Novel Name : We Agreed to Brag Together, But You Secretly Dominated the World

Chapter 415: An Unparalleled Prodigy

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Chapter 415: An Unparalleled Prodigy
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After Su Chen left, the crowd exploded into discussion.
Among them, Qin Ziteng supported the injured Qin Yuan and came before the Sixth Ancestor, anger showing despite attempts to restrain it. He said in a deep voice, “Why didn’t Sixth Ancestor make a move earlier?”
Zhang Feng, a complete outsider, had dared to attack Su Chen with his mere Quasi-Saint Realm strength, just to preserve Qin Yuan’s Longevity Immortal Body.
Yet the Sixth Ancestor, as an ancestor-level expert of the Qin family at the Saint King Realm, did nothing against Su Chen from start to finish.
Qin Ziteng could not understand this.
In his opinion, if the Sixth Ancestor had dared to fight Su Chen desperately, things would not have ended so easily for Su Chen to cripple Qin Yuan.
After all, Su Chen was but a phantom! A shadow’s strength was less than a tenth of the true form.
As a saint king, if the Sixth Ancestor had acted, perhaps he could have effortlessly defeated Su Chen. Yet the Sixth Ancestor chose to remain a bystander, emboldening Su Chen.
Qin Ziteng even resented the Shadowless Hall. Qin Yuan was their disciple, with their branch hall nearby, yet no experts appeared.
If either the Sixth Ancestor or the Shadowless Hall had stepped forward, this would not have happened!
“Ziteng…” The Sixth Ancestor looked desolate, his aged face increasingly so.
He looked deeply at Qin Yuan, then at where Su Chen had departed. “The current Su Chen is no longer the one you knew,” he said lowly.
“Could it be…” Qin Ziteng looked at the feeble Qin Yuan and murmured in shock, but did not continue.
This was because no small number of people were eavesdropping on their conversation nearby.
Su Chen’s performance had been overbearing. Now more than one suspected whether he was truly in the Saint Realm, setting aside how he cultivated. But many knew his current strength.
Truly, in all of history, none had seen such a prodigy. Not long after his rise, he now stood equal with countless ancient existences.
One must know that his peers were still at the Nirvana Realm! Which Nirvana Realm cultivator now would dare call Su Chen fellow Daoist?
“It’s hard to say…” The Sixth Ancestor shook his head, gazing meaningfully at where Su Chen had departed. “I’m afraid today’s matter is not as simple as we thought. Sigh…”
The Sixth Ancestor waved a hand, expression forlorn. “Let us leave as well.”
He brought Qin Ziteng away as a ray of light, heading for the Qin family instead of the Shadowless Hall. Given Qin Yuan’s state, only returning to the Qin family could save him now.
As for sending him to the Shadowless Hall, they lacked confidence!
With his Longevity Immortal Body gone, would the Shadowless Hall still do their utmost to save Qin Yuan? They dared not gamble! Qin Yuan was the Qin family’s only hope.
As the Qin family departed, the remaining crowd also chose to leave.
With their departure, some with ulterior motives spread the news of today’s battle using image stones.
In but half an hour, some great powers of the East Barrens had received the news. The outcome was unexpected yet reasonable to many. After all, Qin Hao’s ties with Su Chen were evident. Many had guessed Su Chen would appear at that critical juncture.
But what countless had not expected was that Su Chen’s strength now exceeded that when he’d destroyed Dashang!
Back then, Dashang had a Great Saint Realm powerhouse. If Su Chen had today’s power, perhaps Long Wu would not have acted at all. Su Chen alone could have destroyed Dashang!
In less than half a year, Su Chen had forced the Qin family’s Sixth Ancestor to take no action with just a shadow. His strength was terrifying.
“Can Su Chen’s cultivation speed really be attained by humans?” many wondered in their hearts.
For a time, Su Chen’s name caused huge waves among many powers. His name had become taboo, one none wished to provoke. For who could guarantee how much Su Chen would grow the next time they met?
Fortunately, many powers had little enmity with Su Chen, heaving relieved sighs.
He had reached this point already. Probing further how he accomplished it was meaningless. On the contrary, prying into his background out of curiosity, provoking his displeasure, would be a true loss!
After all, few ordinary powers dared provoke one comparable to a saint king.
It was better to have good relations with Su Chen. This was the wisest choice.
In countless eyes, with Su Chen’s displayed potential, becoming a great emperor was but a matter of time. As long as he stood with the human race, his rapid cultivation would not disadvantage the powers, but benefit them greatly!
Even if all the dark creatures were to cross over to this world, waiting for them might be the unparalleled genius of this realm in millions of years… Su Chen! And in his peak state!
Even if the dark creatures came in endless numbers, it would only be suicidal. What the seniors of this world failed to achieve in the past might be accomplished by Su Chen.
That was to counterattack the dark creatures’ world and claim the Black Blood Stones!
On the other side, not far from the Shadowless Hall, halfway up a mountainside with a waterfall cascading down from its peak, a foggy fairyland mist shrouded the mountain’s waist.
In the mist, a thatched hut could faintly be seen. Flowers danced in the air around the hut, the zither’s melody echoing through the void.
A man dressed in a white robe drifted away from the mundane, with a refined appearance that seemed to be around thirty years old. However, his hair was already streaked with white. Swirling around him was an aura of dusk, not matching his seemingly youthful exterior..
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