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Chapter 490: Essence of Advancing to the Noble Realm (3)

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Chapter 490: Essence of Advancing to the Noble Realm (3)
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Hence, Lin Yan began to constantly use the Wondrous Tao Te Ching to slightly adjust his mental fluctuations and change his Spiritual Image state. Then, with the Mind Connection Technique, he constantly transmitted his thoughts into the chain.
That’s right!
The Mind Connection Technique. This was the method he had found to communicate with spirituality.
The Mind Connection Technique was essentially on a spiritual level. It could be said that communication on the spiritual level could be applied to creatures who didn’t speak the same language. Naturally, he could also communicate with strange lifeforms like spiritual patterns!
However, in the beginning, no matter how Lin Yan transmitted his thoughts, the spiritual patterns in the chains were like cold goddesses who ignored him.
However, Lin Yan was not discouraged. Over the past few days, he had already come to the conclusion that the life form of a spiritual pattern was completely different from humans. It was impossible for him to communicate with it through ordinary methods.
There was only one way!
That was to adjust his state of mind and attract the attention of the spiritual patterns. Only then could he have the possibility of communicating with them!
This was also the inspiration he had obtained from the method of advancing with an Unusual Item to the Noble Realm.
To advance to the Noble Realm, one had to adjust their mental state, visualize, and obtain the corresponding Unusual Item to achieve the corresponding Force Feature.
Lin Yan had always been blind. Like ancient alchemists, he continuously found ways to achieve Force Features like Savage Flame through various large-scale tests.
However, he did not know the reason.
It was only when he observed the spiritual patterns and understood that spiritual patterns were alive and that the Unusual Items of heaven and earth contained a series of information about spiritual patterns that he was enlightened!
The purpose of adjusting one’s mental state and visualization was essentially to adjust one’s spiritual state through the stimulation of one’s body and mind, making it attractive to the corresponding spiritual pattern life form!
Only then could they “devour” the Unusual Item. Its essence was actually to accommodate the spiritual lifeforms in the Unusual Item into their own body!
Then, with the help of these strange spiritual life forms, they could unleash various magical and unpredictable Force Features!
Essentially, it was to adjust oneself and attract spiritual lifeforms to enter, driving them to produce stronger power!
“Therefore, what the Turtle Spirit Holy Mother said back then was wrong…
“She said that using different Unusual Items, one can absorb different spirituality of the world. The stronger the Unusual Item, the more it can attract powerful spirituality of the world…
“However, in fact, it’s not that the spirituality of the world is different. It’s that the spiritual lifeforms contained in Unusual Items are different!
“In essence, the advancement of different Unusual Items also contains different spiritual pattern lifeforms! Therefore, the powers are worlds apart!”
“At the same time, when absorbing the spirituality of the world to advance, the spiritual lifeforms will very likely multiply and grow in large numbers under the catalysis of the spirituality of the world. The number will multiply exponentially. That’s why they’re far stronger than the neutered Noble Realm!”
The last point was only Lin Yan’s own guess. If it was true, it could mean that even if he didn’t use the spirituality of the world to advance, if he had the chance to encounter the spirituality of the world in the future, he might be able to reach a strength similar to that from the advancement with the spirituality of the world.
Of course, Lin Yan did not dare to take the risk. This guess could only be verified after he really advanced to the Spiritual Image seed Noble Realm.
Crack crack!
The spiritual pattern in the chain suddenly moved, and even the entire chain trembled.
“Success! I’ve really controlled the spiritual patterns!”
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