Novel Name : Stealing The Protagonist's Yandere Lovers

Chapter 131 What A Surprise~

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Chapter 131 What A Surprise~

One could very well argue- why I, myself didn't disclose any information about Shouta to Radhika and Michelle and instead let Mitshua take the initiative?
The reason was pretty simple~
To cause maximum impact. With both me as their benefactor and Mitshua as Shouta's ex-girlfriend, telling the same thing, they will be forced to face the harsh reality.
By now, both me and Mitshua were already seated at our usual seats at the corner.
"Hehe, Mitshua, aren't you sitting so close to him?"
"If Shouta saw you like this, he wouldn't be happy."
Claire walked and took her seat on the other side of me.
She was still unaware that Mitshua had already made substantial progress with Elandor.
Not minding her teasing, Mitshua giggled.
In a show of affection, she hugged one of my arms from her side and looked at Claire with her innocent-round eyes.
"My best friend Claire, now Elandor is my boyfriend."
-She blinked repeatedly to tease back.
"Okay sit properly, class is about to start."
-I stroked Mitshua's hair lovingly as her eyes turned crescent enjoying the action.
-Claire tried to say something but was interrupted by Mitshua.
"See, my boyfriend loves me so much."
-Mitshua said provocatively, shutting Claire's mouth in one go.
There was a slight pressure in her tone which Claire as a top talented girl from a big family easily perceived.
After becoming one with Elandor, Mithsua was long told by him that she now has part of his dragon bloodline, and won't get old as long as nothing happens to him.
Various impurities coming out of her skin just after getting home from their sex-session already proved this fact.
Even though Claire seemed to show a carefree attitude, her observation skills and efficiency to do things were top-notch; that's why Elandor had made Claire his slave in the first place.
'Wow, I can feel it. She is stronger than before. Just now I felt pressured when she was angry.'
'Her face has become rosier, her skin is cleaner than before. I even have this vague feeling that in one-on-one, I won't be able to defeat her. Can so many changes happen after just one night together? It must have something to do with Elandor.'
'Hmmm, very good Mithsua…'
'You became his woman and got all the benefits before me.'
-For the first time, blonde Claire felt a feeling called jealousy.
She didn't understand why but her eyes narrowed when Mitshua spoke provocatively, her heart felt sour~
She was in a master-servant contract with Elandor, she is his personal secretary, running all his important errands.
If there are benefits, they should be given to her first.
When she and Mithsua tried to compete for Shouta, she never felt such an emotion as she was never really fascinated by Shouta.
But Elandor was different, this boy had her attention from the first instant she saw him.
She felt like an aggrieved cat whose toy was sneakily snatched.
Claire could feel that her heart which used to beat steadily was beating a little too fast with excitement.
'As expected, my decision to follow Elandor was best!'
'With him, my life won't be boring.'
'With him, I can feel these emotions which I always dreamed of.'
-She looked at Elandor with mixed feelings.
In her eyes, there was 30% anticipation for what would happen to Shouta, 30% anger because only Mitshua enjoyed these secret benefits, 30% expectation for new adventures with Elandor that will make her future life interesting, and the remaining 10% was something she was feeling for the first time so she didn't know what to call those feelings.
Soon the teacher came in and started the class.
It was the break before the last period, nothing much happened.
I, who came for Shouta was confused,
'Why is he not here yet?'
But I did not have to wait for long, the door of the class was abruptly kicked open.
Seeing him coming in, both the girls who were momentarily lost in their overthinking almost screamed out aloud.
Even I was taken aback.
'Fuck, What's wrong with this situation?'
With a proud face, Shouta walked in, his arms were around two fellow male classmates.
His big smile along with holding both the boys so intimately gave a disgusting feeling.
Whether it was a coincidence or the last luck left with him..after entering inside, Shouta's eyes instantly fell on Elandor and the girls.
Upon seeing their group, his face became ugly as his smile turned hideous.
He stared at them deeply, giving a strong uncomfortable feeling.
But it was only for a second, soon he burst out laughing.
Seeing such a Shouta, both Claire and Mitshua, out of instinct, held Elandor's arm on either side.
Only with Elandor, they can feel a sense of security.
Not minding various people staring at him, Shouta spoke,
"You both bitches are now close to Elandor and are deliberately showing affection to make me jealous?"
"This is so childish of you."
"No, actually I should be thankful to both of you that you didn't sleep with me!"
"I am now enlightened, with only boys I can have a relationship full of love and affection."
"I was born as a special person!"
On hearing his words and feeling him tightening his grip over their waists, both the boys around him had their shoulders trembling with fear as they guessed what Shouta was gonna do.
In order to prove his words, Shouta first kissed the boy on his right and then kissed the boy on his left side.
He made sure the kiss was not a simple one but a deep French kiss tasting each other's saliva.
The boys whom he kissed were already scared because of what Shouta had done with them this morning.
After kissing both the boys, Shouta playfully looked at Elandor's group.
"You see now, I now have better lovers. With such hot boys..Why do I even need girls?"
-Shouta sneered and domineeringly took his seat making sure both his boys sat alongside him.
Some classmates wanted to directly puke seeing what Shouta was doing.
Looking at such an unexpected scene, although I was a little shocked, a thought quickly came to my mind.
'Oh, so the least possibility that I thought about in the morning did eventually happen?'
Don't worry guys Shouta will be over completely in next ch.
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