Novel Name : Mythical Beasts: The Useless Lady Is a Genius!

Chapter 310-END - Chapter 310: Chaos

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Chapter 310-END - Chapter 310: Chaos

Chapter 310: Chaos
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Nie Chong scrutinized Kong Rui. After a while, he said, “I’ll get someone to send you back now.”
Kong Rui smiled. “Thank you, Big Brother!”
As Kong Rui spoke, she looked at the courtyard behind Nie Chong.
Nie Chong immediately stood in front of Kong Rui. “Miss, this isn’t a place you should be.”
“If I find out that you trespassed here again, don’t blame me for being rude!”
Upon hearing Nie Chong’s threat, Kong Rui revealed a timid look.
She fumbled in her sleeve and took out a small canvas tote with some spirit stones inside. Then, she handed it to Nie Chong. “Brother, don’t be angry!” “1 just entered the residence and don’t know the rules, so please forgive me!” Nie Chong didn’t look at the canvas tote that contained light blue spiritual power. He only said with a serious expression, “Miss, don’t be so polite! Please leave!”
Kong Rui looked aggrieved as she said, “Arc you still suspecting me?”
“Why don’t you ask Young Master Nie to send me back?! It just so happens that
I don’t want to stay in this residence either!”
Seeing Kong Rui’s determined expression, Nie Chong didn’t want to argue with her anymore. He grabbed the canvas tote impatiently and said to Kong Rui, “Please leave!”
Kong Rui smiled in satisfaction before turning around and walking in the direction she had come from.
As she walked, she identified the spiritual power around her.
According to her observation, there were at least three powerhouses guarding Nie Lin’s courtyard.
Even if she fended off Nie Chong, she probably wouldn’t be able to approach Nie Lin under the surveillance of these three people.
It seemed that she had to think of another way.
Nie Chong sent Kong Rui all the way to the backyard, but then he stopped.
He raised his hand and waved. Immediately, two men in black with long swords on their waists appeared in front of Kong Rui.
Kong Rui pretended to scream in fear and took two steps back, almost falling into Nie Chong’s arms.
Nie Chong quickly moved and avoided Kong Rui’s approach.
Kong Rui pursed her lips, but she didn’t stop falling back. Instead, she waved her hands desperately, as if she was trying to maintain her balance.
Nie Chong grabbed Kong Rui’s arm again to slow her fall.
Kong Rui stabilized herself and was about to thank Nie Chong when Nie Chong cupped his hands and bowed. “Miss, take care!”
When she saw Nie Chong leave quickly, the corners of Kong Rui’s mouth curled up slightly as she thought to herself, “Whether this can be done depends on whether you!”
Kong Rui turned around and looked at the two men staring at her. Then, she raised her chin and walked forward.
After being “escorted” back to the back garden, Kong Rui immediately saw Nie Yin and the two trembling maidservants kneeling in front of him.
Kong Rui immediately revealed an aggrieved and guilty expression and walked in Nie Yin’s direction quickly. “Young Master Nie, it’s my fault. Don’t blame the two sisters!”
Kong Rui went forward to plead for the two of them. She acted very pitiful.
Nie Yin didn’t show his doubt at all as he asked, “Where did you go just now?”
Kong Rui told him about how she had “accidentally” barged into a courtyard and met Nie Chong.
When Nie Yin heard this, he instructed the servants to drag the two maidservants away and teach them a lesson.
Even though Kong Rui pleaded softly, it was useless.
However, after teaching the two maidservants a lesson, Nie Yin didn’t seem to have any intention of letting Kong Rui leave. He didn’t even arrange for the other maidservants to serve Kong Rui.
Nie Yin had never been someone who would let down his guard easily. With such an arrangement, he would definitely send more people to secretly keep an eye on her.
However, Kong Rui had already made other arrangements. Now, she just had to wait in the room.
At night, the Nie residence was silent.
Kong Rui lay on the bed and waited quietly.
It was almost midnight when the courtyard was suddenly brightly lit. Kong Rui immediately sat up and looked out through the window excitedly.
Kong Rui saw torches burning outside the courtyard and a group of people seemed to be shouting something.
After Kong Rui opened the door, she saw two figures suddenly appear in front of her.
Kong Rui pursed her lips and hid her disdain before asking the two of them in a panic, “What happened?”
The two of them didn’t answer Kong Rui’s question and only replied coldly, “Miss, please go back to your room and rest..”
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