Novel Name : The Tang Family’s Seven Os

Chapter 189 - Extra 3: Yan Fei's treasure

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Chapter 189 - Extra 3: Yan Fei's treasure

The first time Yan Fei saw Sheng Xi was when he was ten years old. He held his Grandpa’s hand and looked up at Sheng Xi in a wheelchair, thinking that he was very good-looking.
At that time, Grandpa asked him to call Sheng Xi ‘brother-in-law’, but he didn’t, because his older brother was not worthy of Sheng Xi at all.
Sheng Xi looked so beautiful, Yan Fei never knew there could be such a beautiful person in this world. Sheng Xi was like the first ray of sunshine in the morning, shining directly into his heart.
Grandpa smiled embarrassedly at Sheng Xi at that time, saying that the child was still young and ignorant.
Sheng Xi said it was okay, then reached out and touched his head with a gentle smile.
His eyes straightened and he unconsciously rubbed against Sheng Xi’s palm, a coquettish act that he had never done before even in front of his mother, to the amazement of his grandfather.
Although Sheng Xi’s leg was injured and he was confined to a wheelchair, he looked like an angel with broken wings, carrying an unspeakable sense of fragility and beauty, looking as if he could easily be broken, but also as if nothing could knock him down.
He could not help but approach Sheng Xi cautiously, with longing and yearning, and Sheng Xi did not disappoint him. Sheng Xi’s personality was as wonderful as he had imagined, gently accepting his presence and treating him well, but that goodness was like treating his own younger brother.
When he was in China, he would run to Orchid Palace whenever he could, but the more time he spent with Sheng Xi, the more unwilling he became. They were both children of the Yan family, so why should his older brother, who was born just a few years earlier than him, be able to easily get such a good Sheng Xi?
But Yan Feng still didn’t know how to be content, he even despised Sheng Xi’s leg injury, and his relatives, they also didn’t like Sheng Xi, they even thought that Sheng Xi didn’t deserve Yan Feng.
Whenever he heard them slander Sheng Xi, he was furious, but at the same time he couldn’t help but feel a little happy in his heart, since they didn’t know how to appreciate it, it was good that he was the only one who knew how good Sheng Xi was.
As he grew older, he heard several times at the dinner table that his grandfather wanted Yan Feng and Sheng Xi to get married sooner, and although Yan Feng refused each time, he couldn’t help but start to be on edge, living every day in fear and trepidation. He was secretly annoyed, why couldn’t he grow up faster, even faster.
He couldn’t let Yan Feng and Sheng Xi get married, and he couldn’t let Sheng Xi become his brother-in-law, otherwise it would be a his lifelong nightmare and a source of pain.
He waited patiently and finally waited for a chance when his dear brother knocked up a woman, and Yan Feng had wanted to hide it from everyone and let the woman abort the child in her belly in secret.
Naturally, he would not allow Yan Feng to do so. He secretly found a way to spread the news to his grandfather, and then deliberately used the matter of Sheng Xi to stimulate Yan Feng, who, just as he expected, was enraged by him and hysterically refused to marry Sheng Xi in front of his grandfather, determined to marry that woman.
After a few days of fussing, Grandpa was reluctant to give up on the great grandson in the woman’s belly and finally gave in to the cries of Yan Feng and the woman.
When Grandpa decided to break off the engagement for Sheng Xi and Yan Feng, Yan Fei couldn’t help but show a smile.
Yan Feng couldn’t blame him, who let Yan Feng get the treasure he had been obsessing over for years so easily but didn’t know how to cherish it, so don’t blame him for taking it away from his hands.
He was afraid that Yan Feng would regret his decision to break off the engagement, and when he offered to accompany his Grandpa to Orchid Palace instead of him, Yan Feng was naturally happy to do so and immediately ran away.
Yan Fei couldn’t help but smile lightly, in fact, Yan Feng hadn’t had a good look at the grown up Sheng Xi, if he had seen him, he would have realised that he was so much better than the woman he had, but he no longer had the chance to find out.
When Sheng Xi found out the news of the dissolution of the marriage, although he acted indifferently, he still looked a little sad between his eyebrows, and as Yan Fei watched, his heart ached with Sheng Xi, but he still endured the pain to help them dissolve the marriage.
He knew his brother best and knew clearly that Yan Feng was not a good person, so he could not stand by and watch Sheng Xi fall into the fire pit, and he could only be ruthless about it.
He thought that after the marriage was broken off, the relationship between Yan Feng and Sheng Xi would be cleaned up, but he never expected that Yan Feng would get divorced, and what made him even more surprised is that his Grandpa wanted to put Sheng Xi and Yan Feng together again.
He hated his family’s selfishness towards Sheng Xi and his own inability to do anything about it. He also hated the fact that even without the existence of Yan Feng, Sheng Xi still treated him as a younger brother and never looked at him with the slightest bit of love in his eyes.
All this was too much for him to accept, so he ran out in a daze, not daring to look into Sheng Xi’s eyes for the moment.
Luckily, he quickly calmed down and after thinking of a countermeasure, he reached an agreement with Sheng Cen that he would use a ruse to replace Sheng Xi’s marriage partner with himself, and he would marry Sheng Xi.
Yan Feng has been incompetent and stupid for so many years that it was too easy for him to grab hold of Yan Feng’s handle. Yan Feng was simply no match for him, so he easily beat him to the point where he could no longer fight back.
He smoothly became the head of the Yan family and took the power of the Yan family into his own hands. He also successfully married Sheng Xi. In future, no one in the Yan family can look down Sheng Xi again, and no one would ever dare to pair him with Yan Feng again.
On the day of the wedding, he set up a wedding that he had longed for, according to Sheng Xi’s preference. From then on, Sheng Xi was no longer his brother-in-law, but his rightful partner.
Yan Feng was driven abroad by him. The day he left, he allowed Yan Feng to return to the Yan family to say goodbye. After Yan Feng inadvertently saw Sheng Xi, his whole body was frozen in shock, and he couldn’t take his eyes off Sheng Xi’s body for half a day.
When Yan Fei looked at Yan Feng’s expression, he knew that he regretted it, but it was too late for Yan Feng to regret it, Sheng Xi was now his, and in the future, he would not let Yan Feng have the chance to see his Omega again.
He hooked his lips slightly and pushed Sheng Xi up the stairs, behind him was the sound of Yan Feng’s reluctant low growl, but so what? The wood has already became a boat1木已成舟 (mù yǐ chéng zhōu): an idiom, what is done is done..
After the marriage, he personally took care of Sheng Xi, giving him the best of everything, he used almost all his strength, wanting to give the best of everything in the world to Sheng Xi.
Being able to look at the smile on Sheng Xi’s face every day was his greatest satisfaction, and he was so full of motivation every day that he came home with a smile on his face.
Everyone saw how good he was to Sheng Xi, and there was gradually a voice of opposition in the family. They said that Sheng Xi was not worthy of his precious treatment, they said that he was handicapped, and they said that he had been engaged to his brother and was an existence that is a disgrace to him.
But they didn’t know that Sheng Xi was a treasure he had longed for for years, a piece of softness he had hidden in his heart, so everyone who said such things and was heard by him was punished severely.
But unfortunately, these words still reached Sheng Xi’s ears, and from that day onwards, the smile on him face became less and less, and he became more and more distant from him.
He knew that Sheng Xi wanted to leave him. He had a premonition but did not want to admit it, and could only wait for that day as if he was waiting for the verdict.
Sure enough, after Sheng Cen became Emperor, Sheng Xi finally asked him for a divorce.
This was something he had promised Sheng Xi when he married him, that he would let him go when everything was over, but at this moment, how could he be willing, how could he be willing to just let Sheng Xi go, this was the person he had guarded for years and had worked so hard to get.
At a loss, he asked Sheng Xi why, Sheng Xi turned his head slightly, avoided his eyes, and said: “I only regard you as a younger brother.”
Younger brother……younger brother again……Yan Fei2The raws said Sheng Xi but I think author made a mistake. 🤔 almost yelled out at that moment, the days of spending time together and cherishing love seemed to have become a joke, he had thought that Sheng Xi’s feelings for him had changed, at least no longer just as a brother, but he never thought that now everything went back to square one.
He had been so close, but he had lost everything. To watch Sheng Xi leave was like cutting his heart with a knife.
His heart was so sour that it was about to explode, and his mind went blank. He lost control and kissed Sheng Xi forcibly, and he even almost used force on him, until he cried out in fear, then he abruptly stopped. When he reacted, he was overcome with regret while helping Sheng Xi tidy up his clothes, and then sent Sheng Xi back to the Orchid Palace in embarrassment.
He was ashamed to face Sheng Xi and returned to the Yan family alone. The empty house was devoid of Sheng Xi’s smile and everything had become lifeless. He tried his best to get everything, in fact, it was all for the sake of getting that one person. Without that person, everything would be meaningless.
It was as if the light of his life had been suddenly taken away from him, and he spent his days in a daze, relying on alcohol to get to sleep at night.
He knew he had made a mistake that day, so he didn’t dare to bother Sheng Xi, and he was afraid that if he saw him, he would lose control again. He couldn’t forget the way Sheng Xi looked at him that day, frightened and afraid, and he couldn’t let that happen again, he promised to set Sheng Xi free.
Sheng Xi was so good, he couldn’t hurt him.
He didn’t bother Sheng Xi for a whole month, then he couldn’t stand the torment of his thoughts anymore and walked into Orchid Palace. He had thought Sheng Xi would not want to see him, but he didn’t expect Sheng Xi’s eyes to redden when he saw him.
He reached out and touched his cheek, knowing that he now looked a bit of a mess, he had forgotten to shave his beard and had not had time to change his clothes, he had never appeared in front of Sheng Xi in such a dishevelled state before.
He couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, he looked down and straightened the hem of his shirt. When he looked up, he accidentally met Sheng Xi’s eyes and froze violently, it was as if he saw a different kind of look in Sheng Xi’s eyes, it was no longer just an expression of looking at his younger brother.
A great excitement welled up in his heart, and when Sheng Xi’s heart softened, he took advantage and pushed him into the room.
This time, he crouched down beside Sheng Xi and told him of his years of love without concealment. He knelt down and asked Sheng Xi to grant him a little bit of love, even a little bit would be enough.
Sheng Xi was shocked at first, then as he knelt down, he finally softened his heart and helped him up.
He lay on Sheng Xi’s lap and refused to get up, putting his head on Sheng Xi’s legs and rubbing it helplessly. He had exhausted all his options, but if Sheng Xi still wanted to divorce him, he really didn’t know what to do.
Sheng Xi looked at the soft hair on top of his head, hesitated for a moment, stretched out his hand and gently stroked his head like he did when he was a child, then said: “Xiao Fei, if you really want to be with me, then let’s be together.”
For a moment, Yan Fei raised his head, tears in his eyes.
Sheng Xi looked down, looked at the red corners of his eyes, smiled and said: “You’re so old, why are you still acting like a child.”
He froze and looked at Sheng Xi, at the love that finally surfaced in his eyes, not towards a younger brother, but towards a man.
He held back his excitement and lifted his body slightly, kissing Sheng Xi reverently on the lips.
At last he had the treasure he had deluded himself about for so many years.
This time he did not rush to bring Sheng Xi home, but brought Sheng Xi back after thoroughly cleaning up the mess in the Yan family.
This time, he would definitely give Sheng Xi a peaceful and happy environment, so that he could live a carefree life.
And he, with Sheng Xi by his side, will definitely be happy.
The author has something to say:
After reading everyone’s comments tonight, I’ve written the story of Yan Fei and Sheng Xi at the last minute, I hope everyone likes it, it’s really goodbye this time la, Mua~ Thanks!
Every baby who insists on seeing the last chapter should be hugged and held high! Love you guys!
melon: We have officially come to the end of ‘The Tang Family’s Seven Os’!
Such a bittersweet feeling, this is the 1st BL novel I picked up, my 1st novel with knoxt and also the 1st long novel I translated. 189 chapters sure is long and I’m honestly surprised myself that I manage to stick to updating almost daily lmfao. Thanks to everyone for reading till the end! 🥰 I’m also slowly gonna go back and re-edit all the chapters when I have time, I’m pretty sure there’s a bunch of mistakes that I overlooked. 🤣
I have also picked up a new project ‘Since When Did You Have The Illusion That You Don’t Have Magical Power?!‘, it is a Japanese web novel about MC’s adventures after discovering that he was the greatest magician in his previous life and remembering how to use magic. It’s a fun story full of adventure, do check it out! 😁
Oh Btw it’s also BL. 🙈
1木已成舟 (mù yǐ chéng zhōu): an idiom, what is done is done.2The raws said Sheng Xi but I think author made a mistake. 🤔
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