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Chapter 590: Deva’ s Agreement (1)

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Chapter 590: Deva’ s Agreement (1)
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Heavenly Prefecture.
The northern side of Great Liang City was surrounded by mountains. Among these dozen or so mountains, there was an endless lake. In the middle of the lake was a towering mountain that pierced through the clouds like a pillar that held up the sky.
This was the Dragon Abyss Mountain, one of the four great spiritual lands of the Heavenly Prefecture.
At that moment, a golden streak of light appeared in the sky. One moment, it was still in the distant sky, but the next moment, it appeared above the Dragon Abyss Mountain.
“A spiritual land is indeed a spiritual land.”
Han Zhao looked down at the Dragon Abyss Pool. The air here was fresh and refreshing. The power of heaven and earth was extremely active.
This was still a spiritual land that had yet to be enlightened. If it was enlightened by the power of a Great Divine Power, the spiritual qi could at least increase by several times.
At that time, the spiritual qi here would far exceed the spirit cave on Furious Flood Dragon Island.
After all, the Furious Flood Dragon Gang was not a spiritual land to begin with. It was just that he had forcefully used the power of his Great Divine Power to temporarily enlighten a fake spirit cave. It would dry up in at most a hundred years.
As for the Dragon Abyss Mountain, it was a land of living beings. If it was enlightened into a spirit cave, it could at least maintain spiritual qi for a thousand years.
If he waited until the Qian Heaven Palace descended and the nine spirit caves gathered, none of them would be inferior to the spiritual land of the Dragon Abyss Mountain. At that time, the spiritual qi would be unimaginably rich.
Han Zhao used his Dharma power to condense a spirit talisman and sent it to the Dragon Abyss Mountain. The spirit talisman flew into the towering hall at the top of the mountain.
After a while, a green light flew out of the hall and soared into the sky, arriving beside Han Zhao.
When the green light dissipated, a beautiful woman with a white veil covering her face appeared. It was Qi Qingchan.
“I came uninvited. Fellow Daoist Qi, please forgive me.” Han Zhao smiled and cupped his hands.
“Fellow Daoist Han’s arrival is truly an honor to the Dragon Abyss Mountain!”
Qi Qingchan smiled sweetly.
“Fellow Daoist Han, please enter the hall for a chat.”
“Please.” Han Zhao nodded slightly.
Qi Qingchan rode a beam of light down to the Heavenly Lake Hall below, with Han Zhao following closely behind.
The two of them landed outside the hall.
Han Zhao looked at the stone stairs that extended from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain and then at the majestic hall in front of him. Spirit birds could be seen everywhere on the eaves of the corridor.
The last time he came here, he had asked Qi Qingchan for help and thought of obtaining protection.
At that time, he still walked up the steps that contained gravity. After walking thousands of steps, he used half of his Astral Qi to see one of Qi Qingchan’s avatars.
After that, it was also dangerous to go to the Heavenly Profound Sect.
For a moment, Han Zhao sighed.
The scenes of the past were still vivid in his mind.
When Qi Qingchan saw Han Zhao standing outside the hall and looking around, she did not disturb him.
A moment later, Han Zhao was led into the main hall by Qi Qingchan.
The mist spread out in the hall, and clear qi surrounded it. The spiritual qi of heaven and earth seemed to be corporeal.
“Fellow Daoist Han, please take a seat.” Qi Qingchan waved her sleeve, and the mist and clear air dissipated, immediately leading Han Zhao to the main seat.
After Han Zhao sat down, Qi Qingchan clapped her hands.
After a while, two beautiful women in green walked out of the hall. The two women held trays and served two cups of green spiritual tea.
The fragrance of tea filled the air, and it also contained rich spiritual qi.
However, Han Zhao’s attention was on the two women in green.
The two women had wooden expressions. Although they looked lifelike, there was no vitality in their bodies.
“Could these two women be corpse puppets?” Han Zhao raised his eyebrows.
“Fellow Daoist Han, you’ve misunderstood. The two women are puppet dolls, not human bodies. As long as you refine their cores and put in the Golden Bead, they can do as they’re ordered,” Qi Qingchan explained.
“Puppet dolls?” Han Zhao was stunned.
“I bought these puppet dolls from the Outer World as servants.”
As she spoke, Qi Qingchan picked up her teacup.
Han Zhao picked up the teacup and took a sip. He felt a warm current surge from his stomach into his limbs and bones. Even the Dharma power in his body seemed to have become a little more active.
“Good tea.” Han Zhao sighed.
“This tea is called Jade Heavenly Net. It’s a specialty of the Domain Spirit World. It has the miraculous effect of clearing the meridians and increasing Dharma power.
“The high-grade cultivators there like to use this tea to receive important guests.”
“I only have five kilograms here. If Fellow Daoist Han likes it, bring half back.” Qi Qingchan smiled faintly.
“A gentleman doesn’t take what others like. I just find it a little novel.” Han Zhao waved his hand and asked, “What place is this Domain Spirit World? I’ve never heard of it.’
He already knew the basic situation of the nine grotto-heavens, but he knew nothing about Domain Spirit Grotto-heaven. This was the first time he heard this name.
“Fellow Daoist Han, as a newly advanced Divine Power Realm expert, you haven’t been to the Outer World, so it’s normal for you not to know about the Domain Spirit World. This Domain Spirit World is the Origin World’s enemy, the strongest domain controlled by the foreign races. The cultivators there call themselves Qi Cultivators. For example, the puppet doll just now came from the Domain Spirit World,” Qi Qingchan explained.
“Qi Cultivator?” Han Zhao was stunned. Why did it feel like an immortal cultivation world?
“Generally speaking, when one reaches the Weapon Master or Spirit
Summoner Realm, they have to go to the Outer World to guard it for 60 years.
They have to be on guard against the foreign races led by the Domain Spirit
World. Originally, when Fellow Daoist Han advanced to the Divine Power Realm, you had to go to the Outer World to guard it. However, you don’t belong to any of the nine grotto-heavens and are invincible in the Origin World, so you don’t have to follow this rule,” Qi Qingchan added.
“If I really head to the Outer World, I wonder if the foreign races will attack first or if the grotto-heavens will attack.”
Han Zhao smiled and openly admitted that he did not dare to go to the Outer World.
“Fellow Daoist Han is right.” Qi Qingchan nodded.
“Fellow Daoist Han has successfully transcended the tribulation in the Origin World. Even if you descend to the world of foreign races like the Domain Spirit World, you won’t be suppressed..”
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