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Chapter 2145: Chapter 2163: the opening of the final stage (first part)

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Chapter 2145: Chapter 2163: the opening of the final stage (first part)
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The name list for the final stage was quickly released. Other than the ancient king team, there were four other academies remaining in the first region. They were Starry Sky Academy, Bronze Academy, Gale Academy, and Bret Academy, which had luckily escaped the calamity…
The other academies were all annihilated by the first ancient king team!
The losses could be said to be disastrous. Many of the instructors’eyes were red with rage. Every Academy’s squadron was made up of elites and had been nurtured for many years. Once the generations were cut off, it would have a huge impact on the future generations… …
Of course, today’s matter was very big. Whether or not it would happen in the future was another matter… …
However, the worse news was that everyone had witnessed the strength of the first ancient king squadron. There were a total of eleven members. Other than the fog demon that had been killed by Bai Cai, the rest were also unbelievably strong, each of them had the terrifying strength to single-handedly wipe out a strong school team!
Moreover, there were quite a few who deliberately gave the school team the opportunity to activate the device. However, under such circumstances, they were still crushed and killed without any suspense. At the same time, as the many teachers watched this, their eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, at the same time, they were becoming less and less optimistic about the outcome of the final round.
They were too strong. They were simply unreasonable. To be honest, were these children really only at the student level. It felt like none of the dragon-ranked instructors present felt that they had a chance of winning…
The name list of District 2 was much better than that of District 1. The reason was that the second ancient king team had encountered a tough opponent before they had even started their massacre!
No one had expected that a Xandar Academy that had almost been ranked in the top 100 in the previous year would actually have such a result. There were even teams of that level!
With the activation of the device, almost all of the second ancient king team had been wiped out. This had also resulted in quite a number of surviving teams in Division 2…
However, there were only a few teams that had been confirmed to participate in the next round…
Indeed, after the second round, there was a choice to give up halfway in the rules. After witnessing the disparity in strength, many academies chose to give up immediately. However, what was most unexpected was that even Xandar had chosen to give up…
Faced with everyone’s doubts, Xandar’s principal also explained the reason.
The Titan secret technique had a huge burden. This group of children were still young. Although their foundations were relatively solid, it was not to the extent of recklessness. After using this secret technique, they would not be able to recover their qi and blood within a few days, they needed specialized recuperation and would not be able to cope with the high-intensity battles later on.
Moreover, they, Xandar, had been relying on their meagre resources. They believed that they had already surpassed their position in the competition. The other academies did not have the right to criticize them for anything…
When these words came out, a bunch of academies who wanted to scold them for abandoning the competition shut their mouths. The truth was the same. Xandar Academy had been pushed to the Northern Star region. Theoretically speaking, they did not owe anything to the federation. After being beaten to such a state… Their contributions were already considerable. It was very normal for them to decide to protect their students. Even the dean of the Divine God Academy did not object and agreed to Xandar’s choice…
Seeing that Xandar had given up on the next stage, the other academies scrambled to give up. As a result, the region with the most survivors and the only one who had defeated the ancient king squadron actually had the least number of slots to enter the next stage!
The only ones who persisted were the last survivors of Tyrifson Academy and the Elf Academy of alterlan…
Everyone could understand why the Elf Academy of alterlan insisted. After all, the ones who shouldn’t have died were all dead. It didn’t matter if the remaining few died or not. Since that was the case, it would be better to protect the reputation of fighting to the death… …
Tyrifson couldn’t understand it because almost all the core members were present. Moreover, there was a descendant in the team that was very worthy of being nurtured. It was the guy who could make the group of Dragons not dare to act rashly in the beginning.
Logically speaking, her injuries were quite serious. However, Tyrifson didn’t seem to consider the loss at all. He chose to fight again without hesitation!
This made the big shots feel a little guilty for a moment!
After thinking about it, it made sense. The second war zone was mostly the Academy of the Eastern Star Field. Usually, they loved to preach about the threat of the undead and Ostracize Queen XPs forces. However, when the situation came to an end and they were faced with the invasion of the death zone, they chose to fight again for their own interests… Without any hesitation, they retreated. The Northern Star Field, which was being advocated and threatened, chose to fight again without any hesitation… ..
Even though they had lived for a long time, their skin was thick enough. At this moment, they couldn’t help but blush. They felt that they couldn’t hold their ground… .
However, they were also curious about what Sylvanas was planning. Under such circumstances, it was obvious that the chances of winning were very low. She actually sent her students to their deaths? Even if the death realm obtained the power to rule later on, they still had to worry about the power of the living realm. This was the thought of many big families. It was a family that was forged by a flowing civilization.
No matter who the ruler of the universe was, whether it was a sky god or the world of death, their family would live on for a long time. Perhaps the impact this time would be very detrimental to their interests, but they believed that if the world of death wanted to take over the world of life safely.., they must not offend them too harshly, or else the gains would not make up for the losses!
Queen XI was once a member of the world of death, and she was also the only sky god of the undead. To be honest, she should be the person who would not be affected the most, and also the person who should not resist so fiercely. Preserving her strength was the first choice.., the quality of Tyrefarson’s team was very high, especially that little black dragon girl. If she did not die in the future, she would definitely have the strength of a top-tier Guardian. How could she be willing to send herself to her death like that?
Could it be that she felt that the little black dragon’s ability king, Wild Waves? What a joke. Anyone with discerning eyes could see that the ancient king’s team in the second region was almost the weakest. Even so, the little black dragon, Cassandra, was not able to wipe out the other party. They went to the next stage and faced the stronger teams? Moreover, under the circumstance that Garzandar had given up, how could he win?
The casualties in the third region were relatively good. This team of Titan all had the simple thinking of Titan, killing only the strong!
The first thing they did was to expose their position in a place and let people challenge them. If they had the guts to come, they would give them respect. After killing them, they would even bury their bodies. If they did not dare to come, they would also disdain to kill them all, after a few of the top teams were defeated without any suspense, the remaining teams only dared to take a look from afar. Many teams did not even dare to look for clues and wanted to be eliminated by themselves.
As for the third region, there did not seem to be any existences like Bai Cai and the others who could contend against the ancient king team. Without any suspense, those who were tough would be killed immediately. Naturally, those who were weak would not be willing to advance to the next stage, so… The third region became the only region where none of the teams had advanced. This also caused the atmosphere in the hall to drop to freezing point.
Because there really wasn’t much hope…
The fourth region seemed to have the most teams that were willing to fight again. There were the top ten Red Lotus Academy and Blue Spirit Academy, as well as the old and powerful Starfire Academy, and even the powerful Swordswoman’s Dawn Academy.
There were almost four top universities, which could be considered as the region with the highest number of advancements. However, it was also the region that caused people to feel the most despair. This was because everyone could see that the first battle was basically a battle that had no chance of winning.
This time… could it be that they were really going to lose here?
Almost everyone was extremely pessimistic….
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