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Chapter 768: Internal Cultivation Method

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Chapter 768: Internal Cultivation Method
Translator: End less Fantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Chu Bai waited for half a day, and it was finally late at night. After changing into a set of equipment, he picked up his weapon and rushed out of the house.
The few disciples who had extorted Chu Bai in the afternoon were sleeping soundly.
Chu Bai peeked through the window and looked at the people sleeping inside. These were the people who had extorted him in the afternoon.
Chu Bai rushed over without a word and slit one person’s throat with his sword.
This disciple’s HP was quite high, and Chu Bai’s stab revealed his HP bar.
He was roughly equivalent to the HP of a Celestial beast.
Chu Bai’s Flaming Palm, coupled with his powerful suppression, could barely kill one in an instant.
There were two other people sleeping in the room. They were about to scream, but Chu Bai’s sword energy swept them away.
Chu Bai panted heavily after dealing with the three of them. At the same time, he sighed in his heart. He did not expect that the most ordinary disciples would have such terrifying cultivation. With his little strength, he had almost failed.
Chu Bai had already tested the strength of the three of them in the afternoon. He originally thought that tonight would be foolproof, but he did not expect that he was still a little lacking at this point. He almost lost.
“It seems that there are many experts in this sect. I should be careful. Li Jin is probably even stronger. Moreover, this is a new continent. Perhaps there’d be a new level.”
Chu Bai quickly returned to his room after finishing off the three of them.
However, just as he left…
Li Jin seemed to have noticed the situation here and immediately came to observe.
However, no matter how he observed, there was nothing special here—except for the three additional corpses in the room.
“But to dare to kill someone under my eyes, it seems that someone has infiltrated.” Li Jin narrowed his eyes slightly, and the wrinkles on his face were squeezed together. At this moment, he looked a little ferocious.
“I took a sword from that silly kid during the day, and my strength has increased a little. Unfortunately, a sword is still just a sword. It’s not a top-grade one.”
After Li Jin returned to his room, he felt that the sword he took today was not the right one. The attributes were different from the one he saw.
On the other hand, Chu Bai had just returned to his room when he realized that there was another person in the room.
Liu Feixu was hiding by the bed. She only stood up when she saw Chu Bai come in.
“Big Brother, where did you go?”
Liu Feixu looked curiously at Chu Bai’s attire. It was obvious that he had slipped out.
“What’s wrong with you? What’s the matter?” Chu Bai looked left and right at the door. He only closed it after making sure there was no one around.
“Just now in the house, they asked me for money.”
Liu Feixu’s words shocked Chu Bai. He was staying in a single room, so why was she donning with others?
However, after thinking about it carefully, Chu Bai understood that it was probably because of that sword that he had been arranged with a single room. This might be the reason.
“This is indeed a bad place. You’d better go back and beg for food.”
Chu Bai could also sense that the people here were very evil. Everyone wanted money. If it was a poor little girl, she’d only be eaten up here.
“I’m not going back. I want to become stronger!” Liu Feixu was quite strong.
“Alright, then you can stay here for the time being.”
Chu Bai turned around and set up the tent, then went in to rest.
The next morning, Chu Bai had just woken up when he heard the nearby disciples discussing something. Three disciples had died.
They were also Li Jin’s capable disciples.
This matter caused a huge uproar, and everyone was in a panic.
It was time for morning classes.
Chu Bai was the first to step into the hall. There were already many new students gathered here, and it was obvious that they did not have a good rest last night.
Perhaps because they had spent some time studying new cultivation techniques, they did not manage to rest well.
This morning, coupled with this incident, made them even more dispirited.
The people here all looked a little dispirited.
Chu Bai led Liu Feixu straight into the main hall. From afar, he could see Li Jin taking attendance. The two of them came just in time.
“I’ll answer your doubts today. What did you guys see last night?”
Chu Bai had always been playing to increase his attributes, so he did not have any inner force techniques. Now, he finally had the chance to practice inner force techniques, but he was too tired last night and did not bother with it.
What Li Jin talked about this morning were the essentials, but Chu Bai could not understand anything.
Liu Feixu listened very carefully, but because her talent might be a little lacking, she could not understand a lot of things and could only barely remember them.
Chu Bai was smart enough to record this on video. After he went back to look at the inner force cultivation method at night, he would learn a little according to the contents of this morning’s lesson.
After Li Jin finished his explanation, he did not say anything else and left directly. He did not explain the death of three disciples.
Chu Bai hurriedly brought the recording back to his room. He wanted to take a good look at what this inner force mental cultivation method was all about.
Chu Bai had just returned to his room and opened the bamboo slip.
Immediately, he heard the system notification.
[Congratulations on unlocking your inner force cultivation method.]
Chu Bai carefully looked at the place where the inner force cultivation method was.
[System? Is there any explanation for the inner force cultivation method?]
The system replied: [Players can only learn one type of internal skill, and the upper limit is determined by the peak level of the internal skill. It cannot be changed midway. Normal internal skills can also be upgraded to peak-level internal skills, but they need to work harder to increase their ability points.]
Chu Bai nodded his head and finally understood a little bit. This meant that even if he learned the lowest level, he could still learn the highest level. However, he would have to pay a greater price. If he started with high-level inner force, then he would not have to pay such a huge price to upgrade his inner force.
“Since that’s the case, I’ll learn from the Cloud Sky Palace.”
Chu Bai immediately learned it.
[Congratulations to player Bai Ye for learning the Cloud Cultivation Technique.]
Chu Bai immediately looked at his attributes. There was an additional inner force cultivation technique on his interface.
At the same time, he gained 100 ability points.
[The player will receive one ability point every minute. Each attack can be added with an ability.]
Chu Bai looked at the description of the internal skill carefully. It meant that he could add the ability points to his attack during battle, similar to his One Sword Moves Mountains and Rivers.
At the same time, after using it, it could recover one point every minute. The recovery speed was a little slow, but according to the notification on it, as the ability points increased and the cultivation increased, the recovery speed would become faster.
“Brother! What are you mumbling about? Why can’t I understand? Did you understand what he said in the morning? Why can’t I understand anything?”
Liu Feixu was suddenly very curious. After all, she did not understand anything this morning..
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