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Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Starting from the 200th step, Qin Xiaotian finally felt a faint of pressure.
His body felt like being pressed down by a mountain.
Various illusions were also produced in front of him.
It felt like there is an abyss underneath every time he took a step forward! Fortunately, his physique is strong. His physical strength is not that inferior to the Golden Core powerhouse.
His willpower is far beyond everyone’s imagination. After all, he has experienced death once. No matter how realistic these illusions are, they can hardly affect his mind!
Just strengthen your will, overcome the fear of death, and move forward courageously. All illusions can be defeated without attacking them!
Starting from the 200th floor, if all cultivators want to step up, they need to overcome their fear of death. So their speed is getting slower and slower. However, Qin Xiaotian did the opposite.
From the moment he climbed the 200th step, his speed increased instead of decreasing.
Climbing towards the top of the stairs without stopping.
Two hundred and thirty steps… Two hundred and fifty steps… Two hundred and seventy steps… Two hundred and ninety steps…
Finally, Qin Xiaotian, Xiao Zhan, and Gu Ling’er came to the same parallel line. The three of them raced together and were located in the first place on the Immortal Spirit Stairs.
Everyone is dumbfounded!
One by one, they looked sillily at the scene in front of them.
“How could it be possible that a child took first place! Could it be that he would also surpass xiao Zhan and Gu Ling’er?”
“Crazy! I’m going crazy!”
“Unbelievable, could it be that the first place in the freshmen examination this time was a five or six-year-old kid? And you’re saying that we’re talented and strong?!”
“Stop saying that you’re strong! I’m embarrassed to even mention it, you shameless! I still want to have something to be proud of!”
“I don’t think there is anything to be ashamed of. It’s not that we are too rubbish, it’s just that the kid is too awesome. What would you do if you encounter this kind of abnormality that is rare in a thousand years?”
At this time, the two most frustrated people were Xiao Zhan and Gu Ling’er.
Initially, the two of them had stopped looking at other opponents. The first position of freshmen competition is between the two of them. Who knew that a little kid could make it this far.
Gu Ling’er was not severely affected. Although she was amazed by the abnormality of the kid, this is a competition after all. She can only sigh of amazement that there is always someone else stronger in the world.
In contrast, Xiao Zhan’s face was sullen, and his face was so gloomy that water was dripping. The person himself had an uncomfortable expression like eating shit.
The brat is really disgusting!
He didn’t mention anything about the time he made Xiao Zhan a fool in public at Myriad Springs Tower. Instead, Qin Xiaotian seemed to want to take the first place!
“I can’t… bear it!”
Xiao Zhan ran up violently.
As long as Qin Xiaotian climbed up a step, he also desperately followed a step.
He doesn’t care whether his body can withstand the already terrifying spiritual pressure. In any case, he would not allow this insidious and cunning brat to beat him.
He has waited for three years just for this very day! He must not let this little brat take his first place. Otherwise, what face does he have to confront his father, Xiao Yanshan?
What Xiao Zhan didn’t know was that Qin Xiaotian didn’t care about him at all. He didn’t even treat him as an opponent at all. The so-called top position in Qin Xiaotian’s eyes is nothing but a fleeting cloud!
The atmosphere became serious. In the tense eyes of everyone, Qin Xiaotian took the lead in the 300th step.
At the same time, Xiao Zhan and Gu Linger also followed.
After stepping onto the 300th step, Qin Xiaotian’s speed remained unchanged.
Xiao Zhan desperately tried to keep up. After following him ten steps, he vomited blood and was seriously injured. He could only watch Qin Xiaotian’s back getting further and further away! As for Xiao Zhan himself, he has reached the limit and can no longer take a step forward.
This seemingly weak little kid turns out to have endless power in his body, and Xiao Zhan can’t see where his limit is!
Xiao Zhan was a popular candidate for the freshmen’s leader. In the end, he stopped at the 310th step.
On the contrary, it was Gu Ling’er who was steadily fighting step by step. In the end, she actually surpassed Xiao Zhan and climbed to her limit at the 315th step.
As for Qin Xiaotian… His awesomeness has already broken through heaven!
Under the shocked eyes of tens of thousands of cultivators, he climbed the four hundred steps… four hundred and fifty steps… until… 580th step!
This moment. The audience was terrified! Even the two Nascent Soul big shots who are responsible for the assessment of new students are also dumbfounded! With opened mouths and jaws dropped.
Even after Qin Xiaotian earned the top spot and made people feel that he is very powerful… No one would even think that he can even be more awesome! Five hundred and eight steps… Terrifying!
“Oh my God, is he going to break the Sword Immortal Chiyang’s record?”
“It seems not that impossible!”
“Sword Immortal Chiyang has created the examination record on the 509th step. For three thousand years, no one can break it. Among the freshmen of previous assessments, it’s rare to see that someone can reach the 400th step. This kid wants to create a miracle?”
“A miracle has already been made. Unsurprisingly, he will be the youngest First New Student ever in the history of Immortal Spirit Dao Academy!”
“Kneel! Kneel to the child!”
“Damn, why did you see such a maddening scene that caused a fatal blow to my young mind? I am afraid that seeing the little devil in the future will have a psychological blow!”
“Senior Brother Zhou, this little guy, can he really break the record of Senior Chiyang?” The old Nascent Soul muttered to himself.
Even if his cultivation level is like this, he still can’t restrain his inner excitement at this moment!
Just when the old man’s voice fell, Qin Xiaotian took two steps in succession and ascended to the 510th step.
The whole audience was silent! Tens of thousands of cultivators were petrified collectively. Their bodies, their hearts, and even the little brother in their trouser pockets trembled uncontrollably!
“The record… broken!”
“After three thousand years, a six-year-old boy broke the record of a generation of legendary Sword Immortal Chiyang?”
“A peerless genius has come into being!”
“Who said that children generally have weak willpower? If anyone dares to say such things anymore, I will make him shit!”
“I seem to have witnessed the birth of a generation of legends!”
At this time, the tremendous coercion of Heaven and Earth was pressing hard on Qin Xiaotian.
Even if he has a powerful physical body like Profound Nether Divine Body, it has reached the point where it can’t support him!
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