Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 7: 5

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Aurora rolled onto her back and stretched. It had felt so good to get a good night's sleep in a real bed.
She sat up and looked around, but she was alone in the house. She climbed out of bed and walked
around. There were no work boots by the door, so she assumed Stanton had gone to work. She made
her way over to the fridge and opened the door. Her eyes widened in shock. Wow, that was a lot of
food. Next to the fridge was a large chest freezer. She lifted the lid to find it was packed to the top with
wiled meats wrapped in butcher’s paper and labelled with a black marker. He must have hunted a lot.

What did one single man need with so much food? She thought about Stanton’s vast size. Actually, she
supposed he probably had to eat a ton to maintain himself. A guy like Stanton could never survive on
salad. She picked through the meat, looking at all the various wild animals he had in that freezer.
Everything from rabbit to deer. She found a package that read deer ribs. She picked up the package
and took it out of the freezer to defrost. S

Aurora unwrapped the meat and put it in a watertight freezer bag. Then she submerged the bag in a
sink of water to speed the defrosting process. She was hoping to have the meat ready for cooking by
lunch. She would cook the ribs low and slow for hours, and when she was done, they would be fall off
the bone tender. She wasn’t sure when Stanton would be back from work, but she did know the longer
she cooked them, the better they would be.

She then found the cleaner in the closet and proceeded to give the cabin a thorough cleaning. At noon
Aurora took the ribs from the bag in the sink and prepped them for cooking. She slipped the pan into
the oven. Once that was taken care of, Aurora went through the fridge and pantry for things to use to
make a homemade barbeque sauce to slather over the ribs.

There was a knock on the door, and Aurora left the sauce she was working on to answer the door. She
wiped her hands on a hand towel and made her way to the door. Aurora opened the door to find a tall
attractive blond man in cowboy boots and a hat standing on the other side. His amber eyes stood out,

and a sly flirtatious smile graced his handsome face. “Wow,” he said with a little chuckle. “You are
just… damn.”

Aurora smirked. “Can I help you?”

“I’m Darrell Savage. I’m a friend of Stanton’s. He asked if I would check in on you throughout the day.”

“You don’t have to work?”

“I do, but I’m boss, so I can take a longer lunch break should I want to. I thought I’d pop in and see how
you were doing. I understand things are new to you.”

She knew what he meant. “I’m doing fine, thank you. Stanton has been very kind.”

“Good, do you need anything?”

She looked around and then shook her head. “No, I don’t think so.”

“Something smells good.”

“I’m making ribs.”

“Lucky Stanton. Well, if you’re all good, I’m going to get back to work. Welcome to the pack.”

“I’m not a pack member yet.”

“You will be.”

“I might not stay.”

Darrell laughed. “Yeah, you will. Why don’t you come out for a drink with me and some of the others?
Explore Feral before you decide to leave.”

“I’ll give it some thought,” she promised.

“Ok, well, I really got to get back. The clients get so testy if they don’t see you on the site.”

“Later, Cowboy,” Aurora grinned playfully. She liked Darrell.

He chuckled. “Cowboy, ok, because you are so pretty, you get to be the only one to call me that.”

“I feel privileged.”

“Later, Doll Face,” Aurora watched as Derrell walked back to a big red 4x4 parked in the driveway. He
climbed up into the driver’s seat and pulled out. As he got turned around, Aurora saw the sign on the
side of the truck that read “Savage Construction.”

Aurora had to admit that Cowboy was defiantly her cup of tea. What a hottie. There was something
about that man that was so charismatic and sexy. He was so confident and judging from his eyes. He
was a Lycan too. Maybe she would stick around long enough to have drinks with him.


Stanton got out of his SUV and marched up the stairs to his cabin. He pushed open the door and went
inside. His senses were assaulted by a scrumptious smell that almost made his mouth water.
Something was cooking. As he kicked off his boots, he saw Aurora bent over, pulling food from the
oven. “You have great timing,” she said as she placed a sheet pan of ribs on top of the oven.

“You made dinner?” He asked as he closed the door and started toward her. “It smells so good.”

“I thought since you took me in and let me sleep in the bed, the least I could do was make you dinner,”
she said. Aurora looked at him and giggled. “You look filthy.”

“Well, the hoe broke down, and it was raining this afternoon. Things got muddy,” Aurora smiled and
sashayed over to him. She reached up and took hold of his work shirt, running her slender fingers over
the buttons. She looked up at him with those naughty eyes, and Stanton did his best to fight that goofy
grin he could feel curving his mouth.

“Why don’t you go have a shower Big Daddy. Get all cleaned up while I let the meat rest, and when you
come out, dinner will be on the table,” she purred softly.

“Ok,” he agreed. He could feel his pulse speed up. “I’ll be right back,” he promised as he collected
some clean clothes and then headed for the shower. Stanton stripped down and hopped into the
shower. He reached for his soap and washed away the filth of the day as quickly as he could. He was
dying to get back to the beautiful woman in the other room.

He turned off the water and jumped out. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he wiped the steam off
the mirror and reached for his shaving cream. He lathered up and picked up his razor, then dragged it
across his jaw, shedding the grown that had been there. Once he was finished, he washed his face and
then looked at himself in the mirror. He was so excited, but as he stood there looking at himself, his
spirits faded. He was a fool. A girl like that wouldn’t be interested in him. She was just being nice.

Sighing, Stanton got dressed and tossed his dirty clothes into the hamper, then joined Aurora in the
kitchen. She was placing two plates on the table. Aurora smiled at him as she took a seat. “You

He ran his hand over his clean jaw, “I was feeling kind of scruffy,” he said, taking the other seat.

“I was hoping tonight you might show me how to change,” she asked, hopefully.

Oh, so that was it. She was buttering him up because she wanted something. “Yeah, sure. We can do
whatever you like.”

They ate their dinner and while Aurora asked about his day. He told her he wouldn’t have thought she
would care, but she paid attention and even engaged him with questions. They talked a bit, and then
Stanton helped Aurora clean up and wash the dishes.

When they were done, Stanton started a fire in the fireplace, and the two of them sat down on the floor
next to the fire cross-legged. Stanton started the lessons easily. He was showing her how to control her
will by getting her to turn her pretty little hand into claws. She was having trouble at first and getting
frustrated. “Calm down, just stop trying to make it work, feel the wolf inside you, and just let it take
over,” he said, holding his hand up so she could see how his own hand changed and then changed
back. “Stop trying to be and just be.”

Aurora held up her hand. She stared at it and took a long calming breath. “Just be,” she repeated,
trying to remain calm. Stanton was pleased when her slender fingers elongated, and her hand became
a claw. Aurora squealed with delight, and her face lit up. “I did it!”

“Yes, you did.”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever done that by will.”

“See, it’s not that hard.”

“How do I become a wolf?”

“Pretty much you do the same thing you just did. Only you don’t stop. You let it take complete effect. Do
you want to try?” She grinned and shook her head. “Ok, let’s take this outside then. Give us some
space to run around should it work,” he said, standing up. Stanton offered Aurora his hand, and she
took it. He lifted her with ease to her feet. “You might want to take your clothes off,” he suggested, and
she immediately began to undress. Lycan’s weren’t usually hung up on nudity like humans were. But

watching Aurora shed her clothes, it was hard for Stanton to look away. She was beautiful with
everything in the right place and curves to die for.

In moments she stood naked before him. Suddenly Stanton didn’t want to take off his pants. It was
going to be hard enough to hide the erection he was fighting at the sight of her creamy flesh. “Aren’t
you going to get undressed?”

“Why don’t we just see if you can change first,” he said, opening the door. They stepped out onto the
porch. “Remember, this is totally natural. Your body knows how to do this by instinct. Just feel the wolf,
let it out, don’t fight it.”

“Don’t fight it,” she repeated. Aurora took a deep breath, and her bright eyes lit up like flames. It took a
moment, and she stopped, and her eyes settled down, having never changed. She was trying to catch
her breath. “That’s harder than you made it look.”

“Ok, Hummingbird, relax, you can do this,” he promised. “Just feel it. Look at me, breath,” he took a
breath and gestured for her to breathe as he was. Aurora’s eyes locked with his, and she breathed in
unison with him.

Stanton’s eyes lit up, and then Aurora’s did the same, following his lead. Slowly he let the change take
him, but his gaze held Aurora’s, never breaking the connection they had. Slowly she began to change
with him. When he dropped on all fours, she did as well. A thick, soft white fur covered her body, and
before long, two wolves stood where they had been. Stanton shook, shedding the torn fabric of his
jeans, which had ripped and fallen away when he changed. Across for him was Aurora in wolf form.
She was a beautiful white wolf.

She turned her head and looked around. He could sense she was pleased with her transformation.
Though they couldn’t speak to one another in this form, they didn’t have to. They could sense what the
other was thinking. Suddenly Aurora jumped around like an excited pup playing in the water. She ran

around the yard and did circles around Stanton, who simply laid down and watched her frolic. Suddenly
Aurora pounced Stanton and playfully nipped at his ears, then jumped back, bouncing around before
nipping at his front paws, then bopped him on top of the head with her right paw.

She wanted to play.

He could play. Stanton stood up and jumped at Aurora, who jumped back out of his reach. He chased
her around the yard and then tackled her to the ground. She flopped onto the back and pushed with her
paws, and playfully nipped at him while he did the same. It had been a long time since he had frolicked
like a cub.

Aurora got free, and she bolted for the trees disappearing into the darkness. Stanton took off after her.
He caught up quickly, but Aurora was fast. She was giving him a good run through the woods. Every
once and a while, she would stop and turn to be sure he was still with her. She’d nip at him, then jump
around a bit and run again. He was having a great time chasing Aurora.

Even as a wolf, there was no hiding her youth and beauty. They ran through the woods for hours
playing. When they finally returned to the cabin, they changed back while outside. They stood together,
undressed on the porch catching their breath. The smile on her face was enough to light up the night.
“Oh my God, that was so much fun,” she said as they went inside. Stanton followed her, his eyes
dropping to her perfect bottom. Stanton watched as she bent over to pick up her skirt, and he could feel
himself grow stiff. His pants were shredded, and he was going to have to walk past her with a hardon.
“My adrenaline is going crazy right now,” she said, standing up straight, turning to face him, her skirt
still in her hand. “Oh,” she muttered as her eyes dropped. “I see, so is yours.”

Stanton felt stupid, and he truly wished he was able to control his reaction to her. Stanton grabbed his
shirt up off the couch, where he had left it, before following her outside earlier. He blushed with
embarrassment as he held his shirt in front of him to hide his affliction. “I’m sorry… I…” He didn’t know
how to apologize, but he truly wished she’d dress and turn away so he could do the same.

Aurora dropped her skirt on the floor and slowly walked toward him. “You have been so sweet, so nice
to me,” she sighed, reaching up and laying her hand to the side of his face. “What do you say I be nice
to you,” her other hand took his shirt from him and threw it aside, then her long slender fingers closed
firmly around his erection and began to stroke. Stanton could barely breathe as his eyes closed,
enjoying the way she was touching him.

A low rumble escaped him when he felt her soft lips against his chest. Her kiss felt like butterfly wings.
Stanton opened his eyes and looked down, watching Aurora slowly placing kisses over his chest and
belly sinking to her knees before him. He should stop her, it was the right thing to do, but when her
luscious lips closed around the head of his arousal, his better senses failed him.

Watching Aurora’s tiny mouth wrapped around his girth, his whole body shuddered. She closed both
her hands around the rest of him, sucking hard as she slid him in and out of her mouth when she
turned her burning eyes up at him. He damn near blew, but he wasn’t going to leave things like that.
No, he wasn’t going to stop until she blacked out from pleasure.

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