Novel Name : Strongest Invincible Brat

Chapter 81

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Chapter 81

“Fellow Daoist Cang Yun, what you said is a bit irrational! Although Daoist Lie Yang had some kind of friendship with you, it happened hundreds of years ago! I’ve heard that Daoist Lie Yang asked you to return the thing you borrowed from him ten years ago, and you didn’t return it. That’s why the two of you have already split. It’s well known in the cultivation world. Since when were you under the banner of Daoist Lie Yang 觊觎 Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier? Your skin is too thick!” Immortal Spirit Dao Academy Dean Jin Chenzi immediately stood up, retorting righteously. He was standing firmly on Qin Xiaotian’s side.
Qin Xiaotian’s 6th Grade Spirit Treasure is equivalent to Immortal Spirit Dao Academy’s 6th Grade Spirit Treasure. At this time, there is absolutely no reason to turn his elbows away.
But Qin Xiaotian could hear from Dean’s voice that he was afraid of Cang Yun even though he was trying to help Qin Xiaotian!
“Heheh! Fellow Daoist Jin Chen, you’ve made such a fuss. How could there be conflicts between us brothers? You dare to insult my brotherhood with Daoist Lie Yang because of such a trivial matter? I know that the Purple Light Devil Child Qin Xiaotian came from your Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, and your partiality is understandable. This Eminence never meant to embarrass him, as long as he surrenders Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier. You must not turn black and white for your own self-interest, regardless of the ethics. Don’t you know that there are justice and morality under this vast world?”
“You······” Jin Chenzi almost snapped.
He could not believe that there was such a shameless person in this world!
“Fellow Daoist Jin Chen, I think what Daoist Cang Yun said is reasonable. This Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier is not originally from your Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, and it should indeed be returned!”
“Fellow Daoist Cang Yun is a Heaven Encompassing Sect Master and a Daoist Yun Xiao’s direct disciple. He’s also one of the most qualified experts on the continent! He has always handled things impartially. This is known to everyone. I think there’s nothing wrong if he takes back Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier!”
Qin Xiaotian listened for a moment.
He didn’t expect the truth to be said this way.
Did some donkeys kick these Nascent Soul experts’ heads?
Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier was indeed Lie Yang’s Magical Artifact. This magic treasure was nothing more than a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact. But now, this magic treasure has been transformed into a 6th Grade Spirit Treasure. How can this Artifact still be the same thing? Besides, Lie Yang’s magic treasure has nothing to do with Cang Yun. Find a better excuse!
Qin Xiaotian laughed.
His smile was bright, showing his little white teeth. Anyone who knew him will know that once he smiles, it means he’s angry!
Qin Xiaotian was angry, and the consequences for making him angry are very serious!
“Cang Yun, right? I heard you’re the Heaven Encompassing Sect Master and Daoist Yun Xiao’s direct disciple?” Qin Xiaotian mockingly said so unintentionally, maybe intentionally.
“It is indeed this Eminence. What advice can Fellow Daoist Xiaotian give me?” In the face of Qin Xiaotian’s questioning, Daoist Cang Yun stood with his hands behind his back, exuding a domineering contempt in his eyes.
His Master, Daoist Yun Xiao, is leading this operation to the Demon Beast Sea. With a Dividing Spirit Stage big shot overseeing, who dares not give respect to Heaven Encompassing Sect?
Even facing the same level as Jin Chenzi, Desolate Sky City Lord, Seven Kills Holy Lord, Sima Wentian, and the others at the same level, Cang Yun still has a condescending aura.
Purple Light Devil Child Qin Xiaotian was indeed quite out of the ordinary, which was why he had not done anything. Otherwise, according to his past temperament, a child of the Golden Core Stage is not worth to care in his eyes. Qin Xiaotian would have been robbed a long time ago, and Cang Yun would not have needed to talk so much nonsense!
He believed that Daoist Yun Xiao’s name could calm Qin Xiaotian. This is the influence of the Heaven Encompassing Sect!
Faced with such pressure, Qin Xiaotian didn’t say a word of nonsense.
His body flashed and appeared instantly in front of Cang Yun.
Raising his hand- was a slap, and at an incredible speed, he shoveled Cang Yun’s majestic and domineering left face!
“pa!” A clear and slap in the face, resounding in all directions.
Then, Cang Yun’s body fell from the sky like a cannonball. It slammed into the extremely hard ground. It wasn’t until a huge pit deep 50 meters was smashed that the buffering force was reduced.
All Nascent Soul powerhouses were stunned! Hundreds of thousands of onlookers instantly dumbfounded. Each and everyone’s eyeballs fell all over the place!
No one expected that Cang Yun, who had been arrogant, was slapped alive by a child into the depths of the earth in the next second!
Cang Yun is the Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouse! Even if you are careless, you can’t be hanged by a Little Brat of the Golden Core Stage, right? And was that ‘Teleportation’ just now? Has Qin Xiaotian comprehended the Space Rule?
Of course, as the powerhouse of Nascent Soul Great Perfection, it was naturally impossible for Qin Xiaotian to slap Cang Yun to death! Even if he was photographed in the depths of fifty meters deep underground, he was only slightly injured.
In the next second, Cang Yun rushed out of the ground. Although his hair was messy and his clothes were disheveled, his entire body exploded a terrifying aura.
Feeling the pain on his face, Cang Yun’s lungs were about to explode!
As a faction of Supreme Sect Master, when was the last time he was humiliated? But now, he was slapped by a child in front of countless cultivators, and he was slapped so loudly.
This is more than shame; this is a humiliation.
“Qin… Xiao… tian! You dare to humiliate this Eminence so much-! This Eminence will definitely set you down!” Cang Yun uttered those words and roared.
He shot out his palm, and abyss-like True Essence Power surged out.
There were ripples in the space. A giant golden palm seal condensed.
This golden palm seal swelled in the wind. Almost instantly, it turned into a huge palm of a thousand meters high.
With the destructive aura, he stubbornly pushed towards Qin Xiaotian!
“Heavens! Is that the Tathagata Divine Palm?!”
The power emanating from this huge palm print is probably more than a hundred times stronger than the Tathagata Divine Palm in the movie.
However, the corner of Qin Xiaotian’s mouth showed a contemptuous smile.
The moment the huge palm print came towards him, Qin Xiaotian’s silhouette disappeared again. The next second, he appeared behind Cang Yun.
“Want a sneak attack? Little bastard, this Eminence will never-“
His voice was cut off
“pa!” It was a clear slap, and it was deafening.
The ‘body-protecting light’ on Cang Yun was forcibly smashed into pieces by Qin Xiaotian’s small palm, and his palm shoveled on Cang Yun’s face. Even with the 4th Grade flying sword protecting him, it didn’t stand a chance.
“Boom!” The next second, there was a loud noise from the ground.
This time, Cang Yun was shot into 100 meters deep underground.
Hundreds of thousands of cultivators stared blankly at this scene, each and every one mouth opened wide their mouths.
When Cang Yun was slapped for the first time, it can be explained that he was careless. The second time, Qin Xiaotian unexpectedly succeeded in slapping him with his sneak attack.
But what actually happened the second time?
“Teleportation! A real Space Divine Ability, Teleportation!”
“Purple Light Devil Child Qin Xiaotian is so terrifying! Isn’t his cultivation base only in Golden Core Stage? How did he beat a Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouse so over the top?”
“That’s not the point! Why is his cultivation base a dozen realms above?”
“Then, his physical strength must have surpassed his own cultivation base a lot!”
The atmosphere was suffocating!
This time, Cang Yun became downright violent!
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