Novel Name : I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 697: A Nation of Rites Must Be Vigilant in Times of Peace

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Chapter 697: A Nation of Rites Must Be Vigilant in Times of Peace
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After a loud roar, Wu Tian waved his hand, signaling them to stop.
Then, he said.
‘ Everything must be done with the battlefield as the background, with the wartime as the standard, and with the aim of winning!
After Wu Tian returned from Qin Yuan’s place, he had learned that fighting was like training, and training was like fighting.
” I also request that from today onwards, within a year, the 808th Brigade will not release any news about achievements, commendations, or meritorious service awards.”
“Our slogan is: Be brave after knowing shame, endure hardships and taste courage!”
“Brave after knowing shame, endure hardships and taste gall!”
“Brave after knowing shame, endure hardships and taste gall!”
“Brave after knowing shame, endure hardships and taste gall!”
Hong Yi, the captain of the 909th Brigade Special Forces, had a disagreement with Wang Zhigang during the summary meeting.
Now, he could only use high-intensity training to numb himself. Therefore, the members of the 909th Brigade were suffering during this period of time. Immediately after, Zhang Xiaoyu’s car drove to his training ground.
Hong Yi put down his work and jogged over.
Hong Yi asked when he saw Zhang Xiaoyu get off the car.
“Political Commissar Zhang, why are you here?”
Zhang Xiaoyu sighed.
“Hong Yi, ever since we came back from the Wolf Fang Mountain base, I’ve
been wanting to find some time to have a good chat with you.”
“But I had too many things on my hands and didn’t have time to take care of them.”
” At the conclusion meeting, you expressed your opinion. Now that I think about it, I think it’s right and very positive.”
“But some of my thoughts might not be in line with the brigade commander’s.” “Sometimes, I can tell that you’re hesitant to speak.”
Hearing him mention this matter, Hong Yi’s expression did not look any better as he replied indifferently.
“Yes, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” “Why?”
“It’s useless to say it. It’s easy to offend people.”
“The brigade commander didn’t improve his work, but the conflict between me and him increased.”
“It’s much better not to say it.”
“Hong Yi, do you have a problem with Brigade Commander Wang, or do you have a problem with the work arrangements, work ideas, ideology, and living security of the brigade?”
Hong Yi thought about it and hesitated.
Zhang Xiaoyu said.
“It’s okay. Just say what you really think. Now, the two of us are just having an open chat. There’s no need to worry so much.”
“Then I’ll say it?”
“It’s okay. Go ahead.”
It’s mainly because of the brigade commander’s personal problems.”
Because the brigade commander’s attitude and words directly affect the entire brigade!”
“My opinion of him is also my opinion of the work in the brigade.” “Okay, then make it clear. This way, I can communicate with you two.”
” I feel that he doesn’t understand the rules and characteristics of modern warfare at all.
‘ Moreover, he is unwilling to listen to other people’s opinions.” At the mention of this matter, Hong Yi felt a little angry.
” I led the special forces to hide in the base of Wolf’s Fang for six days and seven nights!
“And in the end?”
“He used the special forces like ordinary infantry!”
“Then how am I supposed to bring out the strengths of the special forces?” Seeing that his tone was a little harsh, Zhang Xiaoyu explained. “You might have misunderstood Brigade Commander Wang.”
“He has a comprehensive consideration of the entire combat technique.” He thinks that your special forces have too much of a difference in hiding.”
‘ That’s why we waited until the artillery regiment was in place and the infantry battalion was in place before launching the general attack.”
“If we don’t prepare artillery fire and attack with artillery fire, you won’t be able to stand your ground even if you go up.” Hong Yi said disdainfully.
Isn’t this still his old traditional tactic?”
” Attack with artillery first, then let the infantry charge up the mountain.”
“It looks quite lively, but what’s the actual effect?” “This set of things has been used since ancient times!”
“The textbooks are full of this stuff!” “Only you guys know?” “The Blue Army doesn’t know?”
“1,500 kilometers. It took a lot of effort to pull the artillery regiment up.”
“I was hoping that they would be able to completely destroy the Blue Army’s fortifications.”
“But in the end?”
“It hasn’t even been ten minutes, and they’ve already been wiped out!”
“I get angry when I talk about this!”
Hong Yi really hated him to the core.
The special forces that he led had been lurking in the wilderness for such a long time.
He couldn’t eat or sleep well.
He did not expect this result.
Then how would he lead troops in the future?
Zhang Xiaoyu knew that he was unhappy.
“Hong Yi, calm down first.” “What you said makes sense.”
Hong Yi continued to complain.
“Our communication network has long been controlled by them, and they even set the artillery position on Hill 330.”
“The Blue Army already knew about this situation and information a few days ago.”
“But how did the brigade commander do it?”
“I didn’t know to change it immediately. I just pulled it up!”
” The blue army’s electronic reconnaissance means, helicopter aerial reconnaissance, and space satellite reconnaissance have long been keeping an eye on Commander Zhu and the others. How can they not be eaten up by them?”
Zhang Xiaoyu saw that he was a little agitated.
He sighed.
“Hong Yi, perhaps the brigade commander didn’t think this through in such an emergency. ”
“Yes, he might not have considered this thoroughly.”
But what I don’t understand and what’s most infuriating is that he actually asked all the officers and soldiers of the 909th Brigade to put on a show for the commanders!”
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