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Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

Now that there is a prominent leader of the Dividing Spirit Stage, adding to the fact that more than one hundred Nascent Soul powerhouses from each Great Sect are gathering together, even if the Demon Beast Sea is dangerous, it is no longer impossible to survive in it.
Now that there is a certain chance of winning, the Demon Beast Sea starts to become some sort of a treasure land. Heaven and Earth Spirit Treasure was born from heaven and nurtured by earth; just the 4th Rank Demon Beast is already a treasure!
Many Nascent Soul cultivators have long coveted but have not been able to hunt them down.
It is not easy to gather as many Nascent Soul cultivators as usual. After all, the Nascent Soul Stage’s cultivation base is already a big shot of their respective sects, so it is impossible for them to just follow instructions from a nobody. In addition to that, there is a gap/suspicions between the Great Sects, and it is impossible for them to fight together side by side! But now, there is a reason to fight together. Fishing in troubled waters may mean a hefty profit*.
*TL note: To try to capitalize on or benefit from a situation, circumstance, or experience that is fraught with disorder, difficulty, confusion, stress, etc.
Kill and loot them all on the way! You can make a lot of money.
Many Nascent Soul cultivators had this idea in their hearts. Qin Xiaotian also had this idea.
Anyway, with a big shot already filled the leader spot, it was impossible for Qin Xiaotian to be a leader anymore, especially since he was a child!
Qin Xiaotian’s cultivation base was only Golden Core 3rd Layer, which was still a long way from Nascent Soul Stage. Had it not been for the Flying Metal Flying Ant Tide, it would not make the Purple Light Devil Child’s reputation rise. He would not have been able to enter the Nascent Soul powerhouse circle either.
None of the Nascent Soul powerhouses present there dared to look down upon him.
Desolate Sky City Lord had bright eyes. She looked one after another at the reactions of the Great Cultivators in this room. She felt like a mirror** in her heart.
**TL note: 明镜 míng jìng= mirror (as a metaphor for something beautiful, bright and flat — such as a lake — or something that provides clarity and insight)
Whether these people are really willing to go to seal the space wormhole or what their ulterior motives are, it doesn’t matter. All that’s important is that they will go. By that time, they’ll have to contribute to this operation.
“Everyone, you must be cautious about going to the Demon Beast Sea. If you don’t want to participate, you can leave now. I will never force this matter upon you.”
As soon as Desolate Sky City Lord’s words fell, the cultivators present looked at each other in dismay.
No one left.
“City Lord, are you speaking correctly? In order to save this world, this Yuan is obliged to do so. At this critical moment of crisis, how can I be greedy for life and fear death regardless of morality?”
“Even more what Brother Yuan has said, my cultivators were born to help justice and die to slay demons. So, I will participate in this operation!”
“With great power comes great responsibility. I agree with Fellow Daoist Sima!”
A crowd of Nascent Soul cultivators… all decisively, eyes firm. It seems that in order to save people, they are willing to sacrifice themselves and dedicate themselves. That was a 180-degree turnaround.
Qin Xiaotian was stunned.
These Nascent Soul powerhouses always have a pair of dive poise and sage-like etiquette in front of their juniors. Unexpectedly, they were such shameless people! Qin Xiaotian felt that he was shameless enough sometimes, but compared to these guys, he found that his shameless rank was far behind these Nascent Soul powerhouses!
Sure enough, the older you live, the more shameless you become.
When they heard that they could survive, they spoke righteously. ‘For the sake of the world, for the sake of righteousness!’
Your sister’s ethics have all fallen out of the ground, so she pretends to be noble! Shameless!
“Since everyone is righteous, I won’t say more. The operation to the Demon Beast Sea will start in ten days. Everyone should be prepared. It’s best to preserve strength and store up energy. The things that should be said to your family before the operation starts must also be said clearly. After all, I can’t guarantee that everyone can come back safely in this operation! Also, you must keep in mind that this matter cannot be spread outside, so as not to cause unnecessary panic!” The words of Desolate Sky City Lord, like a bucket of cold water, poured on everyone’s heads.
Indeed, this operation has the Dividing Spirit big shot overseeing and more than a hundred Nascent Soul powerhouse gather, but who can guarantee that there will be no danger? Will the Dividing Spirit big shot save your life at a critical moment? Stop being naive! No matter when and where, only oneself can be trusted. How can they not even understand this point after living for so many years?
Of course, they were confident. Qin Xiaotian too, was equally confident in himself.
Qin Xiaotian had many means to protect his life. As the Nascent Soul powerhouse, they naturally have a lot of lifesaving methods too.
The content of this meeting was very simple to say but difficult to do.
It was nothing more than a group of experts gathered together to explore the Demon Beast Sea, find treasure, fight monsters, and finally seal the Space Worm-Hole. If it can be successfully sealed, everyone will be happy. If the operation failed, the Nine States Continent, billions of people, will need to prepare to ask for more blessings!
Qin Xiaotian performed very low-profile in this meeting, never saying a word from beginning to end.
Anyway, he was just a soy saucer. After all, his cultivation base was not high, and he was not the core figure of this operation. There was a Dividing Spirit big shot overseeing.
A few days after the meeting, all Nascent Soul powerhouses in Ten Great Ancient Cities were secluded!
At this time, within each Great Sect, some prestigious Nascent Soul powerhouses, and even the legendary characters who have long disappeared, descended on the Demon Beast Sea.
If it is only one or two, it won’t be enough to attract the attention of a lot of cultivators. But dozens of legendary characters appear at once. What the hell?
And in the next few days, these legendary characters were coming in endlessly, and each people arriving here were becoming more and more awesome.
Patriarch of XX Super Cultivation Aristocratic Family. Supreme Elder of a sect. Peerless Supreme Talent who was famous hundreds of years ago. Even a group of Sect Master Teachers came to Demon Beast Sea.
The millions of cultivators in the Ten Great Ancient Cities finally noticed something was wrong!
Demon Beast Sea must have a major event coming soon. Otherwise, how can these legendary experts who barely show their tails come to Demon Beast Sea like going to the market?
Countless cultivators talked.
“Fellow Daoist, don’t you think it’s weird recently? Metal-Devouring Ant Tide has clearly passed. Why are these Nascent Soul powerhouses looking for enemies? The ant tide can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Why is every legend here right now?”
“Unclear! But something big is going to happen!”
“Just now, at the Transmission Array, there’s a legendary figure… This person is the Seven Kills Holy Lord; he was famous five hundred years ago. It is said that the first-hand Drawing Sword Severing Heaven Technique is the best in the world and can cut through the sky with one swing!”
“Is it really the Seven Kills Holy Lord? That’s a real Legendary big shot. The Seven Kills Holy Lord’s Peak battle that year killed one of seven Nascent Soul Early Stage with one move, ‘Drawing Sword Severing Heaven Technique’. The Seven Kills of the Sword, shaking Heaven and Earth, unpredictable even for Heaven and Earth, he is known as the Seven Kills Holy Lord. Although he retired from the cultivation world, his legend is still circulating in the cultivation world to this day!”
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