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Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

“Han Dong, Qin Xiaotian, since you two are going to do the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination, then I will talk about the rules of the exam! The examination procedure is somewhat different from that of a 2nd Grade Alchemist! First of all, the Dao Academy will prepare 81 different types of spirit medicine ingredients for you. These 81 spirit medicine ingredients can produce ten different types of 3rd Grade pills through different combinations! Of course, since there are real and fake ingredients, you need to distinguish it yourself! The rule of examination is that within three hours, three different types of 3rd Grade pills must be refined through these ingredients, and the pill formation rate must reach more than 30%. If any of the minimum standards fail to meet the requirements, your examination will fail! Do you understand?”
When Ximen Lie said this, all the cultivators present frowned.
Obviously, the difficulty of 3rd Grade Alchemist’s examination is far beyond their imagination!
It doesn’t mean that if you can refine the 3rd Grade pills, you will definitely be able to advance to the 3rd Grade Alchemist. In fact, Han Dong is not the only student in the Alchemy Department who can refine the 3rd Grade pills.
It’s one thing to be able to refine a 3rd Grade pill! But it’s still another matter to be able to refine the 3rd Grade pills without sufficient high-level ingredients and also to be able to ensure a certain pill formation rate and quality!
For an example, some alchemists use the best ingredients to refine low-level pills, which can make up for the shortcomings of their pill refining technique to a certain extent, but it’s still a waste anyway! Even if such a person can refine a 3rd Grade pill, the actual quality is still 2nd Grade.
“Is this the exam for the 3rd Grade Alchemist? It seems to be much more difficult than I thought!”
“I see. I originally thought that as long as one could refine a 3rd Grade pill, anyone could do succeed. It turns out that there is such a big difference!”
“Many of the ingredients provided by the Alchemy Pavilion are counterfeit ingredients. Just distinguishing them is a headache. In addition, you need to ensure the quality and the rate of alchemy within the specified time. Every detail cannot be wrong. Most likely, if you don’t have any amazing pill refining attainments, you can’t become a 3rd Grade Alchemist!”
“It’s time to test who’s better! Qin Xiaotian and Han Dong. Whose pill refining technique’s attainments are deeper?” A freshman from the Formation Department suddenly said.
“Are you sane? Senior Han Dong is the number one genius in our Alchemy Department. His alchemy attainments have reached the level of a teacher in the Dao Academy. It is not difficult for him to pass this exam. As for this Qin Xiaotian- Hehe! If you want to say that he is talented, I admit it. But if you want to say that he is better than Senior Han Dong in alchemy, I can only say that your ignorance is a bit ridiculous! A freshman is a freshman, after all; still too young!”
“You old students are so awesome. Every one of you guys is all-mouthy king. Relying on your years of cultivation, relying on age to show off. In another ten years, you may not be better than me!”
“Boy, are you swollen? You dare to talk to me like this?”
Han Dong and Qin Xiaotian did the examination at the same time. Somehow, it caused the smell of gunpowder between the new students and the old students.
Although most onlookers were not optimistic about Qin Xiaotian, there were still a few new students who secretly supported Qin Xiaotian in their hearts. This may be related to the collective honor among freshmen!
New students and senior students are naturally opposites. They yearn for an existence in the new students that can completely crush the senior students. It’s also more about wanting to brag to the other party!
Because Qin Xiaotian is a kid, they don’t approve of him in their hearts. But Qin Xiaotian is the First New Student after all! He exist! The stronger the First New Student, doesn’t it mean that the freshmen in this generation are better than others?
Qin Xiaotian didn’t know that he had already gained many fans and got the support of some freshmen.
He didn’t want to be the center of attention! To snatch the Alchemy Department number one genius name; never crossed his mind!
From the beginning, he just wanted to obtain a more respectable Alchemist rank status! This facilitates him to earn money, nothing more. However, Senior Han Dong, on the other side, seemed to think otherwise.
Qin Xiaotian wanted to say hello to him, but there was a trace of hostility in this guy’s eyes! It was as if Qin Xiaotian had robbed him of his job! He is just a kid; why is he so unkind to Qin Xiaotian?
Shortly after, the examination officially began! In front of Han Dong and Qin Xiaotian were 81 kinds of spirit medicine ingredients. The most common among them are Thousand Years Ginseng, Ten Thousand Years Spirit Mushroom, Spiritual Spring Snow Lotus, Hundred Years Vermillion Fruit, and so on.
If these ingredients exist on Earth, any one of them would likely be an extreme treasure medicine worth tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. But these things are common in Nine States Continent. It can’t even be called high-level ingredients, it can only be regarded as a low-level medicinal material!
Qin Xiaotian just glanced casually and found that half of the 81 medicinal materials were fakes!
It’s crazy. Some of them are counterfeit drugs or even some highly toxic substances. Ordinary cultivators will feel their scalp numb even if they just look at it!
Before Qin Xiaotian devoured Green Robed Old Ancestor’s Primordial Spirit, he really might not have passed the assessment of the 3rd Grade Alchemist! This time, Qin Xiaotian was not as reckless as before! Everything was quite satisfactory!
His first pill to refine was Rejuvenation Pill. The main effect of the Rejuvenation Pill is to heal wounds. This kind of pill has a powerful healing effect, and the Golden Core cultivator often uses it. Among the 3rd Grade pills, it is a relatively simple one.
The second pill he chose to refine is the Guarding Heart Pill. It’s a kind of pill that prevents cultivators from losing control when they broke through a realm. It also belongs to the simpler one in the 3rd grade medicine pills.
Compared with the Blood Dragon Pill and Zhanyan Pill refined in the cold winter, it is evident that the pill that Qin Xiaotian refined is much simpler.
Compared to Blood Dragon Pill and Youth Preserving Pill refined by Han Dong, it is clear that the medicine pill that Qin Xiaotian refine is much simpler.
In particular, Youth Preserving Pill is the most difficult to refine among the 3rd grade medicine pills. This kind of pill is said to make one stay youthful and beautiful once consumed! Of course, this is also an exaggerated rumor. In fact, this Youth Preserving Pill can maintain youth for a hundred years at most.
What can truly make a person’s youth permanent is that only when the cultivation base reaches a certain level will the life level evolve, making the person lives a longer youth and life! But despite that, this Youth Preserving Pill is the dream of countless women. Whether it is a woman on Earth or a female cultivator in the cultivation world, they are willing to pay almost any price for such a pill!
When Han Dong was refining Youth Preserving Pill, many female cultivators couldn’t help casting their fiery eyes on him!
So far, although Qin Xiaotian’s performance is also good, he has successfully refined two 3rd grade medicine pills. But compared with Han Dong, it is really a lot worse.
A smile appeared at the corner of Qin Xiaotian’s mouth.
“Since you want to compete so badly, then I might as well!” Qin Xiaotian decided to give a surprise for the third kind of pill he chose.
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