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Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

One hundred and ninety cultivators decided to enter the Southern Bright Li Island.
Over the past three days, Qin Xiaotian had been extremely low-key. Except for the first encounter with Shadow Devil Monkey, he was more like a soy saucer. In fact, Qin Xiaotian wants to be a low-profile luxurious, and connotative person.
In many cases, he didn’t intend to show off intentionally, but he is so awesome that he was mistaken to be showing off.
Oh! Being invincible is so lonely!
While Qin Xiaotian’s heart was full of emotions, the entire group landed on the Southern Bright Li Island.
Just stepping on this island, everyone instantly felt an extremely rich Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.
“The Spiritual Qi Index here is really high! It’s better than the Spiritual Qi on our Immortal Spirit Dao Academy Heavenly Path Peak!” Jin Chenzi said in surprise.
“In such spiritual place, there must be some Heaven and Earth Spirit Treasures around here. Why don’t we search separately?” A Nascent Soul cultivator suggested.
“I think everyone should be more careful. Every Heavenly Paradise usually has a strong Demon Beast guard. To prevent some accidents, let’s not separate for the time being!” Desolate Sky City Lord shook her head.
Although everyone had different opinions, in the end, what Desolate Sky City Lord said was the most reasonable. Those who want to search individually were probably just trying to collect more spirit grass spirit medicine, that’s all, and also want to try their luck to see if they can get some kind of chance. But when chance is compared with safety, it is clear that safety is more important.
A large group of people searched from the inside to the center of the island.
Qin Xiaotian became more surprised as he walked.
Thousand Years White Jade Ginseng, Ten Thousand Years Blood Spirit Mushroom, Top Grade Vermillion Fruit, Jade Bone Immortal Orchid, and so on.
On this island, so many precious Heaven and Earth spirit medicine are everywhere. Each one is ancient, and their Spiritual Qi is plentiful. Each is Top Grade pill refining medicinal ingredient.
Nascent Soul cultivators dug the ground as they were walking, each with a smile on their face.
This Southern Bright Li Island is simply a natural treasure medicine storehouse.
Who knows how many years have passed with no human on the island?
After tens of thousands of years of accumulation, it is flooded with treasures.
Under this wave of harvest, everyone would make a lot of money.
Qin Xiaotian was also squatting on the ground to pick up a spirit mushroom. He ate it as soon as he picks it up.
“Ugh. This Ten Thousand Years Blood Spirit Mushroom doesn’t taste very good. It actually tastes like normal raw mushrooms!” Qin Xiaotian couldn’t help to vomit after eating one spirit mushroom.
Jin Chenzi glanced at him squintly, and the corners of his mouth twitched unconsciously.
“Hm… The spirit medicine here grows too densely. Even if the island’s Spiritual Qi is abundant and no one has set foot in here for tens of thousands of years, the spirit medicine would not grow so crazy, unless…”
“Unless what?”
“Unless there is a Heaven and Earth Spirit Spring.”
Speaking of which, a group of cultivators who didn’t care about collecting ran wildly towards the center of the island.
“Swish swish!” The sound of breaking through the air sounded one after another.
These Nascent Soul cultivators have turned into a stream of light. Their speed was as fast as lightning. They fear that if they take a step slower, the benefits will be lost.
Heaven and Earth Spirit Spring are a special Spirit Spring born in a place where Spirit Vein converge.
This Spirit Spring is endlessly useful. It integrates Heaven and Earth essence of the sun and moon and births the treasures of Five Elements and Yin Yang. As long as the place has a Spirit Spring, the growth of various spirit medicine is bound to flourish. And the most important thing is that once Heaven and Earth Spirit Spring are discovered, then in all likelihood, you will find some Immortal Grade Treasure Medicines.
Compared with Immortal Grade Treasure Medicine, these so-called Thousand Years Ginseng and Ten Thousand Years Spirit Mushroom are no different from weeds!
Qin Xiaotian stopped squatting on the ground.
Do you think Qin Xiaotian will lose this opportunity?
The moment a crowd of Nascent Soul cultivators broke through the air, Qin Xiaotian immediately caught up to them using his skills. His little body turned into an afterimage in an instant.
The center of the island is a mountain range of clouds and rain, which stretches for hundreds of miles, covered by clouds and mist like a Divine Dragon crawls here.
When Qin Xiaotian caught up, he found a quiet spring in front of him.
The mouth of the spring is not large. It is only a few dozen square meters by visual inspection. However, the spring water is surrounded by a hundred flowers blooming. The flowers do not wither all the year-round, forming a variety of strange scenes.
What’s even more incredible is that two plants are growing in the spring.
They look similar to a lotus, but their leaves are exuding five-colored divine glows. The lotuses’ root is colored icy jade. What’s more strange is that the lotus seeds condensed by the two jade lotuses are like golden pills.
Not only did the plants flickered Divine Lights, but also, the endless Heaven and Earth elements were condensed into it. Even on the Lotus Seed, there was a Rule of Five Elements Inscription.
“This… could it be the legendary Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus?”
“It’s really Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus! My God! And there are two of them at once!”
“I heard that Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus is Heaven and Earth rare treasure; an Immortal Grade Spirit Plant. It has an incredible magic effect. Just a lotus seed can make a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator soar for a hundred years out of thin air. If the entire Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus is served on a plate, it can skyrocket a thousand years’ worth of cultivation base. The Nascent Soul Great Perfection cultivator can use the Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus to hit the Dividing Spirit Realm in one fell swoop…”
For a moment, all the cultivators’ eyes present turned green. It seemed as if some wolves had extremely greedy eyes.
Their hearts were extremely hot. Despite being a Nascent Soul powerhouse, they can’t help being extremely excited at this moment, mainly because the temptation was too great.
The higher the realm, the more difficult it becomes to break through. Especially for Nascent Soul cultivators to break through a realm, the difficulty of which is well known. Many people have stayed in the same realm for hundreds of years, even thousands of years. To break through the Dividing Spirit Stage, the foundation that needs to be accumulated cannot be imagined by ordinary people.
When the cultivation base reached this realm, ordinary spirit medicine does not affect them. Only can they rely on the accumulation of years and months, little by little improvement of cultivation.
Now they encountered the legendary Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus.
How can you not get excited?
How can you not be excited?!
Especially for Zhao Wuji, Ye Fan, Seven Kills Holy Lord, Cang Yun, Sima Wentian, and the others, Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus is the key to break through the Dividing Spirit Stage.
There were only two Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotuses. These would likely give birth to two peerless Dividing Spirit Stage powerhouses.
No one wanted to give up. Including Desolate Sky City Lord and Jin Chenzi, both showed an expression of incomparable desire! The atmosphere became extremely depressing for a while!
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