Novel Name : Heart Stealer Young Master Bo

Chapter 901:1 will only belong to you in this life

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Chapter 901:1 will only belong to you in this life
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Bo Li Cheng glanced at him with cold eyes.
He immediately pulled Shi qinglan into his arms, like a princess, this is my wife.
Shi qinglan instinctively reached out and hooked her arms around his neck.
Sensing Bo chucheng’s jealousy, she could not help but curve her red lips helplessly. She leaned closer to him and pecked his face, yours, yours. I will only belong to you in this life.
Bo Yucheng raised his brows at Jian ruoli provocatively, then he turned around and left with Shi qinglan in his arms.
Yu mu and the rest of the pure world Pavilion members immediately followed.
Looking at the back of the two leaving, Jian ruoli’s smile gradually disappeared. There were slight waves in his eyes. Without saying anything, he turned around and left.
Bo Yucheng carried Shi qinglan and had completely left Jian ruoli’s line of sight. The girl struggled to get down.
“Alright, you jealous lover Bo.”
Shi qinglan looked at him helplessly and affectionately, we just met by chance. If he didn’t know about Guyan’s whereabouts, I wouldn’t have bothered with him at all.
Upon hearing this, Bo Yucheng responded in a slightly deep voice.
“I know,” However, he still felt sour in his heart. Why was the precious girl he had taken a fancy to so charming?
Shi qinglan wrapped her arms around his neck and pecked him between his eyebrows, there are so many people here. Put me down quickly.
“I don’t want to.” Bo Yucheng’s tone was a little tsundere. you’re even in the rain. 1’11 carry you back to the car.
Shi qinglan could only let him hold her for the time being.
She looked up at the man and tried to negotiate, then Gu Yan…
I’ll get Yu mu to save him. You’ll come back to the pure world Pavilion with me. Bo chicheng’s voice was deep.
Shi qinglan’s fair cheeks puffed up slightly. Oh.
But since Gu Yan’s whereabouts were already clear, it would be the same to let Yu mu lead people to find him.
Bo Yucheng brought Shi qinglan back to the pure world Pavilion. After all, she still had a cold. Although her fever had subsided and her condition was not serious, he still pressed the girl down on the bed to rest.
At the same time, in the Jian family’s Villa.
Jian ruoli was brought back by the Jian family. When she found out that Gu Yan’s whereabouts had been leaked, Jian Zong glared at him with eyes that were about to pop out of their sockets. He immediately whipped his leg ruthlessly.
pa-” Jian ruoli was forced to kneel on the ground.
Jian Zong whipped him again,” Jian ruoli, you’re really bold! Who allowed you to betray the Jian family! Who asked you to reveal Gu Yan’s whereabouts?”
The whip suddenly left a mark on his back.
Jian ruoli clenched her teeth, but no matter how painful it was, she endured it and did not make a sound. Guyan was originally a member of the pure world Pavilion.
“Bastard!” Jian Zong was about to be angered to death by this unfilial son.
He pointed the whip at him and scolded,” do you know how important the new drug in Gu Yan’s hands is to the Jian family! All of us tried our best to get the patent rights, but you, as the heir, betrayed the entire family!”
Jian ruoli clenched her fists tightly.
He raised his eyes and looked at his father in front of him. you have already gotten the medicine, and the patent rights have been applied for. Gu Yan’s life is innocent. He doesn’t deserve to die … Pa!”
Jian Zong directly slapped his face.
He grabbed Jian ruoli’s collar and directly lifted her up,” Jian ruoli, even if you go against me normally, you would never reveal the family’s Secret to outsiders!
“Speak, who did you tell Gu Yan’s whereabouts to? Who made you betray the Jian family like this? If she dies, 1 can forgive you for your mistake this time!”
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