Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 290

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The white crane was all white with no trace of variegation, and its eyes were as blue as the ocean.

When the white crane had a look at him, Caspian felt as if his soul was pierced, and his knees
subconsciously went weak, almost making him kneel.

Thankfully, Caspian met Delmont, a Holy Land Realm’s cultivator, twice.

Hence, he was still somewhat immune to such a high-level cultivator’s momentum.

Caspian’s heart only trembled slightly, and he immediately regained his senses.

Then, he secretly took a deep breath in to calm himself down before taking a step forward.

Next, Caspian respectfully bowed and greeted, “Yes, I’m Casper Montgomery.

Nice to meet you, Elder White.”

If it were other disciples facing the white crane, they might not know how to address it.

If they called the white crane a monster, it would surely be dissatisfied.

Nevertheless, Caspian overheard the elder addressing the white crane just now, so there should not be
any problem in just following the elder.

The white crane looked at Caspian up and down for a moment and nodded.

“Not bad…”

Its words might seem normal, but the expression of the elder standing at the side immediately

The disciples present were unaware of it, but the elder knew well that the white crane was raised by the

Although it was only a monster with wisdom and could not shape-shift, it would usually be in contact
with high-level cultivators within and outside of the sect.

Hence, the white crane had a broad outlook, and it would not even spare a glance at unimportant

However, it took the initiative to praise Caspian, which further showed that Caspian was extraordinary.

“This time, I’m representing the elders to announce something that concerns you,” the white crane

As soon as the words got out, there was an uproar in the crowd, and everyone looked at Caspian in

Even Caspian was taken aback.

“The elders? Concern me?”

At this moment, hundreds of thoughts filled Caspian’s mind.

Doubt, surprise, vigilance, worry, shock, and such emotions surged in him.

Caspian did not believe that as an apprentice, he would catch the attention of the elders.

After all, from a certain point of view, the elders represented the Heavenly Stars Sect’s attitude!

Moreover, the elders that could have such powers were all in the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

If any of them appeared, they would not need to move a finger to kill Caspian, but he would have died
multiple times with just a blow in the air.

And tthey came here for an insignificant apprentice? What went on?

In that instant, countless thoughts filled Caspian’s mind, but he hid the emotions well and did not show
anything on the surface.

He remained polite and respectful, waiting for the white crane’s following words.

Even though the white crane was a monster with wisdom, it was still not a human.

Besides that, it was raised in the sect, so its worldly wisdom was probably the same as a ten-year-old.

Thus, the crane ignored Caspian’s expression and continued, “The elders have a mission for you,

“A mission?”

“A mission from the elders?”

The crane’s words once again caused an uproar among the crowd.

It was such a great honor for the elder to personally allocate a task for him.

In that instant, everyone looked at Caspian with a burning gaze.

Caspian’s heart skipped a beat.

He knew that a person who was in the center of attention would easily be targeted.

At the moment, Caspian was only an apprentice, yet the elders gave him a task under everyone’s
watchful eyes.

Hence, Caspian did not think that it was a great thing.

Furthermore, Caspian also had a faint hunch that the mission the elders gave him would not be worth

Caspian believed that it was conspired against.

Soon, Caspian heard the white crane announce, “As a preparation of the nation’s official religion
election next year, the upcoming spiritual apprentice list ranking competition will be suspended.

The elders will inform on the specifics later.

As for Casper, the mission for you is to defeat Xander Faris and Omar Pine, the top two of the spiritual
apprentice list.”

The news that the white crane brought over was shocking.

The suspension of the spiritual apprentice list ranking competition three months later was already

However, the crowd quickly understood after giving it a thought.

The nation’s official religion election was next year, and it concerned the sect‘s development in the next

Thus, the sect might change the spiritual apprentice list ranking competition into a selection

However, they were still puzzled at the mission given to Caspian.

Among the crowd, there were different expressions, and some opened their mouths wide.

Caspian looked at Xander and Omar.

They were also caught off guard by the news as the mission concerned both of them.

After the brief surprise, Caspian had a hunch again and swiftly moved his line of sight toward the
surrounding spectators.

With his eagle eyes, Caspian quickly noticed a silhouette flashed at the top of the stands in the

The person seemed to have realized Caspian looked for them, and they immediately turned around
and disappeared among the crowd.

‘Ha! A personal disciple can do as they wish,’ Caspian secretly snorted, ‘I’ll make you regret this.’

The white crane was unaware that everyone’s heart surged with countless emotions.

Instead, it only continued to explain the elders’ mission for Casper, “In these three months, Casper
must challenge Omar and Xander.

If Casper defeats Omar, he will receive a high-grade Puritan Armor, fifty spirit stones, and one Mind-
Gathering Pill.”

When the white crane announced the rewards, gasping sounds could be heard all over the room.

Even the elder looked at Caspian with a fiery gaze.

The Puritan Armor was a high-grade defense weapon, and it was not easy to refine.

Thus, everyone was jealous of him.

However, what made the others’ eyes turn green was the Mind-Gathering Pill!

Even Caspian himself was dumbfounded when he heard the rewards consist of one Mind-Gathering

He saw the precious medicine in the Astrea Pavilion before, and one of it would need 300 sect
contribution points.

Although Caspian might feel the 300 sect contribution points was not much after inheriting Wesley’s
2800 points, an apprentice might not share the same thought as him.

Let alone 300 sect contribution points, they would need at least a year just to accumulate 30 sect
contribution points!

Therefore, the Mind-Gathering Pill would only be exchanged by the inner disciples as it was even
somewhat tricky for an outer disciple to afford it.

Nonetheless, the Mind-Gathering Pill’s effect matched up with the 300 sect contribution points needed.

With that precious medicine, the cultivator did not need to exhaust themselves to the extreme just to
enter the Cultivation State.

As known, the Cultivation State was the best way for the cultivators to improve themselves.

The Mind- Gathering Pill could make the cultivator’s mind more agile when the medicine was in effect,
and they would be at least three times more alert than usual!

Those were only the rewards given after defeating Omar!

When everyone noticed that, they all looked at the white crane.

If winning against Omar would entitle Caspian such impressive rewards, what would he get if he
defeated Xander?

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