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Chapter 96

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Chapter 96

Yun Xiao, Desolate Sky City Lord, Jin Chenzi and the others went through thorns and thorns. After several bloody battles, they finally arrived at the Ancient Space Worm-Hole Land of Seal.
A small island is floating in the deep blue sea.
This island is unique. It doesn’t seem to be formed naturally but was built artificially by the almighty powerhouse by moving mountains and draining seas tens of thousands of years ago.
The whole island is about ten thousand meters in diameter, and the shape is quadrangular.
Twelve Heaven-Sealing Divine Pillars are standing around the island. Each Heaven-Sealing Divine Pillar is visually at least a thousand feet tall, about ten meters in diameter, and is engraved with densely packed talisman inscriptions.
It’s impossible to see what kind of material these stone pillars are made of.
Each pillar is like a stabilizing force, exuding the ancient majestic aura, and even after fifty thousand years of wind and frost, it still stands.
At this moment, every Nascent Soul cultivator felt an inexplicable shock. They looked up.
Above the twelve Heaven-Sealing Divine Pillar, a huge black hole with a diameter more than two hundred meters wide. Extremely dark. It hung in the sky.
In that Black Hole, there was an inexplicable aura that made one’s heart palpitating. It is as if you are gazing into the abyss.
Even the Nascent Soul powerhouses felt some kind of fear while looking into it.
And at the center of the Black Hole, there was a golden seal. Its shape is like a jade seal. The seal emits a brilliant golden glow, which firmly enveloped the Black Hole.
It seems that the small seal exudes a mighty power that can shake Heaven and Earth.
The bottom of the seal was engraved with the word “Heaven Sealing”.
Looking at the golden seal, all the cultivators had inexplicable respect in their hearts!
“Is this the Heaven-Sealing Mark?! Keeping the Space Worm-Hole fifty thousand years long; the Heaven-Sealing Mark is truly amazing! The faint golden light doesn’t look conspicuous, but it seems like a kind of Heaven and Earth power to suppress everything! “
“And these twelve pillars… Could it be the legendary Twelve Heavenly Cycles Star Array that has been lost?”
“It’s definitely it! Only with the Twelve Heavenly Cycles Star Array, we can continuously draw Heaven and Earth Power of Stars and then pass Power of Stars to the Heaven-Sealing Mark. Sealing the Space Worm-Hole for another fifty thousand years.”
“Such huge handwriting is simply unimaginable! I don’t know how the Senior experts fifty thousand years ago did it!”
A group of Nascent Soul cultivators chatted. Their hearts inevitably raised some sort of nostalgia about Desolate Sky Great Emperor and the Senior experts from fifty thousand years ago.
At this time, Jin Chenzi suddenly finds his Communication Spirit Talisman ringing. When he opened it, he didn’t expect it was a message from Qin Xiaotian.
“Hi, Dean! Where are you guys?” Qin Xiaotian’s voice is very dull, but he couldn’t hide a trace of excitement in that dullness. It seemed that something good happened, and Qin Xiaotian was extremely happy.
“We’ve safely reached the Land of Seal in Space Worm-Hole, and things are going well. All we need to do is for the Desolate Sky City Lord to add the Ancestral Talisman. More importantly, Elder Xiaotian, you’ve escaped the pursuit of the Five Clawed Devil Dragon, right?” Jin Chenzi said in a very caring tone.
“That’s hard to say in one word! Wait until we meet again!” Qin Xiaotian didn’t elaborate on the cause, course, and result of the incident. He decided to shock the Nascent Soul cultivators and complete a wave of sky shows so that it was in line with his usual style of behavior.
“You can find us as long as you fly all the way to the southeast. I left some marks along the way. Based on those marks, you won’t be confused about the direction. But when you arrive, the Space Worm-Hole’s problem might have been solved already!” Jin Chenzi said in a rather relaxed tone.
However, Qin Xiaotian frowned when he heard this.
He felt more and more strange about this incident.
This legendary Space Worm-Hole is enough to subvert the entire Nine States Continent. Is it about to be sealed that easily? Isn’t it too simple?
Isn’t the Space Worm-Hole supposed to be unstable the whole time? And the Heaven-Sealing Mark is doing fine? Tens of billions of Metal-Devouring Ant Tide broke out some time ago!
Didn’t we encounter a lot of Demon Beasts obstacles along the way?
Qin Xiaotian recalled everything they had experienced after coming to Demon Beast Sea.
At this moment, he suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air!
He understood! He finally understood!
“Is this Yun Xiao’s game?! Fake! Everything is bogus! The Demon Beast Tide is fake, and the ‘Space Worm-Hole seal is unstable’ thing is also fake! It was a mistake for us to be here in the Demon Beast Sea from the beginning!” Qin Xiaotian already felt that he was shameless enough. But he didn’t expect Yun Xiao, a respectable one, would be a hundred times more shameless than him!
Qin Xiaotian is shameless, but at least he has a bottom line. However, Yun Xiao’s shameless really has no bottom line!
“Dean, listen to me. No matter how mischievous this Qin Xiaotian was before, at this moment, you must trust me, don’t trust Yun Xiao. He is the secret mastermind. If he wants Seal Space Worm-Hole, please be sure to stop him…” Qin Xiaotian’s tone was extremely dignified. More dignified than ever, even in the face of Five Clawed Devil Dragon’s pursuit, he never had such a tone.
Jin Chenzi initially thought Qin Xiaotian was kidding!
They finally came to the Space Worm-Hole’s Land of Seal after a lot of hardships. Didn’t we come here to re-seal and reinforce the Heaven-Sealing Mark? Qin Xiaotian asked him to stop it, which is too ridiculous!
But after hearing Qin Xiaotian’s solemn tone, he didn’t feel like joking. The Qin Xiaotian that he knew before had never been real.
Saying this at such a critical moment, if it’s not a joke, then…
At this time, Desolate Sky City Lord had taken out inheritance Ancestral Talisman.
After approaching the Heaven-Sealing Mark, Ancestral Talisman exudes the divine glow, which vaguely echoes the Heaven-Sealing Mark in the sky.
She was about to incorporate the inheritance Ancestral Talisman essay into the Heaven-Sealing Mark, but a discordant voice suddenly sounded in the crowd.
“Desolate Sky City Lord, don’t do it!”
“Dean Jin Chenzi, what do you mean by this?” Desolate Sky City Lord frowned.
For a moment, all the cultivators present focused their attention on Jin Chenzi.
“It’s like this City Lord… Elder Xiaotian sent me a message just now. He said that reinforcing Heaven-Sealing Mark seems to be a bit wrong, and… that this is all a part of Daoist Yun Xiao’s master plan. Maybe Elder Xiaotian’s statement is a bit biased, but this Jin also believes that this Heaven-Sealing Mark seems to have not shown signs of instability since we saw it. So I ask the City Lord to be cautious!” Jin Chenzi said these words almost bitterly and bracing himself.
Because at this moment, Yun Xiao looked at his gaze, almost like a dead person, the sharp killing intent did not hide anything.
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