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Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

“Is… is this the Purple Night Divine Thunder…? It’s just a Golden Core Thunder Tribulation! How could there be a Purple Night Divine Thunder?”
Purple Night Divine Thunder is the legendary Heavenly Punishment Thunder Tribulation.
The Purple Night Divine Thunder can destroy a Nascent Soul powerhouse’s both physical body and soul!
Only when a supreme powerhouse commits a heaven-defying act and is unacceptable to the Universe Source itself will Purple Night Divine Thunder descend.
Although an ordinary Golden Core Thunder Tribulation is still dangerous either way, there will be at least a chance to make it out alive. However, a Thunder Tribulation like Purple Night Divine Thunder is an express ticket to death!
Does the World hate him? Sure, Qin Xiaotian doesn’t seem to be just a brat, but why are Heaven and Earth intolerable only to him?
Chu Yun felt too stupid to understand.
However, despite Qin Xiaotian facing such terrifying Thunder Tribulation, he did not take out any defensive magic treasure, nor did he use any Divine Ability magic spell. He just opened his arms wide open like welcoming the baptism of the Divine Thunder!
A Purple Divine Thunder didn’t strike Qin Xiaotian out of coincidence.
Suddenly, a horrible and violent thunder force swept across in an instant.
With Qin Xiaotian as the center, within a 1,000 kilometer radius, it turned into a field of thunder.
Under the violent thunders, all the flowers and trees instantly turned into ashes!
In the thunder domain, Qin Xiaotian’s shirt was ruined, and his body was bare. The snow-white skin was utterly scorched, and the whole person was pitch black, how miserable he looked!
“Damn it! It didn’t give me a chance to show off!”
Qin Xiaotian thought that his physical body was tough, and it would be a breeze completing the Divine Thunder.
Who knows why his first Thunder Tribulation would be so strong that he almost died!
Isn’t this Thunder Tribulation a bit too strong?
But at this moment, Qin Xiaotian’s body suddenly produced an extremely violent Devouring Power.
The Golden Core within his body was running wildly.
The purple thunder and lightning spread around him that were constantly destroying his veins; he was absorbed and transformed at an incredible rate. This devoured force exuded a vigorous life force, constantly repairing his damaged physical body. It kept destroying and healing.
While being destroyed and repaired, his physical body was getting stronger and stronger!
“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning Heavenly Thunder Refining Body Technique!”
【Heavenly Thunder Refining Body Technique: Tempers one’s body to make it Indestructible Thunder Body by using the Power of Heavenly Thunder, which cannot be interrupted or destroyed even by the Myriad Laws!】
“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning Indestructible Thunder Body First Layer!”
【Indestructible Thunder Body: One of the ten strongest divine bodies in the Universe. Divided into nine layers. Requires endless divine thunder for the skill to temper the host’s body. Cultivating to 9th Layer realm can make the host control the power of Primal Chaos Divine Thunder. Undying and indestructible. Destroy countless galaxies with your own strength!】
“Indestructible Thunder Body is that awesome?! Sure enough, this Young Master will not die that easy! Haha!”
Since the Purple Night Divine Thunder didn’t kill Qin Xiaotian, it didn’t stop.
The second Heavenly Thunder soon began to condense.
The pressure of Heaven and Earth became stronger and stronger. A purple thunderbolt that is twice as thick as before has suddenly struck down within the black clouds.
At Qin Xiaotian, who was already dying, an invincible aura of immortality and strength erupted suddenly. He was gleaming with golden light, mixed with crackling purple lightning.
When the second Divine Thunder fell, an extremely violent Devouring Power was produced in his mouth. This one hundred meters long and one meter diameter Purple Divine Thunder was swallowed by him…
Chu Yun was terrified
She watched Qin Xiaotian experiencing Thunder Tribulation with opened mouth.
Purple Night Divine Thunder is extremely violent and full of endless Power of Destruction. Even a Nascent Soul powerhouse is afraid of getting near a little bit.
But Qin Xiaotian ate the Purple Night Divine Thunder…? Is there such a thing…? Throughout the ages, have you ever heard of anyone who can get through the Thunder Tribulation by eating it?
Watching Qin Xiaotian dying under the first Thunder Tribulation made her worried, but then she found out Qin Xiaotian is a little devil!
Even he dared to swallow a Thunder Tribulation. She felt silly for worrying about him!
After swallowing the second Thunder Tribulation, Qin Xiaotian showed a delighted look.
This Purple Night Divine Thunder was constantly destroying his physical body. But after devouring it, a powerful life force continued to heal him.
With each cycle, Qin Xiaotian felt his physical strength getting a bit stronger.
Naturally, he cannot waste the Power of Thunder Tribulation. Only by swallowing it can he make full use of this Power of Thunder Tribulation. Although it was excruciating, but at the same time, he was pleased. Just like that, Qin Xiaotian was painful and happy!
Before he could fully absorb it, the third, thicker, bigger, and stronger Purple Divine Thunder struck him.
Qin Xiaotian was not afraid and ate it again.
Eat, eat, eat, eat! Qin Xiaotian eats Purple Night Divine Thunder again and again.
Chu Yun was shocked again and again! She was so shocked that she couldn’t move!
Suddenly, Qin Xiaotian felt tremendous pressure.
Because the Thunder Tribulation was falling too fast, he had no time to absorb it thoroughly, and this Thunder Tribulation was fiercer and stronger than before. He devoured too many Purple Night Divine Thunder, and the violent Power of Destruction contained within his body was too immense.
Even if one has an Indestructible Thunder Body, there is always a limit.
The speed of healing was getting far behind the speed of destruction. If this goes on, he will burst into death! Not to mention that the ninth Thunder Tribulation had not yet come down.
Just at this critical moment, Qin Xiaotian suddenly discovered a Wild Thunder Leopard spine not far away that had not been destroyed by Power of Thunder.
Under the baptism of the power of thunder, this spine was swaying and shining!
Qin Xiaotian thought. Since he has begun to be unable to withstand the power of Purple Night Divine Thunder, why not find a carrier and vent it out?
The Wild Thunder Leopard’s spine, which is intimate to the Power of Thunder, is also suitable for refining a low level magical artifact.
Qin Xiaotian didn’t like it at first. Still, maybe through the Purple Night Divine Thunder tempering, with the integration of Five Elements Spiritual Pearl, it can be transformed into a high level magical artifact! Just think of it.
The Wild Thunder Leopard’s spine was taken into his hand. Then, he immediately sat cross-legged.
A lot of artifact refining materials were taken out, including Five Elements Spiritual Pearl.
In his hand, there was an extremely violent Power of Thunder and mixed with scorching raging fire!
Looking at him, it seems he intends to refine a Magical Artifact on the spot. Chu Yun could not understand Qin Xiaotian’s operation at all.
While Crossing Tribulation and about to face the most terrifying Thunder Tribulation, the ninth Thunder Tribulation. At this juncture of Life and Death, he actually has time to refine a Magical Artifact…?
Artifact refining in Crossing Tribulation?
Isn’t that a big mistake?!
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