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Chapter 32 - Midnight Party: Puppet

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Chapter 32 - Midnight Party: Puppet

Chapter 32: Puppet
Yu Su looked at him doubtfully. Xuangnu caught a glimpse of the change in his expression from the corner of his eye. He seemed to be in disbelief.
Yu Su let go of Xiangnu’s hand, pulled Xiangnu to the desk, and sat down. Under Xiangnu’s slightly puzzled gaze, he pulled him to stand beside him, grabbed his waist, and pressed his hand against the Xiang slave’s chest.
He seriously felt the throbbing of the heart through the clothes, and told Xiangnu, “Your heart is beating a little faster. This is the expression of excitement and happiness, which means you like it, right?”
Xiangnu didn’t correct what he said, just asked him: “Who told you this?”
Yu Su said calmly, “My sister.”
Xiangnu nodded and spread his hands helplessly: “Okay, you won, you successfully discovered a little hobby of mine.”
Yu Su looked at him strangely, pulled Xiang Nu to sit on his lap, and poked his finger lightly on his cheek: “It always feels like you’re lying.”
Xiangnu raised his hand and caressed his face lightly, with a soft and sweet smile on his lips, “Your intuition seems to be more accurate than theoretical experience.”
He admitted that he was lying, and Mr. Yu was very unhappy because of his perfunctory reply, a slightly unpleasant expression surfacing on his face.
He stared at Xuangnu for a few seconds. This time, he mastered the method of ‘punishing’ Xuangnu without a teacher. He pressed on the Xuangnu’s lips, licked, bit, and sucked, and even slightly viciously lightly pressed it on the lips. A light bite left a trace on the thin pink lips.
Mr. Yu is quite happy to see the evil beauty with moist eyes gently panting in his embrace, and finally happy to see that he is not hurt but very weak and feeble, he intentionally bites Xiang Nu’s ear and lightly grunted, “Don’t look at me like this again, or I will bite you.”
The glittering beauty lazily raised his eyes and squinted at him, and snorted deliberately in disapproval, so he was pressed down and kissed deeply again.
After that, the beauty became a little more obedient, Mr. Yu’s demeanor calmed down a little, and the expressions of the two of them were very content.
Xiangnu grabbed Mr. Yu’s collar, thinking that what happened tonight was a little strange, he asked Yu Su: “Mr. Yu, I have seen your sister, although the dress is a little weird, I still think she is a very good person.”
Yu Su said unhappily, “That’s because I told her that you are mine. If I didn’t tell her, you wouldn’t think she was kind after you were discovered by her.”
Xiang Nu looked at Yu Su with a smile, and asked curiously, “I met your sister when I came out of the first dungeon, and she knew of my existence at that time. Mr. Yu, why did you tell your sister about me so early?”
Xiangnu felt that the relationship between the two of them had not progressed enough to meet their parents at that time, right?
Yu Su’s answer was always beyond his expectations. He frowned and replied, “Of course, it’s to tell her that you are mine.”
“After all, you’re so beautiful, what if she takes you away by force?” Mr. Yu replied, “It’s not like she hasn’t done such a thing.”
Xiangnu frowned: “Your sister robbed you of someone before?”
Although Yu Su sometimes reacted strangely, he is surprisingly responsive to Xiang Nu’s question at this moment, he smiled and asks, “Are you jealous?”
He had been jealous of Xiang Nu before, so he knew this aspect very well.
He rested his arms on the armrests, smiled happily while covering his lips, and then replied, “How is that possible? No one would like a monster like me except you. I just meant that my sister had robbed others before… other monster’s toys.”
Xiangnu looked at Yu Su’s perfect, breathtaking face, and wondered, “Why wouldn’t anyone like you? You look so good-looking.”
He leaned over and gently kissed Yu Su’s forehead.
Yu Su blinked and replied seriously, “Then maybe they are too ugly.”
Others don’t like me, so I don’t like them. Anyway, it’s not like I just met you and just wanted to be with you.
Xiangnu couldn’t help but smile, and then said, “Mr. Yu, let’s get down to business.”
Yu Su looked at him, waiting for his next words, Xiangnu told Yu Su what Dr. X said before he locked him in the office, “Your sister said that I can’t go to the third floor, but if I don’t go to the third floor, I won’t be able to complete the task. Is there any way you can help me?”
Yu Su said: “But you don’t really lack those life points. Why don’t you give up this mission and wait for the end of this mission with peace of mind.”
Xiangnu wondered, “I don’t lack life points for the time being, but it’s good, why should I give up the mission?”
Yu Su asked back, “Then why don’t you just go out? Did Doctor X lock the door?”
“That’s not true.” Xiangnu replied honestly, “It’s just that I’m a bit worried because I’m wearing your jacket and appearing as you, if I go back to the third floor directly, I might become a target for everyone, I’m a bit worried, and it’s just as well that you’re here, so I want to ask for your help.”
“I see.” Yu Su nodded.
He put his thumb on his lips, showing a thoughtful look. Seeing this, Xuangnu’s eyes flickered, and he asked, “Is this task not as simple as it seems? Isn’t it over when the murderer is caught?”
Yu Su glanced at him, remembering Doctor X’s advice, there was a hint of hesitation in his eyes, a moment later, he gently licked his lips, not knowing what came to his mind, his eyes flickered as he replied, “I can take you out so that you can continue to participate in the mission. But when this mission is over you should leave immediately, don’t delay for too long.”
Xiangnu looked at him thoughtfully, nodded, and replied, “Okay!”
Mr. Yu put his hand on his lips, cleared his throat with a smile, and said, “Then take off your clothes.”
Xiang slave: “?”
He lowered his head, grabbed his clothes subconsciously, and asked, “Are you telling me to take off my clothes now? Why?”
The stern young man looked solemn and replied: “I also received an invitation to this banquet. Doctor X prepared an identity for me, called ‘painter’, that person has a very special ability, he can use a brush to make puppets. After his identity is ‘borrowed’ by me, I can use his abilities temporarily, I can draw a puppet in your image to replace your current identity, and then you go out to the party with me as a puppet.”
Yu Su thought for a while, and said, “I’ll tell everyone that you are a puppet specially made by me according to your identity as a senior officer, and then I’ll let Doctor X take the real puppet out for a spin, and let everyone associate you with your current identity. It’s good to separate.”
“No one will oppose a puppet opponent. If there is, I can protect you, because the puppet is my private property.”
Xiangnu accepted Yu Su’s reason, but he still couldn’t understand: “But you can draw me directly, why do you want me to take off my clothes?”
Yu Su looked away from him: “You are wearing clothes that don’t fit well, how can I draw a puppet 100% similar to you through a layer of clothes? If the puppet I draw is not standard, then Doctor X will bring the puppet to make an appearance, won’t it reveal your secrets?”
Xuangnu looked at him with a smile but not a smile: “What you said makes sense.”
Standing up from Yu Su’s lap, he took off the jacket he was wearing and threw it to his feet, wrapping his fingers around the tie. He deliberately smiled at Yu Su ambiguously and then pulled the tie off. The tie fell lightly to the ground, and Xiangnu began to unbutton his buttons again.
Finally, Xiangnu asked Yu Su, “Is this all right?”
Yu Su had long moved away from his face when Xiang Nu took off his clothes, and only when he heard this did he raise his head to look at him, Xiang Nu was holding a shirt in his hand to slightly cover his waist and legs, and he was looking at him with a shallow smile in his eyes. He was very thin, but not skinny, with a thin layer of texture covering his skin, which was very beautiful and delicate.
After staring blankly for a while, Yu Su stood up and turned around twice, exhaled lightly, walked to the other side of the locked cabinet window, opened the door, and took out a drawing board, a canvas, a box of brushes, and a lot of paints from the cabinet.
Xiangnu looked at him curiously, wondering what kind of ability the so-called ‘painter’ had and how the puppet was made.
By the way, Mr. Yu’s preparations looked so well done, as if he had planned this from the beginning.
Xiangnu walked to the black leather sofa beside the door and sat down, with his shirt over his body, sitting dignifiedly, looking alluring.
Yu Su slowly set up the tools, the expression on his face was the same as before, there was not much change, but his eyes were a little erratic. He wanted to glance at Xuangnu but it was hard to look away after a glance.
Xiangnu looked at him calmly, sitting on the sofa in no hurry, but occasionally looked at the clock hanging on the wall on the right.
He entered the apartment after six o’clock in the evening. After a lot of twists and turns, it was almost half past seven, and there was still some time before the banquet would start at nine o’clock on the mission. Xiangnu did not know how long it would take Yu Su to paint the puppet.
In a normal world, it would be difficult to complete a beautiful and detailed painting without five or six days.
However, these dungeon worlds themselves were very unscientific and cannot be theorized by normality.
Xiangnu thought in a daze, and when his eyes fell on Yu Su again, his eyes widened.
Yu Su was wearing a black robe with embroidered gold thread today. The robe was loose but not fat. It felt laid-back and unrestrained when worn on him.
The matching of black and gold also looked very luxurious, and Yu Su’s eyebrows were delicate and outstanding, which made him more noble.
But this was not the main reason for Xiangnu’s surprise. The reason why Xiangnu is surprised is that a few tentacle-like things were emerging from Yu Su’s wide cuff.
That thing was made of metal, perhaps, because its surface was very flat, different angles would reflect a bit of light, similar to the texture of metal.
Those tentacles stretched out from Yu Su’s sleeves, and each of them rolled a paintbrush. Yu Su slowly mixed the turpentine and paint, while the tentacles gestured and waved the paintbrush on the drawing board, probably already starting to paint.
Xiangnu couldn’t tell how many tentacles Yu Su had. They were tangled together and blocked by the drawing board. Xiangnu couldn’t see it at all. Similarly, Xiangnu couldn’t tell whether the tentacles that came from Yu Su’s sleeve were the tool borrowed or grown out of his body.
The beautiful young man couldn’t help rolling his Adam’s apple and asked cautiously, “Mr. Yu, what are those things coming out of your sleeves?”
Yu Su’s eyes landed on him erratically, paused for a few seconds, then quickly moved away, and replied absently, “It’s tentacles.”
Xiangnu asked blankly: “Did it grow from you? But Mr. Yu, aren’t you a snake, why do you have tentacles?”
Yu Su replied earnestly: “I am them, but they are not me, but if you like a certain form, you can tell me, and I can use that one more for you.”
Mr. Yu was very kind.
Xiang Nu was a little dazed, Yu Su glanced at him again, and hesitated for a moment after seeing Xiang Nu’s expression, the tentacles waving brushes also froze, Yu Su asked, “Do you dislike this?”
Xiangnu wanted to say yes, because the tentacles looked a bit strange, and it was easy for him to think of some evil content.
After all, he was a master with rich theoretical experience, and he must know too well the conventional functions of tentacles.
Xiangnu felt that if he said he hated it, Mr. Yu would put away his tentacles. In some respects, Mr. Yu was very considerate.
So Xiangnu was silent for two seconds and looked away with a guilty conscience: “No, Mr. Yu, you continue to draw, I still want to go out to find clues to do the task earlier.”
Yu Su looked at him thoughtfully, Xiangnu was flustered by him, so he complained first and said with a smile, “Mr. Yu, am I good-looking?”
He blinked his eyes, looking beautiful: “You’ve been staring at me for a long time~”
Yu Su immediately moved his gaze to the drawing board, his eyes were straight, not drifting anywhere, it was just that his cheeks were too cold and white, and the blush on them completely exposed his shyness.
Xiangnu breathed a sigh of relief and calmly admired Mr. Yu’s face.
Although Mr. Yu has always been a bit strange, there is one thing that couldn’t be shaken, and that was his killer face.
No one could reject Mr. Yu looking at that face.
The two of them had ghosts in their hearts, and they didn’t dare to chat for a while, for fear of being asked a topic that would make them shy, the room fell silent for a while, only the rustling sound of brushes sliding on the paper.
Yu Su drew carefully, the ability of a ‘painter’ was very useful, every curve of the outline was perfect, and the appearance of Xiangnu gradually took shape on the drawing paper.
It’s just that Mr. Yu said that he wanted Xuangnu to take off his clothes, but the Xuangnu under the brush was wearing clothes, and even the clothes and coats were the same as those he wore before but the person in the painting had abnormally dull and expressions. Eyes looking empty.
This was Yu Su’s intention, because Yu Su’s strength was very strong, if the painting was too vivid, the created puppet may change, which is not what Yu Su wanted.
Over time, the portrait took shape.
The beautiful young man appeared on the drawing paper with a blank face, Yu Su retracted his tentacles, raised the brush, and tapped on its eyes, and the portrait was completed.
The drawing board fell from the shelf out of thin air and fell to the ground. The canvas that lost its support also fell to the ground. The puppet reached out and grabbed the edge of the canvas and climbed out of the painting.
Xiangnu glanced at the neatly dressed puppet, then looked at himself, and quietly turned his back to get dressed.
Yu Su looked at his back, coughed lightly, and asked uncomfortably, “Xiangnu, do you want to wear a skirt?”
Xiangnu looked back at him strangely, and said suspiciously, “Mr. Yu, I don’t understand what you mean, why would I want to wear a skirt?”
Yu Su’s eyes wandered for a while, and he recited what Doctor X said to him before, “I think your back is very beautiful, like a butterfly that is about to fly. It must be very beautiful if you wear an open-back skirt.”
Xiangnu thought about it and said, “I can do it.”
Mr. Yu was suddenly ready to move.
Xiangnu joked, “But other people will think that I’m pretty dressed like that.”
Yu Su’s face changed, thinking that Xiangnu would go out as a puppet later, and immediately stopped talking.
Xiangnu slowly put on his clothes, while Yu Su picked up the drawing boards and canvases that had fallen on the ground, and placed them on the shelf again.
After setting, he took out a silver lighter and lit the canvas.
A blue flame rose from the bottom of the canvas, and Xiangnu asked, “Mr. Yu, what are you doing?”
Burning it.” Mr. Yu said lightly, “The canvas is the carrier of the puppet, when the carrier is gone, the puppet will also collapse, so that it won’t have the chance to become a spirit.”
“I hate all fakes.” A look of disgust flashed across Yu Su’s eyes, and it was the first time his expression was so obvious.
Xiangnu was a little surprised. He glanced at the puppet. The puppet was soulless. It had no emotion, no sense, and no sense of its existence.
Yu Su picked up his coat that had fallen on the ground, hung it up for Xiangnu, tidied up his clothes for him, and said with satisfaction, “Not bad, let’s go.”
Xiangnu thought of a very important question, “Mr. Yu, are you also among the taskers on the third floor? You took me back like this, how will you explain it to everyone?”
Yu Su put his hand behind him, took out a golden half-faced butterfly mask, and put it on himself, “Don’t worry, there is my ‘accomplice’ there.”
Xiangnu blinked and determined that the so-called murderer was just a gimmick. Under the Holy City murder case, there was a bigger event planned and arranged.
After hesitating for a while, Xiangnu made a decision, after returning to the third floor, he would make every effort to collect information and observe the composition of the missionaries on the third floor, to see if he could collect relevant information about the intentions of Yusu and Dr. X. However, he would only collect but not participate, and he would mainly try to complete the task of searching for the murderer on the duplicate logbook.
After the task of finding the murderer has been completed, he will listen to Yu Su’s words and will leave this place immediately. Xiangnu was too clear about his strength, like an extremely fragile little ant, anyone who came here could crush him to death.
Yu Su came out with Xiangnu, and Xiangnu’s stand-in puppet stayed quietly in the office without moving.
Yu Su looked at Xiangnu and said, “I don’t want to talk to them. You can communicate with them directly later. They will treat you as my mouth, so don’t change your expressions too obviously.”
He stopped and pinched Xiangnu’s face: “Don’t smile at others.”
Xiangnu asked, “Is it only when I am a puppet or am I not allowed to smile even afterward.”
Mr. Yu replied, “It’s better not to smile at all.”
Xiangnu was speechless and giggled: “You are so lenient.”
Mr. Yu didn’t look sideways, just whispered: “I don’t even talk to anyone else.”
I’ve been so strict with myself; can’t you be a little stricter with yourself?
Xiangnu ignored him, Mr. Yu, is he strict with himself? Obviously, he was too lazy to talk nonsense with others.
The two walked up the stairs to the third floor. When Yu Su appeared, they were fine, but when they saw Xuangnu beside him, the expressions of many people changed.
A woman covered with complicated silver ornaments walked over and stopped not far from Yu Su and Xiang Nu. She glanced at Xiang Nu with fear and care and cast a suspicious look at Yu Su.
Yu Su pointed at Xuangnu and said indifferently, “The puppet I just made.”
The woman was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but glance at Xiangnu again. The vigilant look when facing Xiangnu gradually disappeared, and she turned to look at the inspectors who were guarding in the dark and at the door.
The inspectors ignored them as if there was nothing special about the existence of puppets.
The woman lowered her voice and asked, “Is this person the chief of the Inspector’s Office? He should have a high status. How did you think of drawing his puppet?”
Yu Su glanced at Xiangnu and replied, “Just a random drawing, I just wanted to try his strength, but I didn’t expect it to succeed. His strength is not strong, so it shouldn’t be the ‘Y’ that we should pay attention to.”
The ability of the painter was amazing, but not everything can be drawn. They can only draw beings that are weaker than themselves and cannot draw stronger beings.
As for the criteria for defining a painter’s strength, Xiangnu didn’t know, and Yu Su didn’t say anything.
What even a painter was, Xiangnu still had little idea.
He only knew that ‘painter’ does not refer to just one person, it is also an organization of taskers, and it had a good reputation in the holy city. Many taskers were one of them, but they were not monsters, they just relied on some means to obtain this ability.
Because Xiangnu never went out for a stroll in the holy city, and everyone in the dungeon was busy doing tasks, so Xiangnu’s understanding of the existence of the holy city dungeon was very limited.
This made Xiangnu have some ideas. Maybe the way for the tasker to break through the shackles is not necessarily the only way to be assimilated by monsters, but the method of monster assimilation is the most convenient and fast.
Xiangnu noted down the ‘Y’ in Yu Su’s mouth, thinking of the ‘X’ in his sister’s Doctor X, Xiangnu reasonably suspected that ‘Y’ was Yu Su himself.
As for those things… At present, Yu Su’s identity was a tasker, and the ones that are described by taskmasters in terms of things should be replica monsters, right?
So the so-called ‘Painter’ organization is connected to the copy monsters? They are still searching for someone with the code name ‘Y’ in the apartment mission, they are sneaky, could it be that they have a grudge against Yusu and her sister, and have evil intentions toward them?
‘Could the ‘painter’ organization be the purpose of Yu Su’s deliberate appearance in the dungeon?’ Xiangnu thought.
Over there, Yu Su had already explained to the woman the origin of Xiangnu. The ‘Painting Master’ organization was indeed quite famous. It was guarded by the puppets produced by the painter, but there was no doubt about the identity of Xiangnu.
At least not on the surface.
Yu Su was impatient to continue to talk nonsense with that woman. He glanced at Xiangnu, closed his mouth, and dragged him to a sofa to sit down with a cold face.
Seeing that Yu Su closed his eyes and rested, he knew that he could pretend to act according to his will.
Xiangnu looked around, walked to the lizardman, and asked, “How is the situation now, have you found the murderer?”
The lizardman was stunned for a moment, then glanced at Xiangnu, then turned to look at Yu Su who was sitting on the sofa.
Xiangnu said naturally: “Master is very tired after making me and needs to rest, so I will be the voice and will of the master to discuss with you.”
The author has something to say:
Mr. Yu: If you don’t like tentacles, just say it, I will retract them.
Xiangnu (whispering bb): Why ask me, can I still say that I like it or not?
It’s hard to just say no, it’s also hard work to not say anything.
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