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Chapter 195 - 3 Extra Stories

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Chapter 195 - 3 Extra Stories

Extra Story 1: Those things about the prime minister and his bodyguard
Yan Jingze didn’t start out as a politician at the start of the Light Federation, he was still a researcher at the time.
It took him less than a year to research a lot of things. When everyone thought that he would continue to study, maybe he would become one of the most famous researchers in history…he entered politics.
Everyone was dumbfounded.
The people from the research institute held Yan Jingze’s hand, crying and screaming not to let him go. What about the people outside? They thought Yan Jingze was crazy.
It’s normal for those businessmen to change their careers to become a politician, but a researcher who is so powerful becomes a politician…Can he really be a good one?
However, since Lord Marshal’s partner wanted to give it a try, they couldn’t object. They believed that when he couldn’t do these things, he would naturally give up and would definitely go back and continue his research.
As a result…Yan Jingze became better and better, he finally became a successful politician and managed the Light Federation very well!
Everyone was a little confused.
After being stunned, they learned that this politician took some time to research some ‘small’ things.
Well, although it’s small, it has a great effect.
So is he planning to go into politics, or is he planning to…continue doing research?
No matter what others think, anyway, Yan Jingze has been jumping back and forth between the two identities.
Later, it wasn’t known when, there was a…bodyguard around him?
At first, everyone thought that the young man named Xiu was the bodyguard.
After Yan Jingze encountered an assassination, he started following Yan Jingze, protecting Yan Jingze every step of the way.
Later when Yan Jingze encountered another assassination, he flew out and just grabbed all those who did it.
His strength is very strong!
He is also very handsome!
More and more people began to pay attention to him. After paying attention to him for a while, everyone discovered one thing — this bodyguard should have a crush on Yan Jingze.
The way he looked at Yan Jingze was really indescribably gentle.
Those who discovered this felt a little sympathetic to him.
Yan Jingze is already married to Marshal, so he and Yan Jingze have no future at all.
Although Yan Jingze and Marshal have less time to get together after marriage and they never show their love, many people think that their marriage is a combination of interests, but they are married after all.
No matter how much Xiu loves Yan Jingze, he has no chance.
Speaking of which, Yan Jingze is really an attractive person. They also love him too! But what’s the use?
Well, they also love Su Moxiu…
Then…Su Moxiu, who they were sympathizing with, stayed by Yan Jingze’s side and even started to help Yan Jingze with many things.
This is not just a bodyguard, he also serves as an assistant.
Such a strong and intelligent alpha has been silently following Yan Jingze’s side…it’s really touching.
Someone secretly fell in love with this CP.
However, cute is cute, everyone still thinks that they are innocent.
First of all, who is Su Moxiu? Yan Jingze must never betray him.
Secondly, if Yan Jingze really liked Xiu, he could divorce Su Moxiu, but he never mentioned it.
The most important point is…these two people often went in and out of the same hotel, but the next day, Yan Jingze could appear in front of everyone in high spirits. Obviously, they did nothing last night.
However, ordinary people feel that there is no substantive relationship between the two, but there are also some people who know that there is something tricky between the two.
Sevia is a general in the Light Army. He joined the Light Army later, but because he was rescued by Su Moxiu, he especially worships Su Moxiu.
When he saw someone on the Internet saying that Xiu liked Yan Jingze, he was very angry — that was Su Moxiu’s partner, who is this Xiu guy? Who was he to like Yan Jingze?
Sevia ordered someone to follow the two, but the person he asked to do was taken away…Yan Jingze was surrounded by many guards.
He could only think of other ways, and then…he doesn’t know if it was his luck or his bad luck, he met these two people at a certain banquet.
He also saw the two go to the garden together in an intimate gesture.
Sevia was furious. He jumped out immediately, wanting to accuse Yan Jingze of daring to betray the marshal.
Then…he was beaten mentally by that Xiu.
That mental force… his teacher!
Isn’t this the marshal’s mental force?
Not only that, Xiu’s aura…Sevia couldn’t help but ‘beep’ in his heart.
He is too miserable!
He even misunderstood the marshal as the adulterer of the marshal’s wife!
Wait, this is not right! Why was it the marshal’s wife who suppressed the marshal when the two were making out just now?
Also, the marshal’s wife is with the marshal every day, why is he still in such good spirits?
Sevia felt like he was struck by lightning.
After thinking about it, he finally felt that it was necessary for him to help the Marshal and his wife conceal this matter.
So in the following time, Sevia began to help clean up some traces.
As he did so, he discovered that there were also others who were doing it too.
Alas, none of them have it easy.
However, because of their efforts, the ambiguity between Xiu and Yan Jingze was finally unknown to the public.
It’s just…They see the marshal’s persona disintegrating in front of them every day, and he is also very obedient to Yan Jingze, they felt so tired!
Seeing the marshal revealing his identity at the surrender ceremony, Sevia felt a sense of relief.
Alas, the marshal’s persona has completely collapsed, and he no longer has to worry about it anymore. He can now knock on the CP.
Extra Story 2: he turned out to be a beta
Before the surrender ceremony, Marquis Will exposed the ambiguity between Yan Jingze and Xiu but did not say that Yan Jingze was a beta.
At that time, he was thinking…if Yan Jingze was an omega, it would be easier for everyone to suspect him of cheating.
Then, it turns out…Su Moxiu is Xiu.
Marquis Will was furious!
However, after seeing how handsome Su Moxiu turned out to be, other people were moved.
There are many nobles omega in Capital Star. Seeing that Yan Jingze has achieved so much, they can’t help but envy and jealous. Fortunately, they have some advantages over this person.
In the past, when they got together, they would often talk about Yan Jingze and Su Moxiu, and then they would sympathize with Yan Jingze — this poor omega who was forced to marry an old, ugly, and very scary man.
That Su Moxiu is said to be murderous and like violence. Yan Jingze probably insists on working after marriage because he doesn’t want to stay with this person?
He is so pitiful!
But now…
Su Moxiu look like this?
There is an omega who is the same age as Yan Jingze but has been married long ago, regretting it: “If I knew Su Moxiu was like this, I would have gone for the marriage back then!”
Another person said bitterly: “That Yan Jingze is not like an omega at all, why does marshal Su like someone like him?”
Everyone responded: “That’s right, he looks tough.”
“He is not as beautiful as before.”
“He should have forgotten all the things that an omega should know, right? ”

While talking, someone suddenly said: “He can be favored by the marshal because there were not many omega in the Light Federation in the past, and the only omega was not as good as him…But now, there are so many outstanding omega in Capital Star, will marshal still like him?”
The eyes of all the omega present lit up.
Yan Jingze has become famous over the years. There are many omega who learn from him and focus on their careers, but there are also some omega who want to be vases.
They’re all present here.
After they had an idea, they began to look for various opportunities to approach Su Moxiu, but all failed.
In the end, they accidentally met Su Moxiu who came with Yan Jingze to the Omega Protection Association.
They were suddenly excited, so one by one, they all began to emit their own pheromones. The room was filled with various fragrances for a while, which were very pleasant.
Su Moxiu and Yan Jingze: “…” These people bared their teeth and claws to show off their weak mental force, did they want to seduce…Su Moxiu?
After Su Moxiu felt this situation, the first thing he thought of was that Yan Jingze must never misunderstand him, so his mental force directly swept over them.
Omega’s mental force is soft, and overcoming rigidity with softness can make alpha’s mental force also soften.
However, this doesn’t mean that alpha can’t attack omega.
Su Moxiu swiped lightly but these omegas were dizzy and almost fainted.
They looked at Su Moxiu pitifully: “Lord Marshal…”
“Get lost!” Su Moxiu looked at these people coldly.
These omegas ran away crying.
Onlookers: Marshal is really too indifferent.
However, Marshal’s wife is too blessed! To meet such an infatuated man like Marshal!
However, they think so, but others don’t.
Su Moxiu can’t do it ah. So many omegas seduce him but he has no feeling at all!
Well, there were omega who showed affection to him before, but he also didn’t give others a glance.
By the way, he was with Yan Jingze every day, but Yan Jingze…never felt unwell?
There is definitely something wrong with him!
These people were planning to release this news to embarrass Su Moxiu, but Yan Jingze and Su Moxiu registered a public star network account together and sent their first message.
Yan Jingze’s message was just two words, ‘love you’, but it was accompanied by a photo, it was Su Moxiu.
Immediately afterwards, Su Moxiu reposted this photo and replied: “I love you too.”
This is a very common message showing love, which seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, but it made everyone on the Internet explode.
Because Yan Jingze’s account verified by Starnet shows that he is a beta.
Isn’t he an omega? How did he become a beta?
Yan Jingze has long wanted to disclose that he is not an omega but a beta.
However, it won’t be very good for Lina if it were made public, so he didn’t say anything at all.
However, although he didn’t say it, just like Xiu is actually Su Moxiu, there are quite a lot of people who know that he is actually a beta.
At least the top executives of the Light Federation, after getting along with him a lot, know that he is a beta.
And now, everyone knows.
“It turns out that Yan Jingze is a beta, no wonder he is so tall now!”
“I feel that he is less and less like an omega.”
“I used to think he was the best omega, but now he is the best beta!”
“So it’s true love between the marshal and him! It’s not because of pheromones or anything!”

Those who originally wanted to secretly discredit Su Moxiu had no choice but to delete the things they originally wanted to send.
No wonder he’s with Su Moxiu every day, but Yan Jingze is still in good spirits. He is a beta, and by the look of it, he is a very strong beta too. He naturally won’t be like an omega, who if not careful, they will not be able to get out of bed!
In addition…Su Moxiu has a unique taste and likes beta, so it’s no wonder he doesn’t like omegas.
Extra Story 3: The retirement life of the Prime Minister.
Everyone felt that Yan Jingze was joking when he said that he hoped to live in seclusion and farm in the future.
What fun is there in farming? How could he, who had lived the most prosperous life, willing to live in seclusion and farm?
In fact, Yan Jingze didn’t mean to live in seclusion at all. After the surrender of the Werther Empire, he became busy again.
Amend the law and formulate various policies…He became a rare iron-blooded prime minister with tough tactics.
There are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with him, but looking at the alpha beside him who is his bodyguard and assistant, they all suppressed their dissatisfaction.
With the full support of those in charge of the military, if they go against him, isn’t this courting death?
There are really many problems in the Werther Empire. In order to solve these problems, Yan Jingze even carried out militarized management at the beginning. After a period of time, he began to relax, and then strengthened education and started various constructions.
The Light Federation is developing better and better, and when those young people grow up, they all support him very much.
His popularity is skyrocketing.
At this time, Yan Jingze resigned, saying that he was going to live in seclusion and farm.
Everyone is stupefied.
Now everything is developing very well, and everyone loves him very much. At this time, he wants to go to live in seclusion. What is he doing?
“Prime Minister, don’t! You are only sixty years old, so young, why do you want to live in seclusion?”
“Even if you are tired of being the prime minister, you can do research!”
“That’s right, you can do whatever you want, just don’t live in seclusion!”
“I like watching you show your love the most, what am I going to watch if you leave? Crying…”

Countless people are trying to persuade them to stay, but Yan Jingze went to live in seclusion without hesitation.
He has been so busy these years, isn’t it just to quickly manage the country to fulfill Su Moxiu’s dream, and then…go to live in seclusion with Su Moxiu?
They want to find a place to spend more than a hundred years in their own world!
Yan Jingze and Su Moxiu started their secluded life.
They are not in the Jianghu, but there are still legends about them.
After they lived in seclusion, countless people begged them to appear, but a year later…though they still didn’t appear, the new plants they cultivated appeared.
“Yan Jingze is worthy of being Yan Jingze. After living in seclusion, he began to study plants.”
“This man is too smart…”
“My idol for life!”
“Even if he lives in seclusion, he can still post photos…requesting photos!”

Yan Jingze was too lazy to post photos. He fell in love with living in seclusion.
However, Su Moxiu posted a photo later on. As for what kind of photo he posted…
“Yan Jingze made me breakfast. It tastes so good.” Attached is a photo of the breakfast.
“Today Yan Jingze picked a bouquet of flowers and gave it to me. It’s very beautiful.” A photo of the flowers is attached.
“Another day when I was inseparable from Yan Jingze.” Attached is a photo of holding hands.
Sure enough, the marshal’s flavor has not changed at all!
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