Novel Name : Did The Affectionate Love Interest Collapse Today?

Chapter 40.1 - ALIC Chapter 40.1

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Chapter 40.1 - ALIC Chapter 40.1

Mu Yang’s eyes were dark and cloudy as he looked at the young man on the couch.
What the hell is going on?
How did Ah Ye become like this?
How could he appear in the master’s palace?
Why would Master do such a thing?
And…what’s with the almost uncontrollable jealous pain in his heart?
Lin Ziran was held by the demon in his arms. His eyes were covered with a layer of tears, and his vision was a little blurry, so he didn’t notice the gap in the door until the door was pushed open, and the boy rushed in front of him. He turned his head sideways and was startled, his face flushed with embarrassment!
What happened?
Why did the door open…
How could Mu Yang appear here…
During this period of time, he had become accustomed to the mischief of the heart demon, and gradually relaxed his vigilance, never expecting to face such an embarrassing scene.
This is called being caught! In! Bed!
What to do? He wanted to find a chance to die before Mu Yang left seclusion, but Mu Yang actually saw this scene with his own eyes. The little angel will definitely hate him this time…
Lin Ziran’s face was bloodless, his lips moved, but he couldn’t speak…
No matter how he quibbled, the truth is the truth…
Just when Lin Ziran was so ashamed and wished to slap himself to death, Mu Yang suddenly drew out his sword and pointed it forward!
He was obviously very angry. His eyes seemed to be filled with flames, and even the hand holding the sword trembled slightly…
Lin Ziran: …
[Lin Ziran: I understand his feelings. My good sister took advantage of her seclusion to sleep with her man. If it were me, I would also kill someone. I’m not sad at all. Really qaq]
[Lin Ziran babbled: Anyway, this mission is a failure, isn’t it still death no matter in whose hands? So embarrassing, it’s better to die sooner than later. 】
Lin Ziran looked at Mu Yang’s pale face, and thought their friendship has finally ended today!
Seeing Mu Yang thrust his sword, he closed his eyes reflexively.
But he didn’t feel any pain, so it must be the heart demong it, right? That’s right, Mu Yang can’t beat his heart demons…
Lin Ziran took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes again.
Mu Yang’s eyes were red. He stabbed the heart demon with a sword, but the heart demon only slightly raised one hand and pinched the tip of his sword in his hand! Then, with a flick of his fingertips, Mu Yang fell heavily and spat out blood!
Lin Ziran: ? ? ?
Didn’t he come to kill him?
Mu Yang knelt on one knee on the ground, blood staining the front of his clothes. He supported his body with one hand and knelt on the ground on one knee. Even after reaching the Fenshen realm after all his hard work, he was still so weak in front of Xuan Yan.
Such humiliation…
It is impossible for Ah Ye to be willing to be treated like this, he must have been forced, yet he cannot protect him.
Mu Yang looked at Xuan Yan, his voice hoarse and painful: “Why did you do this?”
Out of rage, he refused to call him master.
Lin Ziran finally came to his senses now. Mu Yang was so angry just now not because he robbed the person he liked, but because the demon hurt him?
His eyes suddenly flickered. It turned out that the little angel didn’t blame him.
Although he was a little disappointed that Mu Yang didn’t fall in love with Xuan Yan, Mu Yang was exactly as written in the script, a good brother who would never betray him no matter what!
Even after seeing such a thing, even if the strength is so disparate, his first thought is to save him… never doubting him at all…
When he thought that he had misunderstood Mu Yang just now, Lin Ziran felt guilty.
No, Mu Yang’s impulsive attack must have angered the demon, but the demon is not Xuan Yan. He is capable of anything, and he might kill Mu Yang in a fit of anger!
He must not let him hurt Mu Yang!
The little angel is so good to him, how can he let him be hurt because of this!
I want to protect you too!
Mu Yang stabbed him, sword after sword as if he was not afraid of death! Then, he got kicked out again and again!
But no matter how many times he was beaten out, he struggled to step forward again…
The young man was covered in blood and his hair was messy, but his eyes were burning like flames, burning with unyielding persistence…
Lin Ziran looked anxiously. No, no, no… it’s only a matter of time before Mu Yang is beaten to death.
While holding on to his heart demon, he sternly said, “Stop!” Then he looked at Mu Yang with concern. “Don’t come here! I’m fine! Don’t be impulsive!”
Mu Yang looked at Lin Ziran in pain. His eyes fell on the traces on his body, remembering the posture he was forced into just now. That kind of… sight is called nothing?
Mu Yang stabbed the ground with his sword, supporting his crumbling body, and looked at him in despair and sadness.
Lin Ziran suddenly fell silent.
He didn’t think much about the incident just now, but thinking about it now, it is clearly the demon’s ploy!
What he had tried before, he couldn’t open the door with all his strength. How could it not be closed, allowing it to be pushed open so easily by Mu Yang? The heart demon must have expected Mu Yang to appear, but deliberately let Mu Yang witness such a scene, and made Mu Yang attack him…
He wanted to take the opportunity to kill Mu Yang.
Lin Ziran only felt chills all over his body. During this time, the heart demons had been submissive to him and meticulous in every way that he almost forgot that he was a demon by nature, causing him to be reckless regardless of the consequences.
Lin Ziran pulled the quilt over and threw himself to the ground immediately, blocking in front of Mu Yang, “If you want to kill him, you’ll need to kill me first!”
As soon as these words came out, the heart demon’s eyes suddenly became cold.
“Mu Yang has disrespected his master and offended his superiors. Death is not enough.” The heart demon sneered, stretched out his hand and took Lin Ziran into his arms. Pinching his chin, the demon smiled beside his ear: “Now… are you begging me to spare him?”
Mu Yang’s blood flowed down the body of the sword, his gaze splitting as he said coldly, “Don’t beg him, let him kill me!”
Lin Ziran thought to himself, kid, don’t be impulsive. I’m really fine! Don’t bring up dying at every point in the conversation, it’s unlucky!
But Lin Ziran didn’t dare to provoke the demon, so he could only soften his tone, bite his lip and say, “Yes, don’t touch him.”
The demon stared at the person in his arms. The young man’s eyelashes trembled; he was clearly angry, but he still swallowed his pride for another person, not even caring about life and death… This was the first time he begged him, and the only time he begged him.
For another.
Jealousy swept through his heart. He wished that Mu Yang could die on the spot, but then Lin Ziran would definitely be sad…
The heart demon’s eyes changed for a moment, and he suddenly chuckled: “It’s not impossible to let him go, as long as you agree to a condition.”
Lin Ziran asked, “What conditions?”
The heart demon said: “As long as you promise to never see him again, I can forget what happened today.”
Lin Ziran suddenly looked stuck.
It’s okay to not see Mu Yang, the problem is agreeing to the demon’s request in front of Mu Yang; the little angel will definitely feel sorry for him. This is like hitting Mu Yang in the face…
The demon is really an asshole.
Seeing Lin Ziran’s hesitation, the heart demon turned ruthless. Is it so difficult for you to not see him…
Lin Ziran saw the heart demon’s golden pupils disappearing, and there seemed to be some kind of rage brewing in it. He instantly said, “I promise!”
Don’t be impulsive!
Calm down!
Lin Ziran was very tired, this was a fire-powder keg that could explode at any time!
Mu Yang’s eyes turned red. He struggled to charge forward lagain…
The heart demon smiled disdainfully. This time, he waved his hand and directly blasted Mu Yang out of the palace gate! Then the heavy temple door was closed again, isolating everything outside.
Lin Ziran finally breathed a sigh of relief.
It seemed that Mu Yang was fine for the time being.
The heart demon bowed his head and kissed the corner of his eye, his voice was low and hoarse with hints of jealousy: “Do you care about him that much? Is it it bad to love only me…”
I want you to love me, I want you to look at me, I want you to have me in your heart and never look at anyone else…
Lin Ziran was really angry today.
They had no problem getting along well before, but the demon’s behavior today is really too much. He can’t allow the demon to threaten him with the people he cares about again and again.
Lin Ziran’s eyes were cold: “I have always only loved him.”
The heart demon’s breath became cold, and countless icicles quickly surfaced on the ground and walls. The violent intent around him seemed to tear space apart!
A bloodstain appeared on Lin Ziran’s face.
The heart demon was startled, then immediately restrained his breath. He hugged Lin Ziran in distress and lightly brushed his fingertips against his cheek, looking at him pleadingly: “I’m sorry, I was so angry just now, I didn’t mean to…”
Lin Ziran didn’t want to talk to him.
The heart demon drooped his head, like a child who did something wrong.
He put his arms around Lin Ziran lovingly and kissed his hair, but Lin Ziran refused to give him any reaction. He will definitely ignore this guy today! Without any temper, the demon will think he is easy to bully
There was a look of helplessness in the heart demon’s eyes. Finally, he could only let go of Lin Ziran. He got up and walked out from there.
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