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Chapter 767: Dao Sound Thunder 1

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Chapter 767: Dao Sound Thunder 1
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Reward settlement space.
Zhang Niujiao saw that Wu Wei was still in a daze and hastened, “My lord, quickly, quickly exchange for the [Heavenly Book of Peace]!”
“No, are you sure you want me to exchange for it? This thing doesn’t seem complete, right?”
Wu Wei wasn’t stupid. It wasn’t that he didn’t know that this thing was definitely something good.
However, the problem was that it was not complete. Moreover, it was really too expensive. After exchanging for it, Wu Wei only had 2 Gold Contribution Points and 61 Silver Contribution Points left.
Originally, he could reach the ninth rank without worrying about resources, but now, he could only reach the seventh rank.
Therefore, Wu Wei was a little uncertain about this idea.
This made Zhang Niujiao quite anxious.
“My lord, what do you think is in front of you? The Heavenly Book of Peace!
It was a divine item from beyond the heavens that could become a great teacher!
It’s a sacred object of our Peace Path.
I can’t say for sure what will happen to others if they get it, but if you get it, you’ll definitely grow into a person like the Great Virtuous Teacher, and even have the chance to surpass the Great Virtuous Teacher.
Now that such a good opportunity is placed in front of you, how can you not exchange it?
Believe me, if you don’t exchange it, you will regret it in the future!”
Zhang Niujiao said. Seeing that Wu Wei was still hesitating, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Wu, if you were me, I would die right now.”
“Alright, alright, stop shouting. I’ll change, okay?”
Under Zhang Niujiao’s urgent urging, Wu Wei finally started!
[You have consumed 10 Yellow Turban contribution points and successfully exchanged 1000 silver contribution points for the Heavenly Book of Peace: Volume 1]
As the golden finger notification sounded, a book appeared in Wu Wei’s hand.
At the same time, Wu Wei’s contribution had shrunk to less than one-fifth of its original value.
Looking at the contribution points, Wu Wei felt his heart bleeding.
In order to divert his pain, Wu Wei’s gaze fell on the book in his hand.
Not only Wu Wei, but even Zhang Niujiao was looking at the Heavenly Book of Peace curiously.
After all, this was the first time he had seen this book.
“It’s indeed a divine book!”
Looking at the Heavenly Book of Peace, Zhang Niujiao could not help but sigh.
Wu Wei raised his eyebrows and said,” What? You can tell that it’s extraordinary?”
“Then why are you sighing?”
“It’s the divine book that’s why people can’t see anything extraordinary about it. But let me tell you, it’s definitely worth it if you exchange for it!”
Although he couldn’t see Zhang Niujiao’s face, Wu Wei could feel his expression.
At this moment, he was definitely wearing an expression that said, “You’ve struck it rich.”
Wu Wei was too lazy to pay attention to this guy. He sized up the Heavenly Book of Peace.
Under Wu Wei’s observation, the attributes of the Heavenly Book of Peace were soon revealed!
Title: Heavenly Book of Peace (Volume 1)
[Quality: ???]
[Owner: Unrecognized]
[Master recognition condition: Blood recognition, spiritual energy nurturing]
“Blood binding? Spiritual energy nurturing? This program is quite advanced!”
Wu Wei couldn’t help but follow the description of the attributes. He bit the tip of his tongue with his teeth and spat out a mouthful of blood.
The main reason was that Wu Wei’s defenses were quite hard, only this part of his body was softer.
After a mouthful of blood, the Heavenly Book of Peace emitted a faint light.
Seeing this, Wu Wei hurriedly put his hand on it. He deliberately passed his lightning attribute spiritual power through the talismans of the [Road of Peace- Thunder Scripture] before entering it into the [Heavenly Book of Peace].
After this spiritual power entered the Heavenly Book of Peace, it suddenly lit up.
Then, a powerful suction force came from the [Heavenly Book of Peace].
It was like a super-high-power water pump being stuffed into a small basin. In an instant, the little bit of lightning-type spiritual power in Wu Wei’s body, and even the talismans of the [Path of Peace-Thunder Scripture], were absorbed into the [Heavenly Book of Peace].
Such a violent sucking made Wu Wei’s face turn pale.
Noticing Wu Wei’s condition, Old Fourth came forward to send his spiritual power to Wu Wei.
However, before the fourth brother could make a move, the Heavenly Book of Peace in Wu Wei’s hand suddenly turned into a ray of light and entered Wu Wei’s consciousness space.
As the [Heavenly Book of Peace] entered, Wu Wei suddenly felt his space of consciousness shake.
Immediately after, the area of the space of consciousness began to increase rapidly.
In less than ten minutes, Wu Wei’s space of consciousness had increased by more than ten times.
During this process, the remaining talismans in Wu Wei’s space of consciousness entered the Heavenly Book of Peace.
Before Wu Wei could react to these sudden changes, he suddenly felt a faint thunder.
The thunder came closer from afar!
The voice grew louder and clearer.
Wu Wei also felt that there seemed to be some charm in the thunder!
This made Wu Wei feel that the thunder wasn’t just thunder. It seemed to contain some mysterious content.
However, Wu Wei was unable to comprehend it, and he was so anxious that he scratched his ears and cheeks!
At this moment, Wu Wei suddenly thought of the [Contribution Exchange List] and quickly searched for something related to [Comprehension Increase].
The first one who jumped out was.
[Item: Enlightenment Pill (Special)(A pill refined by Zhang Jiao, the Taoist Priest of Peace, in order to comprehend the Great Dao. It has a good effect on comprehending the Great Dao)
[Price: 10 Gold Contribution Points per pill!]
The price of this Dao Comprehension Pill was ridiculously expensive. At this moment, Wu Wei did not care about whether it was expensive or not. He directly exchanged for one without saying anything.
After swallowing it, Wu Wei felt completely different when he heard the thunder..
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