Novel Name : Strongest Invincible Brat

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

“You … you’re not human! Get together and kill him!”
Zhao Song looked in horror at the broken sword in his hand and then made a strange cry.
The two followers behind him glanced at each other as if to confirm each other.
These two followers are also experts in Qi Refining 6th Layer, and at this time, they will show no mercy.
The sharp sword swept through the air, and powerful waves seemed to tear the air apart.
Three long swords slashed on Qin Xiaotian’s small body. Unexpectedly, sparks splashed.
Qin Xiaotian remained unscathed.
Meanwhile, Zhao Song and others looked stupidly at the long swords in their hands that were about to crack.
They could no longer conceal the fear in their eyes.
At this moment, in the eyes of the onlookers, Qin Xiaotian’s weak body of less than one meter at this moment seemed to be extremely tall, even stalwart.
一A faint air pressure came out spontaneously.
“Trash like you, want to hurt me?”
When everyone was dumbfounded, Qin Xiaotian shot an angry look and kicked Zhao Song between his legs.
The thin short legs, with a super-strength, flew this adult who was more than twice as tall as him.
Zhao Song made a scream.
Broken egg pain, deep into the bone marrow.
Even then, Qin Xiaotian’s anger still remained.
Next, he turned into a ferocious beast, attacking the three men frantically.
“Wo da, wo da, wo da da da!”
The three of them had already been scared away. They did not dare to resist. They could only let Qin Xiaotian beat them up.
They screamed again and again.
More and more people came to watch.
Everyone looked eagerly at a five- or six-year-old little fart boy, who even chased away some strong students of Zhuanghuang Academy.
One of them is Zhao Song, ranked in the top ten in cultivation strength in the Zhuanghuang Academy.
This scene is bizarre!
“Who the fuck is this brat?! How is he so powerful?!”
“I don’t know! I was playing mud when I was still a kid. Look at other kids about the same age as his. What kind of kid can slap down an expert of Qi Refining 7th Layer?! It’s making me jealous!”
“Even if you start cultivating from a womb, nobody can be this strong, right?”
“Genius, this is truly a peerless genius, the so-called Tianjiao of the Zhuanghuang Academy are all rubbish compared to this child!*.”
*TL note: Tianjiao is of Chinese origin and means “Tian” means “sky” or “heavens,” while “jiao” means “pride.” “Tianjiao” basically translates to “pride of the heavens.” In this sentence, it works as a title for like “one of top tens x.”
“Is it because I was retired for too long, that’s why I can’t keep up with the changes in the world? Have young people nowadays been awesome since they were a baby?”
“This child might have a legendary congenital spirit body. It was said that this spirit body had all the muscles and blood vessels connected as soon as the baby was born. It is extremely compatible with the spiritual energy of the world and the earth. The cultivation base breakthrough is as simple as eating and drinking water, and it can leap so high!”
一The people were eating melon talk for a while.**
**TL note: 吃瓜群众 (chī guā qúnzhòng) Literally, “melon-eating masses,” this term originally came from a bystander who was interviewed for a road accident and claimed to have seen nothing as he was eating melon at the time, thereby causing great hilarity and giving birth to this new term.
After a while, the three of them finally fled from Qin Xiaotian’s claws.
Fortunately, although this little boy’s defensive power is terrifying, his attack power is not high, and he can only fight like ordinary hooligans. Although insidious and vicious, it is not fatal.
If not, they might be beaten to death by this kid.
In the horrified eyes of everyone, Qin Xiaotian raised his head proudly. He was posing in an upright position.
Then… he stood tall and raised his head, waving at everyone like a national leader.
“They’re gone now. It’s all a bit of a mess. Go home quickly to collect the clothes. Can’t you see it’s going to rain?”
His appearance of acting like an adult despite looking like a child made many people laugh.
“Too cute, husband, let’s go home and have a baby!”
“Haha, my husband has this intention!”
“It seems… we have another peerless genius in Tiandu City!”
“When this bear kid grows up, he will be a remarkable person, but he offended the Zhao family. Zhao Song will come back. I’m afraid he won’t give up!”
As everyone dispersed, Qin Xiaotian jumped to Mu Qianqian’s face.
“Big sis, those bad guys have been beaten away. If someone bullies you in the future, you can tell this kid, me! I will beat those guys, despite knowing who their parents are!”
Qin Xiaotian blinked his big eyes while still hugging Mu Qianqian.
Mu Qianqian still didn’t understand.
Her opened mouth can even fit an egg in it.
She did not expect that this dirty-looking and pitiful little kid would have such a brutal fighting capacity.
What happened to this world?
“No, you just offended Zhao Song and made him lose face in front of everyone. He will not let you go away easy!” Mu Qianqian immediately became worried.
“What are you afraid of? That trash, if he comes again, I will crush him once again!” Qin Xiaotian curled his lips indifferently.
“You’re just a child. There are many things you don’t understand. Although Zhao Song is only a cultivator at the seventh layer, the Zhao family is a powerful family in Tiandu City. Zhao Song is a narrow-minded person. If he grabs you, he will never let it go!”
“Big sis, are you worrying about me? Don’t worry. If the Zhao family doesn’t make me angry, I will let them go. But if they irritate me, it’s the Zhao family that will be destroyed!” Qin Xiaotian said with a fearless pose.
“Pu! You are young, but your tone is big. No matter what, I’ll find a place to settle for you. Look at your appearance. You probably haven’t bathed for several days. And you just ate stones, so you must be starving. This big sis will take you to eat delicious food!”
Qin Xiaotian’s bulging eyes flashed when he heard that he was going to eat something delicious.
He ate a stone and suddenly learned Diamond Skin. If he eats some heavenly material, earthly treasure, or Demon Beast’s inner core, couldn’t he become a god within minutes?
“Big sis, let’s hurry. My belly is almost hungry!”
“You glutton!” Mu Qianqian gave Qin Xiaotian a forehead flick, then took his little hand.
Qin Xiaotian only felt that the other party’s hands were soft, tender, and slippery. He didn’t know if the other parts were the same slippery and soft.
Mu Qianqian would never have thought that a five or six-year-old kid would have such a wretched mind.
Mu Qianqian was thinking how cute Qin Xiaotian was thinking about food.
“Don’t be greedy. This big sis will cook personally later and promise to make you many, many delicious foods!”
The Zhao Song group, who had been severely taught by Qin Xiaotian, were dripping in sweat with gloomy expressions.
“Young Master Song, we are so embarrassed that a little kid bullied us. I don’t even have the face to see people when we admitted it just now!”
“Yeah, Young Master Song, if this matter spreads out, I won’t have the face to mess again in the Zhuanghuang Academy!”
“That little kid is really weird. It’s invulnerable to swords. His skin is hard as iron. I suspect that he is a humanoid Demon Beast. Otherwise, how can a normal human kid have such a strong body?”
“What are you waiting for, sir? Demon Beast is evil and must be killed. Young Master Song should ask the Zhao family to group up and kill that little beast!” A henchman suggested.
“Don’t you feel embarrassed enough? This matter shouldn’t involve my father. Besides, I’m not sure. There is no Demon Qi on him. It’s tough to differentiate Demon Beast, but rest assured, because I, Zhao Song, have not suffered such a loss, and the name Zhao will not be dirtied if I don’t report it!” Zhao Song is very frustrated, and the killing intent of Chi Guoguo is not concealed at all(?).
“Zhao San, why should you let others destroy your prestige? Since Young Master Song said so, it must be a good idea!” Another henchman echoed.
“Hehe, yes. No matter how powerful the little brat’s physique is, he is just a child, after all, immature in all aspects of his mind. I have a Seven-Step Soul Killing pill. You have heard of this pill, right? Hehe!”
“Amazing! Young Master Song is really amazing! This Seven-Step Soul Killing pill is one of the deadliest poison in the world. It was said that as long as one takes this pill, he will undoubtedly die within seven steps. Even the powerhouse of the Foundation Establishment Stage is no exception. A little kid is a little kid, after all. They are very easy to coax. You just have to do it a little carefully, and that little bastard will die on the spot!”
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