Novel Name : Odyssey of the Blind God

Chapter 765 Peace

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Chapter 765 Peace

Millennials passed in the blink of an eye.
After the Second Great War concluded, many things changed all over the Universe.
Nial and some Divine Gods combined their forces to establish a connection with the unknown parts of the Universe.
It was found out that the Meteorring was not the only separation between the unknown parts of the Universe and the known Universe.
Technology advanced rapidly and it was only a matter of time before the universe welcomed a new Era.
While the unknown parts of the Universe got to know about the vastness of the Universe, World-bridges and the history of the Universe, the known Universe was able to improve their technological knowledge drastically.
Both sides benefitted greatly and an era of Peace and Prosperity arrived.
There was always war somewhere in the Universe but none of them was as fierce and deadly as the Second Great War.
The four Gigalorian Galaxies retreated as well. They didn't try to expand their influence on the tiny universe. On the contrary, they used the Gigalorian Galaxies as a training ground for their youngest and a resting place for the retired Oldies.
They expanded their influence in the other Universes, whose Void Anchor they found. It was possible to establish a Void-Bridge to connect two Universes.
Nial was quite intrigued by other Universes but he chose not to do anything about them. He enjoyed his calm and peaceful life.
He sparred with his friends, Devils, and some Asuras a few times a week and he continued to increase his cultivation rank without break, but his desire to explore other Universes never bloomed.
His Army of Devils was allowed to do whatever they desired. As long as they didn't initiate a third Great War, Nial didn't interfere in their actions. The Devils were old enough to know that every action resulted in a reaction. Their actions would cause smaller or bigger ripples in the causal of the Universe.
However, Nial was not too worried about them. He could feel what his Devils were doing, and he realized quickly that they were surprisingly calm and peaceful.
Time passed quickly and the years elapsed faster than Nial could look. His strength increased drastically, but he didn't even realize that. There was no way for him to fathom the true extent of his power.
It was a shame, but once again, Nial didn't really care.
He focused on his progress, made sure that his body wouldn't get rusty by training and sparring every now and then, and he continued to expand the Orion Shelter.
Orion had grown into a metropolis with billions of residents. It spanned across the entire plateau, the adjacent savannah, and the mountain range.
The buildings in the Orion Shelter were carefully placed with meticulous calculations and various valuable resources to make sure that not even Ancient Gods would be able to damage them.
Achieving the creation of such buildings hadn't been easy. It took years of research to choose the right runic constellations, construction materials, runic solutions, and more before the first building had been completed.
The cost of a single skyscraper was tremendous but so was the endurance of the completed building. These highly endurable constructions even possessed special effects that allowed the residents to improve their rest and smoothen their cultivation progress.
Many Origin Humans chose to stay in the Orion Shelter after the Second Great War, but there were also many who chose to leave. True Originals would only be able to become powerful by exploring the vast universe, and facing countless dangers.
The Orion Shelter thus turned into a shelter of safety and a place of rest.
This was something the Creatoran needed desperately. After the Second Great War, Nial chose to search for his people. He used the Army of Devils to search through the Monster Dimension.
When the Creatoran encountered Nial's Devils, they were scared witless. They thought that the Devils would kill them and that their time had finally come. However, all of that changed upon facing Nial Orin.
The Creatoran didn't instinctively know that Nial was their Crown Prince, but they were not stupid either. His silver hair, and his existence as Creatoran, who bound a True Golden Dragon to his Soul Space was enough to worship him even if they didn't know who he was.
Only when some older Creatoran, who had served in the royal palace before, faced Nial did they realize who he was? After all, his presence and appearance were a perfect mixture of the Empress and the Emperor.
Nial didn't want to call himself the Crown Prince of the Lacardia Empyrean Void, but he didn't intend to abandon his people either. Even now, after ten thousand years passed, Nial never stopped looking for more Creatoran.
He may be considered the Reign of Darkness by most, but he was also the Ruler of the Creatoran.
Funnily enough, the Reign of Darkness was given a Seed of Yggdrasil after the end of the Second Great War. It was planted in the center of the Orion Shelter, connecting the Elven races permanently to him and his place.
But that was for the best. After all, it would be difficult to meet some of the people he learned to hold dear, if not for the branch of Yggdrasil.
By now, Nial was not even sure how much longer he could expand the Orion Shelter without bothering the Primordials, Ancients, and Divine Gods.
However, he was not too concerned about that.
They chose to watch over him and observe his actions, or so they said. Yet, at the end of the day, they never did anything no matter what he did.
His relationship with most Divine Gods, Primordials, and Ancients was a little weird, mostly because of the Second Great War and the humiliation he brought them, but Nial didn't really mind that.
Right now, the people he cared the most about were by his side.
His worries about Hoert didn't disappear. However, there was no news about the Devourer of the Universe, and it was not as if Nial would start searching for trouble across the multitude of countless universes.
He was ready to lay low and live his life peacefully. That was everything he wanted to do now that the Advocates and their Apprentices had been annihilated for good.
There was only one problem.
'What the hell am I going to do about them?' Nial thought, almost desperately as he visualized the three figures in front of his office.
The Oracle, Princess Evalyne, and Hana were standing over there, glaring daggers at him.
[The End]
Side Stories will follow, but it may need some time.
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