Novel Name : Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy

Chapter 752: Sir has mind-reading (11)_1

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Chapter 752: Sir has mind-reading (11)_1
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Although thousands of thoughts flashed through her mind, Fu Shang still looked obedient and gentle on the surface. She nodded slightly, then looked up at Yu Shen gently.
His smile was fake and fake.
Even system 677 couldn’t bear to look at it.
“Alright,” he said.
Yu Shen squinted his eyes at Fu min’s reaction.
The woman’s familiar voice rang in his mind again.
[ compared to you, yours truly would rather fall in love with your face. ]
He said in a lazy and arrogant tone.
It was a world of difference from Fu Shang’s obedient appearance.
Yu Shen was speechless.
If he couldn’t hear Bai lingyue’s inner voice, he would really be deceived by this woman’s gentle appearance.
Hypocritical and shallow.
Yu Shen gave Fu Shang a new definition in his heart.
It was early autumn, and the weather was gradually turning cold. Especially in the late night, the chill in the air condensed into dewdrops that fell on people’s bodies, making them shiver unconsciously.
Feeling a little cold, Fu Shang put his hand to his lips and let out a small breath. Then, he rubbed his white and tender hands.
Fu min glanced at Yu Shen, who was walking beside her. He was wearing a thin trench coat with a white shirt on the inside, unlike Fu min, who wore a sleeveless fairy dress to look good. He was shivering from the cold.
She saw that the other party had no intention of caring about her.
Fu Shang was speechless.
[hehe, favorability-10]
Yu Shen stopped and frowned.
Apparently, Yu Shen had heard Fu Shang’s thoughts. He frowned in confusion and a thought popped up in his mind.
What did he do now?
This woman kept criticizing him in her heart?
This woman’s favorable impression of him?
Yu Shen laughed mockingly, indicating that he didn’t need Fu min’s affection at all. He didn’t consider the possibility of being slapped in the face in the future and ran like crazy on the road to death.
He originally didn’t want to care about Fu min.
But at the thought of his plan, Yu Shen frowned slightly. He hesitated for a moment, then raised his hand and took off his coat with his well-defined fingers.
Seeing Yu Shen stop, Fu min had to stop as well. Then, he saw the man take off his black coat.
(< ? »
It was beyond Fu min’s expectation.
Yu Shen put the coat he was holding on her shoulders. His arms were long and slender. He stood behind Fu min, and this position was equivalent to embracing her whole body.
Fu min could even feel the man’s shallow breath on his neck.
Her body trembled.
Yu Shen lowered his eyes and slowly retracted his hand. He then whispered to Fu min, “”Be careful of the cold.”
Fu Shang was slightly startled.
Then, he immediately came back to his senses and thanked her in a low voice, “”Thank you,”
[ ah, there’s, hundred million points of support. Although this person is. little crazy, he’s really good-looking. Why don’t, force myself to … ] Take him in?
Yu Shen stared into Fu min’s eyes.
The look in his eyes made Fu min think that he knew what she was thinking.
She looked away subconsciously and avoided eye contact with Yu Shen.
His actions were slightly guilty.
Yu Shen was speechless.
Not hearing what Fu min was thinking about next, Yu Shen felt a slight sense of regret. But no matter how suspicious he was, he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t just go up and turn her face back, could he?
Although Yu Shen was a little perverted now, he wouldn’t do such an uncouth thing..
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