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Chapter 385: Reconfigure

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Chapter 385: Reconfigure
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Back in his own manor in Boshi Tower, Jiu Han lay on a straw mat in the courtyard.
Sitting cross-legged beside Jiu Han, Lu Ming’s eyes emitted a golden light. This golden light helped Lu Ming see through Jiu Han’s skin and see the golden divinity in his brain.
In the original power system of the Black Mist Zone, the divinity represented the Divine Spirit Realm, standing at the peak, with the power to decide the life and death of countless people with a single word.
However, with the current intelligence, how was this divinity obtained from the Heaven Ascension Stairs a symbol of strength? It was clearly a time bomb!
No one wanted their lives to be completely controlled by others.
Therefore, changing the divinity was imperative!
“Changing the divinity is difficult, for most people in the Black Mist Zone, it’s challenging.”
The entire Black Mist Zone was a breeding ground for the Supreme God.
Source Power was poisonous.
The Heaven Ascension Stairs were even more toxic!
With this as a restriction, as long as one entered the Black Mist Zone and grew stronger within it, it was almost impossible to escape the control of the Supreme God.
However, there was an exception in this generation.
There was an exception named Lu Ming.
“But for me, this thing is not too difficult, actually.”
By using the system to filter source power and condensing clean aura with the divinity, using his own aura to help others create the divinity, nurture the blood patterns, and combining with the Dao of array formations with over 10,000 levels…
Lu Ming already had a rough plan.
After weighing the pros and cons again, Lu Ming nodded slightly. “Let’s begin.”
Golden light bloomed from Lu Ming’s hand. A large amount of spiritual qi surged out of the divinity, flowing out and forming array patterns outside his body. The array patterns then entered Jiu Han’s body through his facial features.
Numerous patterns converged at Jiu Han’s chest, faintly forming a sphere.
Suddenly, a suction force surged out of the sphere, pulling a blood pattern of Jiu Han until it was integrated into the center of the sphere.
During this process, Lu Ming concentrated and focused most of his attention on Jiu Han’s original divinity.
When he sensed that the new divinity he had reconfigured did not trigger an excessive reaction from the old divinity, Lu Ming immediately realized that the matter of rebuilding the divinity had basically been completed.
As the new divinity began to condense, Jiu Han gradually moved out of the silent state.
When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Lu Ming’s serious and focused face.
Their eyes met, and both master and disciple smiled knowingly.
“Thank you.” Jiu Han muttered, and Lu Ming responded with a smile, saying, “The favor of Teacher cannot be repaid, it’s just a little effort to rebuild the divinity.”
Jiu Han immediately laughed heartily, “You make it sound so easy…”
Indeed, the replacement of the divinity, what else could it be if not a favor?
But after some thought, Jiu Han did not say more.
He just silently considered himself fortunate.
He was glad that he had the passion of being a teacher.
He was glad that he had broken the oath he had made and taken Lu Ming in as his last disciple.
About seven hours later, the rebuilding of Jiu Han’s divinity was completely done.
Lu Ming was so tired that he was sweating profusely.
In his body, the four divinities were dim and lifeless—without the support of the Divine Source Points, Lu Ming had used his own power to help Jiu Han rebuild the divinity, and the consumption was enormous.
Jiu Han, on the other hand, was in good condition.
He had completely freed himself from the influence of the silent state, and the new divinity had become his new energy core.
Standing up from the ground, Jiu Han briefly stretched his limbs.
The energy in his body alternated between erupting and converging—this was Jiu Han familiarizing himself with his new strength.
A moment later, Jiu Han nodded at Lu Ming and said, “It’s done. I can feel that I’ve already overcome the influence of the old divinity.”
“Although the power of the new divinity is much weaker than the old divinity, the key is that it’s my own, and it has the potential to grow.”
In terms of total energy, the divinity created by Lu Ming was much weaker than the old divinity bestowed by the Supreme God—even dozens of times weaker.
But the key was ownership.
The new divinity belonged only to him. It was a power he could control, absorb the Source Power of the outside world at will, growing and strengthening spontaneously. Moreover, the divinity nurtured his blood patterns.
It was obvious at a glance which was better.
After a short rest, Lu Ming said, “As long as you’re satisfied, Teacher.”
“However, our business was not finished yet.”
As he spoke, Lu Ming raised his hand and pointed to his own temple.
“I have to remove that old divinity from your mind. Leaving it in your body will cause problems sooner or later.”
The rebuilding of the divinity was a two-step process.
The first step was to create a new divinity and use it as the energy core of the body.
After completing this step, it was easier to proceed to the next step, which was to completely dissipate the old divinity.
If the first step is not taken and the old divinity nature is dissipated first, like Qing Jue and Moon Fiend, the consequences for Jiu Han would be a complete destruction of the divinity, leading to death without a complete corpse.
The second step was even simpler for Lu Ming.
He would be done after absorbing it.
In order to absorb the power of the old divinity in Jiu Han’s body, Lu Ming had no choice but to use his Body Forging Technique again.
At the same time, he modified the array formation of the Boshi Tower and coordinated with the array masters to repair the Boshi Tower—using all the energy derived from Jiu Han’s old divinity.
The dried-up Divine Source Points were replenished as Lu Ming refined his body again.
This time, Lu Ming did not accumulate any more Divine Source Points. When encountering a bottleneck in the blood patterns, he immediately used his Divine Source Points to forcefully break through.
As a result, the blood patterns on Lu Ming’s body began to increase exponentially at a rate of several hours per pattern.
It also meant that the Divine Source in Jiu Han’s old divinity was rapidly depleting.
Time passed bit by bit.
Meanwhile, in the outside world, Desolate and Bai Zhe, walking together in the desolate and uninhabited area, made a new discovery.
On the seventh day after entering the uninhabited area.
Everything in the desolate place finally changed.
What appeared in front of Bai Zhe and the Desolate Demon Lord was an abandoned settlement.
Just like a primitive tribal village.
The low fence seemed to be a city wall, and inside it were awl-shaped wooden houses.
“Is anyone there?”
Standing outside the fence, Bai Zhe shouted, but apart from echoes, there was no other sound.
At the side, the Desolate Demon Lord stroked the fence and said softly, “It has been abandoned for a long time…”
As he spoke, he gently broke a section of the fence.
What should have been a wooden fence had already dried up and even petrified, turning into something resembling wood and stone.
Crossing the fence into the settlement, it could be seen that the wooden houses had also petrified into stone houses.
After a quick look around, Bai Zhe and the Desolate Demon Lord exchanged glances and decided to split up.
After breaking the door of the stone house, Bai Zhe walked into a wooden house that was larger than the other wooden houses.
The furnishings inside the house were simple to the point of crudeness—a bed, a table, and nothing else.
It was unknown if time had obliterated everything here, but Bai Zhe looked everywhere and found nothing useful or informative.
However, he guessed that the residents of this place might have moved away for some reason and abandoned this settlement.
This was because he had not seen any corpses.
“This is the house…”
Turning his head to look at the house again, a trace of doubt appeared in Bai Zhe’s eyes.
“The petrification of the wooden house doesn’t seem like a normal natural phenomenon..”
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