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Chapter 865: Authority to The Source

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Chapter 865: Authority to The Source
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[You have met the conditions. The Heavenly Book of Peace has been refined by you for the second time!]
[The Heavenly Book of Peace’s effect 2 has been activated again!]
As the golden finger continued to prompt him, the Heavenly Book of Peace in Wu Wei’s mind lit up again.
In the light of the Heavenly Book of Peace, Wu Wei clearly felt that his connection with the Heavenly Book of Peace had become closer.
Of course, it was just a little.
The Heavenly Book of Peace was still cold to him, and Wu Wei was still unable to command this guy.
However, Wu Wei believed that he would be able to control the Heavenly Book of Peace sooner or later if he continued to refine it at this rate!
Then, Wu Wei saw the attributes of the Heavenly Book of Peace.
Divine Weapon Talisman: Heavenly Book of Peace (Volume 1)
[Quality: ???]
Level: ???
Owner: Wu Wei
[Level of Refinement: Second Refinement (0/50000)]
[God Weapon Talisman Effect 1: Dao Protection (Can be activated once a day. During the activation period, you will enter an invincible state for 30 seconds. Existences below the ninth rank cannot break this state.]
[Divine Weapon Talisman Effect 2: Dao Comprehension (You have obtained the right to Dao Comprehension once!])
The attributes were basically the same as before. The biggest difference was that refining required more [Power of Lightning]. It cost 50,000 at the start, which gave Wu Wei a headache.
“50,000 yuan. It’s a tenfold increase right away.”
Even Wu Wei himself did not know how long he would need to spend on this 50,000 lightning power.
During this period of time, Wu Wei had already come out of the state of epiphany. Due to the refinement of the Heavenly Book of Peace, he did not break through the fifth level and only reached about 65% of the fourth level.
However, although his cultivation technique did not reach the fifth level that Wu Wei wanted, the breakthrough to the fourth level still allowed Wu Wei to gain quite a lot!
Although Wu Wei’s [Power of Thunder] had been completely absorbed by the [Heavenly Book of Peace], the breakthrough in his cultivation technique had also helped Wu Wei temper his body.
At this moment, Wu Wei’s physical fitness had doubled compared to before his breakthrough.
One should not underestimate this twofold increase. Wu Wei had previously cultivated the Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Art to the fifth level, and he already had the strength of an elephant. Now that it had increased by twofold, it could be said that the increase in Wu Wei’s physical fitness was quite terrifying.
Let’s put it this way, just by standing right now, ordinary seventh or eighth tier experts would not be able to break through his defense.
If he were to open the cross training, then even an ordinary grade-9 would find it hard to hurt him in the slightest.
There was no need to mention his strength!
One word stood out-pervert!
Of course, the law of conservation of energy did exist in this world.
For example, Wu Wei had refined the Heavenly Book of Peace for the second time and improved his physical fitness. A large amount of energy from the Munitions Factory had been absorbed by Wu Wei.
In fact, the amount of energy that Wu Wei had absorbed was not as simple as just a large amount.
This was a huge amount!
This wave of improvement had used up all the energy reserves in the Munitions Factory!
Many of the facilities in the Munitions Factory had been damaged, and the security system of the Munitions Factory could not tolerate it.
“The target’s threat to the Munitions Factory has reached the level of destruction. The system has raised the target’s annihilation to the highest level!”
The metallic sound echoed throughout the entire arsenal.
At the same time, the Androids that were attacking started to retreat from Wu Wei’s area.
The so-called highest level was to destroy Wu Wei at all costs.
At this time, the Munitions Factory would use some weapons of mass destruction.
When the robots retreated, Wu Wei could clearly feel that he was locked onto!
In the next second!
“Puff! Puff! Puff!”
A series of subtle sounds rang out.
In the next second, bullets with extremely strong penetrating power came from all directions and directly broke through the wall!
The four little guys on the four sides immediately turned into four shields to help Wu Wei block the bullets.
Ah Huang immediately activated the Indestructible Golden Body Technique.
The Lightning Rat transformed into a Lightning Lion, the Little Elf blocked with her Earth Sword, and Little Dragon Girl condensed an Ice Shield.
Out of the four directions, the other three were blocked. Only No. 5 couldn’t withstand it. Several bullets passed through No. 5 and entered the room where Wu Wei was.
The moment the bullet entered, Fourth Brother’s [Space Barrier] had already been set up.
The bullets did not even cause a ripple when they landed on the spatial barrier before they shattered!
However, just as the bullets shattered, Wu Wei heard a mechanical voice.
“The attack coordinates of the ultra-small directional antimatter energy cannon are set. Activate the attack!”
At the same time, Wu Wei felt an unprecedented sense of danger!
“Come back!”
Wu Wei hurriedly summoned all his summoned beasts back and activated the protective function of the Heavenly Book of Peace at the same time!
Almost at the same time that Wu Wei finished recalling his Summoned Beast and activated [Dao Protection], a black light cannon descended from the sky and landed directly on Wu Wei’s location.
In an instant, the room where Wu Wei was in was destroyed.
It even created a bottomless hole in the ground!
Wu Wei, on the other hand, was unharmed due to the protection of the [Heavenly Book of Peace] and the [Dao Protection] function, but he was also hit by the cannon.
Wu Wei felt that he might not be able to defend against the power of this shot even if he used his Heng Training to the maximum!
What shocked Wu Wei even more was that the sense of danger was still there, as if the attack was not over yet!
Wu Wei ran away without saying anything!
The [Heavenly Thunder Energy] in his body erupted, and his transmutation level body was full. Wu Wei ran out of the Munitions Factory like a bolt of lightning.
To Wu Wei’s surprise, his escape was unusually smooth. He did not encounter any resistance throughout the entire process!
Wu Wei only realized after he escaped from the Munitions Factory that the power of that shot was terrifying, but there was definitely a limit. Otherwise, the Munitions Factory would have treated him to a shot.
As soon as Wu Wei escaped from the Munitions Factory, the golden finger notification in front of him refreshed again.
[Warning, warning, detected that you have left the Munitions Factory. Please return to the Munitions Factory as soon as possible and destroy the Munitions Factory to complete the challenge side mission!]
Wu Wei frowned when he saw the golden finger notification.
“You’re still rushing this mystic realm, right? I’m not going back. What can you do?”
Well, Wu Wei really didn’t plan to go back.
Although it was not difficult for him to take down this arsenal, he could do it alone. If he really found it troublesome, he could release the Flying Elephant Dao Soldiers from Fourth Brother’s Source Space.
A few days had passed, and the Flying Elephant Dao-soldier had already completed its advancement.
A wave of 2222 legend-grade Flying Elephant Dao Soldiers would not even be able to withstand the assault of the Munitions Factory, let alone the Meeh City.
However, whether they could take down the Munitions Factory was one thing, and whether they could fight it was another!
Wu Wei wanted to control the mystic realm, not be controlled by it!
Looking at the golden finger notification in front of him, Wu Wei directly raised his request!
“It’s not impossible for me to go back and destroy the Munitions Factory. I can even destroy the Machinery City, but I want to make a condition. After I take down the Machinery City and completely solve your crisis, I want to obtain the origin authority of this secret plane!”
The so-called authority of the Origin Source of the Secret Realm was something that Wu Wei had read in the old man’s book. It was a speculation of the old man.
He guessed that apart from the normal authority, there should be another kind of authority.
This so-called origin authority was the key to truly controlling a mystic realm!
As long as a Divine Talisman Master could control the authority of the source of the secret realm, he could completely control the secret realm, including the consciousness of the secret realm.
Of course, this was only the old man’s guess. At present, this guess had not been confirmed. After all, no one had obtained the authority of the source of the secret realm.
Now, Wu Wei did not mind testing it out to see if the old man’s guess was true or false.
However, just as Wu Wei made this request, a golden finger notification immediately refreshed in front of him.
[Warning, warning. Please return to the Munitions Factory to complete your mission as soon as possible. If you do not return to the Munitions Factory to complete your mission within 30 minutes, your [Mechanical Cognitional Disorder] ability will automatically activate. At that time, you may be attacked by all mechanical lives!]
It was obvious that this was the secret realm’s original will’s response to Wu Wei’s wishful thinking.
A powerful response!
It used this warning to tell Wu Wei that it was not a secret realm that Wu Wei could control. On the contrary, it had the power to control Wu Wei.
Hopefully, Wu Wei would understand his identity as a tool and not covet something that he could not covet!
On Wu Wei’s side, he smiled when he saw the golden finger notification.
“You’re getting anxious. It seems like you really do have access to the secret region. If that’s the case, I’ll say this. If you don’t give me this, I won’t do anything else!”
As Wu Wei spoke, he spread out his arms, indicating that he was really lying down!
Then, Wu Wei’s side completely stopped moving, and on his side, the golden finger notification kept refreshing.
At this moment, the golden finger notification that refreshed was a countdown, a countdown of 30 minutes!
The consciousness of this secret realm seemed to want to use this method to create pressure for Wu Wei.
However, it was useless. Wu Wei was unmoved. Soon, it was 29 minutes and 30 seconds.
30 minutes were almost up!
The countdown turned red, and the pressure was directed at Wu Wei.
But Wu Wei didn’t even look.
Finally, it was the last second!
30 minutes was almost up!
At this moment, the golden finger notification in front of Wu Wei refreshed.
[You have triggered the hidden main mission, [Save the Annan Mystic Realm]!]
[Mission: Save the Annan Mystic Realm
[Mission tips: The Annan Secret Realm has been eroded by the evil Mechanical Calamity and the Fire of Destruction. Please destroy the Machinery City and take the Fire of Destruction from the Machinery City.]
[Mission completion reward: Annan Mystic Realm Origin Authority]
Clearly, the Annan Mystic Realm was still afraid in the end!
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