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Chapter 2045: Chapter 20064: ASPHYXIATION (Top) !

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Chapter 2045: Chapter 20064: ASPHYXIATION (Top) !
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“It’s really fungus soil! l”
In less than half an hour after the people from the Mecha Academy had evacuated, the people from the bluespirit academy had carefully tracked them all the way here. In fact, they knew that the coordinates would arrive very quickly, but they just had to be wary of the other party’s counterattack. Guo Xiaoyun looked at the floating earth block that had already dismantled the important materials, but had yet to completely evacuate the equipment. She smiled slightly and said, “The evacuation was quite decisive…”
“What did the captain calculate based on?” Sena asked curiously. At first, she did not believe it, but now that she saw reality, she was very curious about the other party’s algorithm… …
“There is a pattern between the elements… “Guo Xiaoyun smiled and said, “If you have nothing to do, you can read more books. Professor Mike, you can first look at the pattern of the four major elements ‘derivation and the rare elements ‘cycle… ”
“You actually have time to read these miscellaneous books?” Sena couldn’t help but roll her eyes. She knew about Professor Mike’s two new books. They were published two years ago, and she wanted to read them too. However, the courses were too tight, and she had to go out to do missions to earn credits, how could she have time to read miscellaneous books. The other party was a freshman. Logically speaking, it should be the most arduous phase of the courses…
“There will always be some… “Guo Xiaoyun smiled and did not continue. Instead, she slowly used her spiritual power to fly up and observe the entire piece of soil. Then, she said to Baylon, “Turn on the device…”
“Again?” Belen a Leng, suddenly wry smile up, she felt that she was getting closer and closer to unemployment…
“Captain, is it necessary to retreat like this? “The teammates who had gathered in the mecha were extremely surprised when they learned that ox had been sniped, but they were even more surprised by the captain’s actions…
Even without ox, with the fungus in hand, we wouldn’t be running away!
“The new guy is very unusual… “Rambo steadied himself, he took a deep breath and said, “She must have predicted that we have fungus soil. This thing is very useful for catching people off guard, but it’s not very useful if they know beforehand, especially for a team like Blue Spirit, who mainly focuses on firepower from afar… ”
“It can’t be? “Hearing this, faran frowned. He didn’t quite believe it. It was already very strange that she had predicted their position, but she had also predicted fungus soil? Based on what?
“Then how do you think she predicted our location?”Rambo rolled his eyes, he continued, “Through the pursuit incident, she first calculated my thoughts, but calculating my thoughts and calculating my location are two different things. I guess… … The place where they landed also had a special large-scale element. Because of that, she made a judgment and predicted our location
“How does it work?”Fran asked curiously.
“There is a special law between the elements, which was concluded by arcanists a long time ago. Every planet has a different law. Recently, Master
Ofran summarized the law of every civilization and deduced a theory of the five elements, which is the most common one. However, this theory requires a high level of calculation, which is a difficult theory to master. The younger generation mainly focuses on cultivating themselves, and few people learn this kind of unorthodox method when they are young… ”
The people around them were all blue spirit aristocrats. They immediately nodded in agreement. The more aristocrats they were, the more books they had in their collections. However, it was basically forbidden for the younger generation to read them. Half of the things that the younger generation learned after setting a course were very pure. They mainly focused on evolution. After all… … Everyone knew that time was very precious when one was young. Whether it was spiritual life forms or ordinary life forms, they had to seize the golden time to break through the threshold of dragon-level. It was very unworthy to waste a lot of time on other theories… …
Of course, those ordinary civilians who had no hope of reaching the dragon-level in their entire lives did not have to be like this… …
“As expected of an unknown native, he actually delves into those unorthodox ways! “The number one main player, Torres, snorted disdainfully.
“But this kind of person who is good at unorthodox ways is very advantageous in the competition… “Rambo smiled. “The higher-ups of the blue spirit really know how to pick people this time… ”
A person who knew how to scheme, make use of his own advantages, and also excelled in the unorthodox path was indeed a troublesome fellow…
However, in the end, the competition between the academies still depended on one’s strength!
“Captain, what should we do now?”
“First… “over a hundred strategies flashed through Lambo’s mind, during the quick screening process, just as he was about to come up with the most reliable method, a blue light flashed. In an instant, Lambo was nearly knocked unconscious by a powerful shockwave, and his entire body was sent flying!
“Enemy attack! Cover the Captain! ! !”The teammates at the side were shocked, they immediately reacted and prepared their defensive formation. The number three main player, Tyr, transformed into a huge steel giant. He raised his huge shield and protected his teammates until they were in a blind spot!
The equipment master at the side also immediately activated the Heavy Armor’s defense. The Super High reaction speed made Sena, who was sniping from afar, frown. It had to be said that these teammates from the Mecha Academy were of extremely high quality. In the absence of the captain’s attack and command.., the organization ‘s defense was practically watertight. For a top-notch sniper like her, she actually couldn’t find the slightest flaw for a moment!
“How’s The Captain?”
The vice-captain, who was in charge of receiving the command, asked sternly.
The medical specialist at the side quickly locked onto the captain’s status and hurriedly replied, “It’s fine. The Captain has top-notch protective equipment.
He was only stunned by the Sniper Bullet!”
“Use the meter essence, quick! “The vice-captain hurriedly said.
“This… “the medic hesitated for a moment, the meter essence was a high-performance mental stimulant, very similar to the kidney insulin used by non-mental life forms. Its effect was to stimulate the mental potential of the user, allowing the user to be excited for a short period of time and clearly understand many negative statuses.
But the side effects were very big… Especially for a high-performance mental stimulant like Mi Jing Su. .
“Don’t hesitate anymore! “The vice-captain shouted. “The one who fired was Sana. Most likely, the Blue Spirit Academy has already attacked. It Won’t work without the captain’s command! ”
Hearing this, the medic finally didn’t hesitate anymore. He quickly injected a needle of mi jing su into Rambo’s body!
In an instant, a blue light flashed in Rambo’s eyes, and he suddenly woke up.
The sudden stimulation of his mental strength and the impact caused by the
shock earlier caused his consciousness to blur. However, at least he had experienced a battle before.., he instantly reacted and looked around!
His teammates’ defenses were very strong, and there were almost no blind spots. At this position, even Sena would not be able to snipe them.
“Is anyone else injured? “Rambo hurriedly asked.
“No! “The vice-captain hurriedly said, “Only captain, you were shot just now… ”
(‘I won’t be able to take a second shot! “Rambo looked at his chest, and the pendant that had already cracked open like a spider web, and said faintly, “Good, that’s impressive. You even calculated the position where I would retreat!”
“Captain, what should we do?”
“What should we do?”Rambo sneered. “We’ve already hit the head. Of course we should fight back. Faran, you’ve seen the trajectory of the bullet. where is the enemy?”
“70-50 degrees southwest, about four kilometers away! “Faran, who was also an excellent sniper, instantly determined the enemy’s position.
“Good! “Rambo took a breath and endured the pain in his head. “Ayres, activate the spatial device and activate all the spatial nodes we set up. The remaining main force equipment will enter combat mode at any time. If they dare to barge in like this, we must let them know that fighting is not something that can be done just by calculating the position and taking the initiative! ”
However, a few seconds later, an answer caused Rambo’s burning battle spirit to plunge into the ice cellar!
“Captain… our… our spatial nodes… seem to have all disappeared! ” “Good! “Rambo was shocked when he heard this. “Disappeared?”
How was that possible? Back then, when he had asked Ayers to retreat, he had painstakingly sacrificed dozens of nodes just in case he was chased down. Now, they were telling him that they had disappeared?
In an instant, he realized that the other party… … Probably had an extremely outstanding spatial master!
“We can’t stay here. It’s dangerous, quickly retreat! ! “Thinking about the other party having such a character, Rambo instantly knew that this seemingly safe blind spot wasn’t safe!
But before he could finish his sentence, with a bang, the defense on the vice-captain’s head exploded! ! ! !
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