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Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

The hall was filled with tyrannical auras. Almost all Nascent Soul big shots in Demon Beast Sea were here! Qin Xiaotian had seen most of these people, but he didn’t know their names.
The appearance of Qin Xiaotian instantly caught the attention of all cultivators.
“Purple Light Devil Child Qin Xiaotian is here too!”
“Oh my! I’ve only seen his overbearing figure on the battlefield yesterday. I didn’t expect that he would be so cute!” A female cultivator said with a smile.
“Let’s talk business. Desolate Sky City Lord invited me here; what’s the matter?”
“I don’t know. I rarely associate with the Desolate Sky City Lord. We always see the head of the divine dragon but not its tail. President Sima, what is going on at this gathering?”
Many of the Nascent Soul cultivators present had their eyes set on a middle-aged man in his thirties. This person was very handsome, out of the ordinary, and looked like Sima Fei. His cultivation base had reached the realm of Nascent Soul Great Perfection.
“Huh? You’re Sima Fei’s father, Sima Wentian?” Qin Xiaotian slandered.
Sima Wentian shook his head calmly while the others showed doubting eyes.
“You don’t even know President Sima?”
At this time, a stunning beauty wearing white clothes came out of the inner hall. This woman had a beautiful face, beautiful features, and she looks like a lotus in the water. She was without any decoration, but still beautiful and thrilling. She had an elegant temperament, outstanding elegance, and all her gestures exuded incomparably amazing charm. Unlike ordinary women, this woman’s eyebrows were less delicate and a little more heroic, but they were completely integrated, and the words “peerless elegance” were vividly embodied by her. Even with the saying “fish falling and wild geese falling, moon closing, and shy flower” was not enough to describe one ten-millionth of her beauty.
Even the small child Qin Xiaotian could not help but freeze for two seconds.
He had seen a lot of beauties in the cultivation world and the celebrities on Earth. But such a stunning beauty in this world, he had never seen it! Even more strangely, the aura hidden in the woman was extremely powerful. It’s better than Sima Wentian.
She reached the Nascent Soul Great Perfection and was even close to the Dividing Spirit Stage. Such overbearing cultivation base aura appeared on a peerless beauty, really shocked the Nascent Soul cultivators.
But Qin Xiaotian felt a little familiar with her from the beginning.
“This aura? Are you… the Desolate Sky City Lord?” Sima Wentian asked with a bit of uncertainty.
The beautiful female cultivator, hearing that, gently nodded.
This time, all the Nascent Soul big shots were dumbfounded!
Everyone knows that the Desolate Sky City Lord is the descendant of Desolate Sky Great Emperor, guarding the Demon Beast Sea for his entire life. Every time the Desolate Sky City Lord appears, he wears Golden Armored War Clothes and holds God-Destroying Spear like a Peerless War God. His heroic and invincible spirit penetrated the mind of every cultivator. There are even a lot of female cultivators fascinated by him.
But who would have thought that this undefeated War God Desolate Sky City Lord is actually a stunning beauty?
This is too surprising!
“Desolate Sky City Lord is actually a woman?! I’ve never realized it for 300 years!”
“It’s no wonder that we only see the head of the divine dragon but not its tail after every battle. It turns out that this is her true body!”
“City Lord, I’m so bitter that you deceived me. I wanted to become a brother with you. I didn’t know you are a woman; this Eminence don’t know what to do!”
The male cultivators looked towards Desolate Sky City Lord’s eyes, even with admiration.
Such a peerless beauty is rare in the world. Even the Nascent Soul powerhouse could not resist her charm.
Everyone was a person with status. Naturally, they didn’t make it too obvious.
“Dear everyone, I invite everyone to come today to discuss some important issues. It is related to the safety and security of the entire Nine States Continent. I ask you to take it seriously!” Desolate Sky City Lord exhaled like blue, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she took on a superior aura, exuding a strong personality charm all over her, as if at this moment, she became the one wearing the Golden Armored War Clothes Invincible War God.
“Didn’t this Demon Beast Tide has been solved? Is there anything else?” Someone asked in confusion.
“The Demon Beast Tide not at all is resolved. The appearance of Devouring Metal Flying Ants is only a sign that the disaster has just begun. I just want to ask you a few questions. Do you know why Demon Beast Tide appeared once every 50 years? Why can’t all Demon Beast Sea’s Demon Beasts be killed? Why did my ancestor, Desolate Sky Great Emperor, who had Supreme Divine Abilities, did not destroy all Demon Beast Sea’s Demon Beast? Instead, he just built Ten Great Ancient Cities to guard the Demon Beast Sea?” These questions were thrown out.
All Nascent Soul cultivators present were silent.
They all know that Demon Beast Tide erupts every fifty years, but why did it break out? No one knows. To know the answer, you have to go inside Demon Beast Sea. No cultivators that had entered the Demon Beast Sea have returned.
Sacrificing one’s own life to solve a doubt in one’s heart is obviously not worth it!
There are more questions you don’t understand in this world! Universe Starry Sky, the endless starry sea, has too many unknown mysteries.
Since it is impossible to know the answer to the question, there is no need to drill the horns!
However, this problem was thrown out by Desolate Sky City Lord, but it raised questions in everyone’s mind.
“City Lord, could it be, do you know the inside story of this Demon Beast Sea?”
“Yes, please listen to me!” Desolate Sky City Lord’s tone, her eyes seemed to be reminiscing. “Fifty thousand years ago, Demon Beast Sea was not what it is now. Demon Beast Sea was still the Holy Land where cultivators gathered! Almost half of the Spirit Vein in the entire continent were gathered here. But somehow, in the center of the ocean, a space was broken, forming a spatial wormhole. No one knows what the other end of the wormhole is! All I know is since then on; disasters broke out completely. The endless Demon Beast Tide… blood washed the entire Nine States Continent. Nearly 10 billion souls were gone. All the cultivation sects in the Demon Beast Sea were extinct because of this. At that time, my ancestor, Desolate Sky Great Emperor, came into being, covering the sky. He suppressed the endless Demon Beast with an exceptional cultivation base and then led the entire continent’s powerhouses to the wormhole space inside the Demon Beast Sea. In that battle, Heaven Falls and Earth Rends, blood flowing into a river. However, as long as the wormhole space does not disappear, Demon Beast Tide will be endless. In order to seal the space wormhole, my ancestor teamed up with the top ten Dividing Spirit powerhouses, thousands of Nascent Soul cultivators, assembled the entire continent’s heavenly materials and earthly treasures, and refined a 7th Grade Dao Artifact Heaven-Sealing Mark. With the power of the Heaven-Sealing Mark, the Space Worm-Hole was sealed, and countless array barriers were laid, so the safety of the Nine Continent was preserved. However, the Heaven-Sealing Mark has a period of weakness every 50 years. Because of this, Demon Beast Tide appears every 50 years in the Demon Beast Sea. But now, the Demon Beast Tide arrived ahead of time, which means that the Heaven-Sealing Mark may be no longer unable to defend the Space Worm-Hole!”
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