Novel Name : Strongest Invincible Brat

Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

“Everyone, if you want to take these inner cores, please, at least ask for my permission!”
Qin Xiaotian stepped forward, with his hands on his back, looking straight, and asked in a humble tone.
Qin Xiaotian is a reasonable person, and he is not willing to use fists against problems that can generally be solved by reason!
“Why is there a brat here?! Get out of here!” Sima Fei frowned, squinting at Qin Xiaotian; his tone was extremely disdainful.
He hates the kids the most. These small farts have not established the correct outlook on life, values, and the world.
They don’t know what is what! Who you should not offend! What’s more is worse than less! Always self-righteous and dissatisfied. Only when a child grows up will he know that there are many people in the world he should avoid.
Admittedly, Sima Fei also felt that he was a generous person.
He was unwilling to be with this brat lower than him any longer, so he planned on letting go Qin Xiaotian. If it weren’t for his young age, he would probably realize that his previous statement could apply to himself. According to his previous temperament, he must let this little brat know why the flowers are so red!
“It seems that you are going to be unreasonable and insist on using force?” Qin Xiaotian questioned again.
When this word came out, Sima Fei suddenly became angry. He felt that he was already magnanimous, but this brat repeatedly came forward to provoke.
Did he really take his words from Sima Fei as deaf ears? Or is his Sima family not enough to deter a kid?
“Little bastard, didn’t you know I let you go? Do you know who I am?”
“pa!” A crackling sound.
Qin Xiaotian slapped Sima Fei loudly at an incredible speed.
Sima Fei was stunned! He didn’t react until he felt the hot pain on his face.
He, Sima Fei, Demon Beast Sea Little Overlord, the only son of Sima Wentian and Nangong Xue, and the Hunter Union Young Master, were slapped by a kid!
Sima Fei has always been the only one to bully people. When have others bullied him? Even the powerhouse of Nascent Soul Early Stage, in the face of his father, must pay three points of respect to him. But now, he was beaten by a kid.
His face turned red like a tomato!
Unacceptable! Cannot accept! Furious!
Sima Fei felt a flame burning in his chest, and his anger continued to swell like a volcano!
“You wanna die-!”
“pa!” Another loud slap.
Qin Xiaotian shoveled firmly on Sima Fei’s right cheek. This time Qin Xiaotian didn’t show mercy. With the Power of Thunder in his hand, he slapped Sima Fei alive.
“You really think you’re hot stuff, huh? You dare to snatch this Young Master’s stuff? I gave you some respect, so why do you have to act so shameless and be stupid?”
This time, not only was Sima Fei beaten up, the four Golden Core powerhouses behind him were all dumbfounded!
No matter how young or annoying Sima Fei was, he was still a Foundation Establishment 9th Layer cultivator. There was absolutely no reason to play along a game of slap with a brat.
Could it be that this kid is a real master?
“Why are you just standing there in daze?! Are you indifferent to seeing this Young Master beaten?! Help me and kill this little bastard!” Sima Fei roared.
The Golden Core cultivators frowned.
In any case, they are also Golden Core cultivators, it’s really demeaning to attack a young and ignorant child! However, Young Master Sima has already spoken, and they have to do it reluctantly. After all, his father is Sima Wentian!
Just as the Golden Core cultivators were planning to start, Qin Xiaotian stepped forward! The murderous aura like mountain of corpses and sea of blood erupted instantly. Like it was really there!
The air was frozen for everyone. Everyone was like a fallen ice cellar!
At this time, a strong soul power pressure emerged from Qin Xiaotian’s body.
The indifferent aura was like the sky. It was like a real Dividing Spirit Stage appeared here, full of World Destroying Might! Terrifying!
Their souls were terrified! Even the Golden Core experts were too scared to breathe. Too terrifying! Such a terrifying soul power pressure. They have only seen it in Sima Wentian. Even the pressure on this brat is more terrifying than the pressure on Sima Wentian!
This is the soul power pressure that only the Dividing Spirit supreme expert has.
They glanced at the 3rd Rank Demon Beasts’ corpses on the ground, and they immediately sweated!
This was stupid! They really stepped the lion’s tail this time!
Earth Devil Tiger, Human Faced Ghost Spider, Blood Slaughter Ice Python, Netherworld Bird at the same time… even if a Golden Core 9th Layer cultivator encounters them, they have to run away! You need to be above Nascent Soul Stage to kill them.
The aura on this little kid is so terrifying, is there any need to say more?
The thought of myself and others trying to snatch the Demon Beasts hunted by this existence… is beyond stupid! Am I… is this old man really that tired of living?
It’s scary! Who would have thought that an inconspicuous little kid has terrifying power!
At this point, Qin Xiaotian took an elegant step towards Sima Fei. With every step he took, his aura increases by one point. With each step, the terrifying murderous power grew stronger.
No one dared to move!
When he stood exactly in front of Sima Fei, this arrogant and domineering Young Master Sima had turned pale with fright!
“Y-y-you… w-what are you doing?” Sima Fei asked with a trembling tone.
“‘What are you doing’, you said? Well, what do you think this Eminence will do?”
“Don’t mess around! My father is Sima Wentian, and my mother is Nangongxue! If you dare to touch even my hair, they won’t let you go!”
“Are you threatening this Eminence?”
Qin Xiaotian’s eyes were like torches. The terrifying coercion was reborn from the Green Robed Old Ancestor.
The boundless murderous aura seemed to turn the whole world into purgatory on earth. That monstrous demon might overflowing like the Hell’s Devil God himself was there.
At this moment, Sima Fei seemed to have encountered the most terrifying existence in the world.
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