Novel Name : People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon

Chapter 504: The Second Night! (5)

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Chapter 504: The Second Night! (5)
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When this ‘weapon’ was brandished, no one within 6 to 7 meters could get close to it.
The other two elite Ape Claw Beasts previously attacked Deng Xue Ling roared repeatedly at Zhao Yu, but to no avail. They could only dodge.
After a few attempts, one of the Ape Claw Beasts finally couldn’t take it anymore and jumped upward to directly attack Zhao Yu from above.
Just as it was about to swing it halfway, Zhao Yu suddenly loosened his grip and threw the two elite Ape Claw Beast on his hand towards it.
Instantly, Zhao Yu attacked the elite Ape Claw Beast that was still stationed on the ground.
The elite Ape Claw Beast rushed towards him and a sharp claw came at him.
Zhao Yu subconsciously squatting to dodge the attack.
Unconsciously, he actually used a sweeping kick simultaneously.
Caught off guard, the Ape Claw Beast immediately fall towards the ground with its face as landing point.
It quickly retracted its claws to stand up.
Zhao Yu seized the opportunity, lightly tapping his foot on the ground, performing a 180-degree upper kick towards its jaw in mid-air, and flipped to land on the back of the Ape Claw Beast.
Taking advantage of its weakened state, he jumped upward and smashed onto the back of the Ape Claw Beast’s head with his elbow.
Even the strong elite Ape Claw Beast couldn’t withstand a powerful attack to the brain and succumbed to the blow.
Its hairy head was instantly smashed, leaving a bowl-sized hole.
A flash of white light, and the elite Ape Claw Beast before him finally fell dead.
Turning around, Zhao Yu was astonished to find that the elite Ape Claw Beast he had previously attacked in the air had only lost an arm. It now lay on the ground, roaring furiously, like a tiger without its claws and teeth.
An unexpected result!
Zhao Yu hadn’t anticipated that another elite Ape Claw Beast would be so fierce as to even strike down its own kind.
Without time to ponder, he bent down to pick up the severed arm of the Ape Claw Beast, using it as a weapon to fight the injured elite Ape Claw Beast.
Relying on his master level Lightfoot skill, it only took Zhao Yu a few seconds to successfully defeat his opponent.
Then, wielding the weapon, he used it to slay the remaining elite Ape Claw Beast that had lost both arms and laying on the ground.
A flash of white light, and all five elite Ape Claw Beasts surrounding Zhao Yu were dead.
“Save me—!”
At this moment, Deng Xue Ling’s scream echoed again.
Zhao Yu turned to see that another four elite Ape Claw Beasts had appeared there.
Deng Xue Ling’s condition was horrific. Her chest had been torn away, a copious amount of blood was spilling out, one arm was completely missing, and the other had two-thirds severed, leaving only half an arm.
Without time to think further, Zhao Yu hurriedly picked up his weapon and charged towards her.
“Roar ~~!”
The four elite monsters also noticed Zhao Yu’s movements and roared.
One of them continued to chase after Deng Xue Ling, while the other three turned around and prepared to surround Zhao Yu.
The pressure on Deng Xue Ling was greatly reduced, but she did not care about breathing and continued to flee into the distance.
At this moment, her face was pale and she was in a sorry state. She was no longer as cold as before.
Just the blood flowing out of her body was enough to kill her.
Fortunately, the effect of nearly 45 enhancements made her vitality extraordinary, allowing her to hold on.
Otherwise, the blood loss alone would have been enough to cause death.
But Deng Xue Ling’s condition was not optimistic. Waves of dizziness assaulted her, making her feel like she could lose consciousness at any moment.
She knew that once she fainted, her death would be certain.
Left with no choice, she kept biting her tongue, blood from her mouth sliding down her lips.
She even bit off some of her meat and swallowed them.
At this moment, she had no energy left for spitting blood, relying solely on her willpower to keep her body moving.
“It’s no use…”
Reaching her limit, Deng Xue Ling’s vision began to blur.
She knew she was going to die.
Am I going to die here?
She let out a long sigh in her heart, her steps faltering, and she fell straight down.
But the next second, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her.
“Zhao Yu?!”
Deng Xue Ling couldn’t see clearly anymore, but she thought it was him by the scent and feeling.
“Quick, kill this beast!”
Voices seemed to echo in her ears, but they were growing fainter and fainter until they were barely audible.
“I am tired….I….don’t want to…”
Deng Xue Ling only managed to utter a few words.
Beside her, Zhao Yu quickly grabbed Deng Xue Ling’s leg and pressed it against the head of the Ape Claw Beast.
A flash of white light.
White energy surged into Zhao Yu’s body.
Zhao Yu looked at the lifeless woman in his arms, feeling an indescribable emotion.
Finally, the deafening roar resounded.
The Ape Claw beasts receded like a tide.
Zhao Yu’s vision in his mind flickered, noticing that many beasts were still lingering on the fourth floor.
Without time to mourn for Deng Xue Ling, he laid her body down and quickly ran towards the upper floor.
“I want to stay by him side too!”
Just as he reached the floor, a familiar voice was heard.
Then, Liu Shu Hui’s head floated up, smashing into Zhao Yu’s arms.
He instinctively caught it.
Liu Shu Hui opened her mouth, as if she wanting to say something. Without a trachea, she couldn’t tell Zhao Yu that she liked him!
But to die in his arms…
Her eyes clouded over, and in just a second, Liu Shu Hui was gone.
Zhao Yu’s heart skipped a beat, that extreme discomfort surging up again.
He stared at Liu Shu Hui’s head, noticing her lips were slightly curved upwards, as if she were smiling..
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