth. She immediately pounced on the food and ate heartily.
"Big Brother, these are the most famous dishes of our Lingyun Pavilion. I guarantee that you'll be refreshed!" Yao Qiankun said in a gratified manner when he saw this.
"Why are you so enthusiastic in the middle of the night? Who eats so many dishes for supper?" He Chuan scolded with a smile.
"Xiaomeng is still growing. Children should eat more!" Yao Qiankun explained,
He Chuan's expression also eased up a lot.
Knowing that his words were effective, Yao Qiankun's heart that was in his throat was finally relieved. He secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
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