Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2156

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The chains instantly disappeared into the void like lightning. The void was instantly penetrated.

The next moment, a large space split open like a mirror. A scream came from the depths of the space.

Before the figure appeared, blood had already seeped out from the cracks.

After a while, Vivian tightened his fingers and pulled.


The entire void exploded. The chains were pulled back violently. Blood gushed out from the depths of
the void.

A human figure bound by chains was wrapped in the blood. This human figure was tightly pulled, and
all the muscles and veins in his body were sealed. His skin and flesh were broken, and blood gushed
out like a spring.

His robe was shining, but it was constantly broken by the King’s Chain of the Netherworld. Every time it
exploded, it seemed as if steel had exploded, and in a moment, it turned into pieces of cloth all over the

The cultivator was still holding the long blade that had attacked Vivian.

Vivian took a step forward and approached the other party.

In the blurred blood, when the cultivator looked up, he felt the figure of Vivian approaching him. The
cultivator’s soul was about to leave his body.

“You sneak attacked me?” Vivian sneered.

Bolot snatched the magic weapon from the other party’s hand and pulled his arm off. This cultivator
was also at Amethyst Palace Realm. But, in front of Vivian, he was like a straw in the wind and
sunshine, completely vulnerable.

The cultivator wailed when his arm was broken. However, Vivian used the cultivator’s magic weapon to
split him in half. The astonished expression of the cultivator froze on his face.

On contrary, Vivian was expressionless.

The cultivator was immediately smashed into minced meat. But in this way, the cultivator would not die.

If Vivian left at this time, it would not take long for the wriggling flesh and blood to condense into the
Taoist body of the cultivator.

What this cultivator needed to endure was just a little bit of injury. No matter how serious it was, it
would not exceed the low level of his realm. Therefore, Vivian intended to get rid of him.

“Taiyi Fire Saber!”

With a clap of his palm, Flame Severing whistled up like a blazing sun, burning the flesh and blood.

Amethyst Palace Realm cultivators could be reborn with blood.

But now, not to mention a drop of blood, how could he recover without nothing?

Vivian crushed the cultivator that attacked him. With a thought, he heard a series of angry roars.

Bolot turned around and saw several beams of light emerging from the formation that had surged out of
the void. In every light, there was a cultivator in an immortal robe, who was attacking Vivian fiercely.

“Soul Breaking Demon Axe!”

“Seven-death Fist!”

“Purple Rainbow Dragon Dance!”

“Dark Purgatory Rock Flute!”

“Pure Needles!”


This group of cultivators had different realms. There were Bolotavenly Spirit Realms and Amethyst
Palace Realms. As soon as they attacked, countless rays of light piled up together, like a big pot that
covered the sky and the sun, pressing down on the head of Vivian.

“Ha, just you?” Vivian looked around and sneered.

Seeing this scene, he understood.

These cultivators intercepted him here not because they knew Vivian’s whereabouts. Instead, they
thought that the other party might leave at the border, so they laid an ambush here early.

If they knew where Vivian was, they would not be a group of cultivators with different realms, but all of
them should be Spiritual Masters of Amethyst Palace Realm, and there should be Real Immortal

Vivian didn’t take it lightly.

Although this group of cultivators was not worth mentioning in his eyes, the Immortal Sect was an
Ancient Kingdom sect. The last time he seriously injured Geraldo, the Real Immortal Realm came

The Real Immortal Realm might still receive a message and rush over. Moreover, he had just killed an
Amethyst Palace Realm. So, Vivian did not intend to delay.

The border was very close. Bolot could wipe out this group of cultivators and then leave quickly.

Vivian opened his five fingers and shook violently. In an instant, an aura, like hundreds of thousands of
volcanoes erupting together, rumbled!

The whole world was shaking, and space was folded. Endless divine power spread out along with the
wave. The blood-colored spear swept across the area violently, as if a demon god from the Archean
Eon charged out from the river of history and destroyed everything in front of it.

There was a critical hit in the air, and the blood-red light was instantly shaken out, reflecting the group
of rushing cultivators with horror and fear. In an instant, all the spiritual Qi was swept away.

The magical powers and magic weapons flying toward Vivian were all turned into nothing. It was as if
the entire world had been cleared.

The blood-red spear stabbed forward again. In the blink of an eye, the disciples of the Immortal Sect
were all suppressed, regardless of their realms.

The power of the king was boiling, shaking, and resonating. The cultivator was blown into ashes. The
Amethyst Palace Realm cultivator could only make a scream before melting like a candle.

In the blink of an eye, the disciples of the Immortal Sect who had attempted to ambush Vivian were
completely wiped out, leaving no trace behind.

Vivian narrowed his eyes as he looked at the empty void in front of him. After a few seconds, he didn’t
hesitate to condense his blood-colored wings.

Bolot was only thousands of kilometers away from the border. Of course, the faster he broke through
this wall-protecting layer, the better.

Almost at the moment when Vivian turned into flowing and rushed toward the protective wall, the whole
sky suddenly darkened. His speed was like pouring a bucket of thick ink into a pool of water.

Unparalleled pressure suddenly came. The void was instantly condensed like ice and steel.

At the moment, Vivian was flying in the water, leaving a long trail. But he had no intention of stopping.
Because he knew that as long as his speed slowed down a little, he would have to face the ruthless
suppression of the Real Immortal Realm of the Immortal Sect.

Bolot did not have the strength to fight against the Real Immortal Realm yet!

In the blink of an eye, a figure of a king appeared in the dark sky. Bolot was tall, majestic, overturned
the universe, and tore the universe apart, exuding endless ferocity and majesty that could destroy
everything. The figure’s eyes were like lightning. With just one glance, he split the sky and tore it apart.
Bolot looked toward Vivian.

Vivian was less than 5,000 kilometers away from the border wall protection. But, he felt like a whole
continent suddenly pressing down on his body.

The space around crackled and countless folds appeared, as if a piece of paper had been squeezed
into a ball. And he was in the middle of the paper.

In a flash, Vivian seemed to have become a trapped beast in a cage.

There was no door between heaven and earth!

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