Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 41: EPILOGUE

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It had been three days since the wedding, and Katelyn was just finishing packing her bag. They were
leaving for the airport in an hour. As a wedding present, her folks had booked them last-minute tickets
on a Caribbean cruise. They had to fly out to Florida to catch the ship.

“Katelyn!” She heard Darrell call from downstairs.

Concerned, she made her way down to the living room, where she found Darrell watching the morning
news. He pointed to the TV. It was a story about Nigel’s murder.

They had some blonde woman in handcuffs showing the police walking her from the cruiser into the
police station. The police captain who granted the news cameras an interview was going on about how
the evidence led them to this woman. It turned out she was one of Nigel’s side chicks. She had grown
jealous when Nigel broke things off so he could make up with Katelyn after she had left him that the
woman had gone to the hospital and murdered him while he was in his coma.

She had gone in just after the hospital staff revived him after he stopped breathing, then she held his
breathing tube kinked, denying him oxygen until he died. When confronted by the police, she broke
down and gave a full confession.

Katelyn was surprised. All this time, she thought she had killed Nigel, but like Darrell, she seemed to
have failed. Yet where she failed, another succeeded. Katelyn smiled. She felt as if a great burden had
been lifted from her shoulders. She had killed Nigel. She felt so much better. Sure she was still guilty of
trying, but her failure made her feel so much better about herself. She was relieved. “Looks like his
philandering finally caught up to him.”

“I can’t believe it. I didn’t kill him,” she said with a smile.

“Do you feel better?”

“Yes,” Katelyn looked at the paperwork the lawyer had left with them. They still lay on the coffee table
where he had left them. She had not had the nerve to touch them. Now that she knew she had not
killed him, she felt better about accepting the inheritance Nigel had left her. She picked up the forms
and found a pen. Katelyn signed the documents. She would mail it back to Mr. Carpenter. By the time
they got back from their honeymoon, he should have everything sorted away, and she could claim her

“I see you have decided to accept the inheritance,” Darrell said, watching her sign the forms.

“I think you are right. I can do good with this inheritance. I thought maybe you and I could finish
remodelling the house and then flip it. Sell it for a profit. As for the money, I thought I might invest in the
pack. Help develop the hub. Maybe build a rec hall or some parks. Something for the kids to enjoy.”

“I think that is a wonderful idea.”

“You should finish packing. We got to leave soon.”

“Right, I’m on it,” he said, rushing off to pack his bag.

With the stresses of the past behind her, Katelyn could finally enjoy her presence and look forward to
her future.

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