Novel Name : Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Chapter 548: The Embarrassing Cheating Incident

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Chapter 548: The Embarrassing Cheating Incident
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Yu Su knew that Chen Ci had a domineering personality at home and always bullied her husband.
After the illegitimate child incident was exposed, Chen Ci Hui would regret coming to the ward today, regret participating in Hu Ying’s matter, and resent Hu Ying. Then, Hu Ying would lose a capable assistant.
Chen Ci gritted her teeth and insisted, “I don’t believe you. You must be talking nonsense. My husband dotes on me the most. He won’t mess around outside.”
“You’ll know if he’s messing around or not after you investigate. Moreover, he doesn’t dote on you at all. He’s just used to being bullied by you, so he’s used to being weak,” Yu Su said with a smile.
Hu Shao was filled with anger. “Stop talking. We’re here to settle Hu Rui’s matter today. Don’t drag us into this again.”
He really couldn’t take back what he had done.
After today, the entire Hu family would probably know.
However, Hu Shao did not regret it at all. He had long had enough of this tigress, Chen Ci, who monitored him all day long and slapped him whenever she was unhappy.
Besides, he had another child now, and they were twins. It didn’t matter even if they got a divorce.
Hu Jun and Zhang Xia were dumbfounded by their words.
The second daughter-in-law actually hit someone in public. The second son actually had an affair and even had an illegitimate child. What a misfortune for the family!
Hu Jun’s face turned red. He really wanted to chase the two of them out of the ward. “Both of you, shut up and be quiet! I invited you here today to discuss Hu Rui’s matter. Let’s see what you’ve become!”
Zhang Xia also swept a cold glance at Chen Ci, her eyes like knives. “You still have the cheek to let Yu Su treat you as an elder. Why don’t you take a look at yourself and see if you’re worthy of her respect? You hit her the moment you came up. You’re really unruly!”
If it weren’t for the two children of their family, she wouldn’t have let Chen Ci behave atrociously at home for so many years.
Chen Ci pursed her lips and gritted her teeth. “I’m also afraid that you’ll be deceived by this girl.”
Upon hearing this, Wu Xi frowned slightly and his expression turned ugly. “Our family trusts Yu Su very much. If you don’t believe me, then please go back! I don’t need your family’s help with Hu Rui’s matter.”
When she saw Yu Su rebutting Chen Ci with ease just now, she did not help her. However, she was on Yu Su’s side in her heart and did not think that Chen Ci could do whatever she wanted just because she was an elder.
Chen Ci glared at Yu Su coldly. “After I leave, I don’t know how this girl will slander Hu Ying. I want to stay and monitor her.”
She did not believe Yu Su at all.
She had something on Hu Shao. Hu Shao was used to living off women. If not for the Chen family’s help, Hu Shao would have been kicked out of the company long ago.
Therefore, she was certain that Hu Shao did not dare to cheat on her.
Chen Ci planned to get the detective agency to investigate after she returned home and throw the results of the investigation at Yu Su’s face.
Yu Su looked around the ward and finally looked at Hu Jun. “According to the existing evidence, you still don’t believe that the person is Mrs. Yu, right?”
Hu Jun nodded. “Yes, we didn’t see that person’s face.”
Perhaps someone was pretending? He had always doted on his youngest daughter and believed in her character.
“Alright, since you don’t believe me, I have another way to prove it,” Yu Su said.
After saying that, she took out her phone and found a group chat to send a voice message.
[Yu Hong, your mother transferred the parasitic poison to Hu Rui. Hu Rui doesn’t have long to live. Do you want to come over and take a look? Call your other two brothers along!]
Yu Hong was working in the company when his phone rang.
He opened it and was shocked. He was so frightened that he immediately sent a voice message: [What? Really? When did this happen? How is Cousin now?]
Life is short… If something really happened to his cousin, the Yu Family would probably break ties with the entire Hu Family.
Yu Su sent an address over. [Bring them over first. It’s hard to explain in a few sentences.]
[Okay!] After Yu Hong replied, he immediately called his two younger brothers and asked them to rush to the hospital.
Along the way, Yu Hong’s heart was burning with anxiety. His mind couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild.
He did not doubt the authenticity of Yu Su’s words at all. He only felt that the matter was too tricky.
At the same time, he hated his mother a little. It had only been a few days, and she had caused such a thing..
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