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Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

Qin Xiaotian suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart. It was as though everything between Heaven and Earth has become extremely friendly with him.
He can hide his body, turn it into a breeze, turn it into a drop of water, or even a speck of dust, with just thinking about it.
This ability seems to be innate. As long as he doesn’t want to be discovered, others can’t really find him.
Like a ghost, come without shadow, go without a trace, galloping freely between Heaven and Earth.
This is different than ordinary blindfolding someone. This is like a more advanced innate talent ability, a Hidden Kill Technique that can make even the Nascent Soul powerhouse unable to notice him!
With this technique, in unexpected circumstances, Qin Xiaotian even felt that he could give Daoist Cang Yun a second without using Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier.
At this time, Qin Xiaotian’s secretly eating the inner core seemed to have been discovered by Jin Chenzi next to him.
“Elder Xiaotian, what are you eating?”
“Eating snacks, Dean. You want to have some?” Qin Xiaotian chewed his mouth and said with a grin, revealing a mouthful of white teeth.
“Snacks? No, no. This Eminence hasn’t eaten snacks since I was 18 years old. Even I rarely ate ordinary food. In fact, for cultivators among my realm, we only need to absorb enough Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi to maintain ourselves. If you eat too much, it will produce impurities. There’s really no need. Elder Xiaotian, you should eat less snacks in the future!” Jin Chenzi said earnestly.
“Dean, though you said that, I’m still growing. How can I grow faster without eating more?”
As soon as Qin Xiaotian said this, Jin Chenzi was speechless for a moment.
Qin Xiaotian has been getting more and more awesome these days. So far, he is not just a genius; he can even be regarded as a famous powerhouse. The prestige of Purple Light Devil Child Qin Xiaotian has spread throughout the continent. There are so many legends about him already that made people ignore his age. No matter how awesome Qin Xiaotian is, whether he is an almighty powerhouse reincarnation or not, at least he is still only six years old.
He’s really just a child. Isn’t it normal for a child of his age to still be in a growth period?
Attentive Jin Chenzi found that Qin Xiaotian did seem to have grown a few centimeters higher during this period. When he first entered the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, he was almost one meter. Now he has reached one meter.
He looks like a seven-year-old child!
Of course, there is no difference between the age of seven and six. They all still look like a child. Ordinary children at his age are generally naughty.
Qin Xiaotian’s skin was just so tough, and even the Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouse could not control him.
Jin Chenzi loves and hates him at the same time. What he loves is that he can see hope in Qin Xiaotian. With Immortal Spirit Dao Academy under Qin Xiaotian’s leadership, they can rise completely and return to the peak era. What he hates is that this child is a troublemaker. If he doesn’t do anything in one day, he will feel uncomfortable. After all, he did offend Heaven Encompassing Sect at every turn. If it wasn’t for Daoist Yun Xiao’s broad-mindedness, I’m afraid Qin Xiaotian would have been destroyed long ago. Even Immortal Spirit Dao Academy might have been destroyed too!
“Hey! Look. What is that?” Just as the crowd continued to fly, suddenly, someone in the crowd cried out in surprise.
“It’s a moving island!”
“After flying so long, we finally found the island! Let’s go and rest there!”
“Wait a minute, something is wrong!” Desolate Sky City Lord stopped them.
“What’s wrong?” Someone asked.
“That’s not an island, that’s… a Demon Beast!” When Desolate Sky City Lord’s voice fell, everyone raised their eyes.
Although this island is not large, it covers a radius of at least 5,000 meters. If it is a Demon Beast, isn’t this too big? Is there such a big Demon Beast in this world?
“Desolate Sky City Lord is right! If I’m not wrong, this should be a 5th Rank Demon Beast, the Nine Heavens Profound Turtle. The moving island is actually just the half of its shell exposed. Nine Heavens Profound Turtle contains the bloodline of the mysterious Martial God beast. The older the turtle, the stronger its strength. Such huge Nine Heavens Profound Turtle is at least 10,000 years level!” Yun Xiao, who hadn’t said a word, suddenly said solemnly.
“We should hurry! I heard that the Nine Heavens Profound Turtles have a gentle temperament. Among various Demon Beasts, their temper is the best one. They generally don’t attack people easily but extremely terrifying when they’re angry. Their defense is quite heavenly defying. Their tortoise shells made the Demon Beast ranked 5th Rank Demon Beast. The most difficult defense to break is simply an existence that cannot be killed! “He was followed by Controlling Beast Pavillion Lord, Zhao Wuji.
Zhao Wuji is a Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouse. Not only that, but he is also a grandmaster-level Beast Controller who specializes in the Technology of Imperial Beast. He is a treasure for the world’s Demon Beast.
There were two Top Grade Demon Beasts in his hand as his mounts. One was the Golden-Winged Divine Vulture, and the other was the Roaring Heaven Tiger that he spent a lot of time capturing!
Both are Peak 4th Rank Demon Beast, which adds up to three Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouses. When fighting against others, he has an advantage in quantity. That’s why Controlling Beast Pavillion is one of the Ten Great Sects in the Nine States Continent.
The appearance of Nine Heavens Profound Turtle was indeed shocking. Many Nascent Soul Stage cultivators had a very intuitive understanding of the Demon Beast Sea at this time. There may be many Demon Beasts on land, but those Demon Beasts are just a drop in the bucket compared to Demon Beasts in the ocean. After only flying so far, they only found a Tier 5 monster, which was still floating on the surface of the sea.
For tens of thousands of years, the Demon Beast Tide has let human cultivators know how terrible Demon Beasts are.
But they never thought that those on land were, at best, some Demon Beasts that are accustomed to living on land. And what about those who have not landed on land? After tens of thousands of years of development, these Demon Beasts, which are more adaptable to water, can no longer be described in words. It’s thanks to their life habits in the water that they haven’t destroy the entire Nine States Continent!
Sure enough, as Zhao Wuji said, this Nine Heavens Profound Turtle has a gentle temperament. Even if it spotted a group of human cultivators flying over it, it did not get angry. It seems that because its body is so large, it can’t even bother to move.
This 10,000-year-old turtle has nothing to do with the world, floating quietly on the surface of the sea very comfortably.
Three days passed by in a flash. Along the way, they encountered a lot of Demon Beasts ranging from 1st Rank to 4th Rank. Most of them did not pose any fatal threat to the team. After all, they are a group of Nascent Soul Stage powerhouses. Although the Demon Beast Sea is dangerous, they still have many methods to deal with it.
And at this moment, a real island appeared in front of everyone.
This island is very large with Immortal Qi permeated on it, its Spiritual Qi is rich, flowers are everywhere. Thousands or even tens of thousands of years of spirit medicines can be seen everywhere. It grows like weeds.
“Could this be the Southern Bright Li Island recorded in the ancient historical materials?! It’s rumored that the Southern Bright Li Island was a holy land for cultivation 50,000 years ago, coveted by all cultivators in the world!”
“Let’s go and take a look. Maybe we can also find the inheritance left by the ancient supreme experts!”
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